Diesel Generator with Brand-new Cummins Engine from 20kva to 1500kva

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1. Cummins electric governor diesel engineJoint-venture brand, headquarter is located in Columbus, Indiana, USA. Cooperation with China factory in Hubei and Chongqing. Dongfeng Cummins power range: 24kw to 220kw, Chongqing Cummins power range: 205kw to 1384kw.
Matured technology, slight volume, large power and low noise. 
Good smooth running performance.
Integral module structure design, which makes the total amount of spare parts 25% less than other brand. 
Global warranty service: with more than one hundred maintenance shops all over worldwide, it is very easy to find the spare parts and get technology support.



2. AC synchronous stamford alternator 
Our standard generator set match with New age stamford alternator, Leadtech generator, also can match it by customer request. 
Brushless single bearing, self-exciting ac synchronous alternator
Three phase, 12 reconnect able leads 
Standard with self-exciting system, singel bearing and PMG(permanent magnet generator)optional available
IP21-23 protection grade
Insulation system is Class H
Stators are wound to 2/3 pitch.
Optional accessories available for easy paralleling with mains or other generators
Standard AVR controlled
Manufacture standards: GB755, BS 5000, VDE 0530, NEMA MG1-22, IEC34, CSA C22.2-100 and ASB59


3. Control panel: 
Smartgen 6110 & 6120 control system also can use other brand according to customer requirement. Such as, HGM6310, HGM6320, DSE3110, DSE5110, DSE7110 and DSE7210 and etc.
Intelligent LCD display, automatic control, Chinese and English operation interface. 
Widely used in all types of generator auto control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.Using micro-processing technique which can carry out precision measure, constant value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc.
Can be adjust from front panel, or use the PC through programming interface, also can use a PC via RSR485 interface and monitoring.High water temperature, low oil pressure, low speed and over load protection

4. ATS(Automatic Transfer switches)
Auto start genset equipped with ATS as an atuo start power system for emergency situation, transfer automatically between main power and genset power.Once the main power failure, the control panel will received the signal to start the genset within 5 seconds, ATS will switch to the load wires to connect genset power supply,and the whole process takes less than 10 seconds

Diesel Generator with Brand-new Cummins Engine from 20kva to 1500kva

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Q:Can I working on computer while power supply from Generator?
ups will steady current, wont damage pc
Q:Diesel 3 phase 100 Kva electric generator shuts down?
Depends on the local rules. Power companies don't care, since once he is cut off he will not be back feeding the line. We've had a few people around here do it, including several who were far enough from the powerlines that it would have been prohibitively expense to hook them up. I just want to add that if you live in a cold climate and set yourself up to utilize the waste heat from the generator, the cost of fuel and generator may be cheaper than paying for electricity and heat together, even assuming you have to buy a replacement generator every year. If you add in appropriate alternate energy, while using the bottom line as your decision driver, you may cut your costs over conventional sources. Depends on how you do it.
Q:Did The Tsunami Wash Over The Nuclear Reactors in Japan?
The Tsunami washed INTO the Reactors. -Short circuiting the Power supply much of the Instrumentation that runs Them. And THAT's Why the Japanese are struggling with Them NOW -It's almost as if You dropped your iPod into Sea Water- and really Messed it up !! Well, Salt Water Nuclear Reactors don't mix very well- either !! :(
Q:PC Makes way too much noise. Can anyone gimme a hand?
get yourself a better graphics card cos they are the main culprits. and look at your make of fan cos am sure theres better ones out there for the model of pc your using. hope that helped mate.
Q:How did they supply air to diesel engines on submarines?
Water is H2O they use and used a process where they take the water and filter out the hydrogen leaving them with oxygen and they just pump out the hydrogen into the ocean
Q:What industrustry uses 2 cycle Diesel engines?
Detroit Diesel built 2 stroke diesel and was used in over the road trucks until early 90's when EPA pretty much clamped down on them that the engine could not pass clean air standards. There are still many running in heavy equip in the construction today. How ever they are being phased out and repowered with cleaner burning 4 stroke engines.
Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
You know, the effects of diesel emissions is about the same as gasoline emissions. When ethanol burns, it does about the same amount of pollution as diesel fumes do. Healthdon't know Economyif you remove diesel out of the equation, you lose the economy. You cannot haul freight efficiently without diesel power, you cannot operate most generators efficiently without diesel power, etc. The reason why they make such a big deal about diesel emissions is because of the black smoke it produces. It does no greater damage than gasoline emissions do. Plus, if every car ran off of diesel fuel instead of gasoline, prices would be much much cheaper, crude oil would be used more efficiently and there wouldn't be a shortage like there is. PLUSyou would be able to turn that 30-35 mpg car into a 55-60 mpg car if you ran it off of diesel. And I also like to blow black smoke out of my Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel tooits fun, plus a lot of power.
Q:What oil should I use on a diesel electric generator?
I beleive that CC is obsolete. Search diesel engine oil and find the one that matches your engine type.
Q:An electrical generator without an engine?
You need 3 things to create electrical current. 1. An electrical conductor - usually copper wire 2. A magnetic field - could be from permanent magnets or electromagnets or a combination of both 3 Relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field. If you are not using mechanical input (like an engine or turbine) to create physical motion, you will need to find a way to put the magnetic field in motion.
Q:How would a browns gas Generator work on a naturally aspirated Diesel engine?
Their should be different generators out there for different engine types. Try to search the term HFI on the net. --As they are often called hydrogen fuel injection systems - Though HFI's do not make pure hydrogen --as they are often confused to do--, the generators often hook up to the battery and use some battery power to run a small machine, which then converts water (H2O) into browns gas(HHO) by rearranging the molecules via electrolysis. The systems that I have seen usually inject the browns gas (HHO-- which has more energy per unit mass) with a mixture of fuel which then is combusted much more efficiently as a mixture than gasoline or diesel fuel alone (which have more energy per unit volume)

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