Security Alarmas System With LCD Display And Touch Keypad

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Product Description:


1.home automation
2 Android APP Control
3 smart gsm SMShome security alarm system with alarm control keypad

French  wireless gsm funk laser fence magnetic   house security alarmas system  with LCD display and Touch keypad(SZ-188E)



Model NO.:


Working Principle:

Electronic Security Equipment


home security

Sensor Type:

Electric Alarm

Working Mode:


Signal Transmission:

Wireless Alarm


Anti-Theft Alarm



Export Markets:


Additional Info.




Gift Box




Shen Zhen/China

Production Capacity:


Product Description

Host size: 170*112*30mm
Gift box size: 320*263*63mm G. W.: 984G

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Q:does anyone know how i can lock the car without turning on the alarm? i have 2 really big dogs, and whenever i leave them in the car, they set off the alarm (maybe its motion sensors? or because they are so big, they rock the car when the move around.) thanks! and i've tried just turning the lock, not using the actual remote lock
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