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Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-C2220 224B3.9-G124/27
FKS-C2220 224B3.9-G224/27
FKS-C3330 334BT3.9-G136/40
FKS-C3330 334BT3.9-G236/40
FKS-C8880 886BT5.9-G186/92
FKS-C8880 886BT5.9-G286/92
FKS-C10090 1006BTA5.9-G2106/116
FKS-C180160 1806CTAA8.3-G2183/204
FKS-C220200 220 6LTAA8.9-G2220/245

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Q:Which Generator type, Gas Propane Diesel is best for a mobile trailer workshop?
if you have natural gas this is more convient. and all the fuels are about equal the cheapest fuel is one that you dont have to go a distance to buy but beware of the propane. they charge any price they want ok.
Q:stand alone power plant at the individual house owner level?
The okorder
Q:Winter diesel generator should pay attention to what?
the no-load preheating time should be a little longer.
Q:How do you make a mini nuclear reactor?
Well, get 20 tons of lead and concrete. Make a steam generator. Make heat source using illegal and expencive radioactive materials. Die from cancer, since you have no idea what youre doing. Im just kidding, just put the uranium right the diesel generator, it will work fine.
Q:does anyone know how much a 250kw onan / allis chalmers diesel generator might weigh?
That weight should be very close minus loss to rust. I would call a scrapyard first to get an idea of what they are paying, especially because part of it is a diesel engine and there are guidelines with some yards how they will accept machinery, such as clear of any fluids. The copper or aluminum wires and generator cores will probably be most valuable parts and might be worth removing and forgetting the rest depending on what the scrap yard says about the engine and rusted steel shell is worth. It will be a hard move, even for a flatbed truck because the little winch will have to pull that generator which is super heavy and dead weight. Final thing to look into is whether there is any value in any part of it. This is a very popular size generator and is still produced today except with Cummins diesel engine, maybe someone has an older one with same engine and their block is cracked!?
Q:generator carrier for 5th wheel?
I would like to help--but I need to know what size of generator you want 2.8 k-12 k ; and what type of fuel Gasoline, propane, diesel. I would ask why don't you mount a Onan Micro quite or light into the side or front of your fifth wheel---but with out seeing your trailer I have no idea what to recommend
Q:Home Generator Trouble!!?
Either way you need to figure in the cost of the switchgear used to change over from utility power and backup power. Its best to get one unit to do the whole job.
Q:How to hook up a portable generator to the grid to supplement my solar system?
The solar system has the electronics to make sure that power sent to the grid is exactly in phase with the grid. Your generator is not set up to do that. The electronics involved must control the speed of the generator so that the two phases can be synchronized before you can feed back to the grid. If you do not then you will probably destroy the generator, and just might melt the wiring between the generator and the grid.
Q:For or against using nuclear energy to generate electricity?
I am for nuclear energy. As long as the companys and the goverments that are in charge of it are compatent. I don't think building a power plant right next to an ocean that is known to havd tsunamis was a smart thing to do. I'm for it because it is one the cleanest and cheapest forms of energy we have today.
Q:Whats a good price for a back up power generator?
For used medium size portable temporary units about $100 to $150 US per KW. Plus the required transfer switch and permits and inspections if you intend to power your house with it. This is for a manual start gasoline powered unit. As you add options the price goes up and may triple in hurricane season in the path of the storm. The quietest unit I've found are Honda, but they are more expensive. Any unit smaller than 15KW should be considered a short term unit good for maybe 2000 hours of run time. A 15 KW unit should be a permanent installation with a mounting pad and at least a 7 day supply of fuel on site. For this a licensed qualified professional electrical contractor should be consulted. As convenient as they may be, they can get to be expensive to install and operate.

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