IP Video doorphone Smart phone APP function Unlock remote anywhere

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Product Description:






10inch TFT-LCD

7inch TFT-LCD




Panel material

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy

Power voltage



Power consumption



Wiring Method

Cat  5e UTP network cable

Cat  5e UTP network cable










Product Description:

* 10inch&7inch TFT-LCD Touch display(Optional), Wall-mounting
* Modern and fashionable design

* TCP/IP protocol for stable communications
* Smartphone App function (Wireless remote unlocking, monitoring and intercom using smartphone ortablet)

* Support up to 6" monitors and 2 outdoor stations
* Room to room internal communication, monitor and door release

* Capture visitor's imageautomatically when door is not answered

* Cat 5e UTP networkcable, RJ45 connector

Various of Color to select

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