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Product Description:

Product characteristics and application

It is suitable for the safety grade II category, max. permissible rated voltage 1.8kV (core to core, non-earthing systems), D.C voltage, D.C side application in PV systems and applied in A.C voltage systems at power frequency rated voltage up to and include 0.6/1 kV in PV systems as well. Convert solar energy into electricity directly in PV systems.
The cable could anti-ultra-violet, temperature resistance and could be applied to the individual connection for solar energy storage batteries as well. The cables could be used outside duo to the better performance of climate resistance but could not be installed under ground and in water.
DC side: the portion between lighting battery and D.C terminal of lighting current converter in lighting devices.
PV System: Lighting System(solar energy system)


Executive Standards

Enterprise standard 


Application characteristics

  1. Rated voltage:D.C system:DC 1.8kV
    A.C system Uo/U: AC 0.6/1 kV

  2. 2. Max. permissible operating temperature of cable conductor: movable 90℃; fixed installation: 120℃

  3. 3. Min. permissible operating ambient temperature of cable:-40℃

  4. 4. Cable bending radius not less than 6 D


Construction of cable


Product model specifications




Conductor nominal cross section


LSOH flame-retardant cross-linked PO insulated and sheathed PV-lighting components flexible cable at rated D.C voltage 1.8kV.




The LSOH flame-retardant cross-linked PO insulated and sheathed solar energy lighting power generation flexible cable at rated A.C voltage 0.6/1kV



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Q:ok well my xbox wont turn on anymore i was playing it and it was fine when i put the controller on top of it and moved the power cable and all of a sudden the xbox turned off, so if anybody knows what could of gone wrong or have a solution i would greatly appreciate it.
Go to bestbuy and see if they are still giving out those free repairs and if that doesnt help get a ps3 because it never has any problems with its power cables!
Q:I feel like this is a stupid question but yeah, I m getting a PC and wonder about all the cables. It doesn t have vga output so I m going with a separate hdmi cable to the screen, but power cables I suppose will be there? Like that s not a separate thing ooor...?
If you're buying a pre-built PC, it will come with all the necessary cables. If you're buying parts to assemble your own PC, you'll get most of the cables. The power supply will come with a power cord, as well as the power cables for use inside the PC. The monitor will come with its own power cord, and at least 1 video cable. If you want to use HDMI and it didn't come with a HDMI cable, just go buy one (assuming the monitor supports HDMI...) The motherboard may come with some SATA cables for connecting your hard drive, DVD drive to the motherboard. The motherboard will also come with a baggie full of screws, connectors, and doodads for attaching the motherboard to the case. In general, you should have just about everything you need to completely build a PC from a pile of parts.
Q:I bought a TV and it requires 9 amps but it didn't include the cable. I have a 7 amp cable that fits, but I don't want to damage the TV. All the cables at stores around me don't fit well. Could I get away with just using this one for a couple days until the right one arrives in the mail? I can imagine that it wouldn't give me reliable power, but I don't really care about that, I just don't want to damage the power supply of the TV. Thanks in advance.
if your unit call for a 9 amp power cord and you drop it to 7 amps that would be a great lose of amps wires might over heat and cause a fire i won't do it myself its up to you and your safety if you want to do it
Q:i bought a new graphics card a while ago, an nvidia 9400gt (i now realize how LOL that is). i connected it, but i noticed there were no extra power cables hanging around that would fit on the small six pin slot on top of the card. the performance increase has basically been negligible, and i don't really want to mess with the power box. should i take it into a computer shop, or is there an easier solution?yes, i installed it correctly and everything. i'm 100% sure.
You okorder /
Q:I am trying to find a 4 Pin Fan Power Splitter Cable or my computer since I only have 1 4 Pin Fan Power jack and I want to use 2 4 pin fans. I am having a really hard time trying to find one in hamilton
Before hooking that up, check the specs on your motherboard to see if that fan header will support loads from both fans. You may need to get a Molex to 4-pin converter and power directly off your power supply.
Q:i hooked up all my 4 gauge power ground cable from the batteries of my truck i passed both of them thru the fire wall but what i was wondering is will i have a problem since its the power ground coming thru the same hole thru the fire wall or will i be all good ? somebodyy help
you should never run your ground to your battery, to your amp.. it should be as short as possible, and attached to bare metal , like the frame. and if you have an issue with one, you could very quickly have an issue with both.. I REALLY hope you fused at least the power wire!!!!!
Q:I am running a LAN Cable through my walls, and I'm using the existing holes for the power lines. I'm wondering if the RF from the power line can interfere with the LAN Cables data. Thanks!
yes it can. the NEC (National Electrical Code) says they should be kept a minimum of 12 from power lines to avoid interference. Chances of it happening are pretty slim tho.
Q:Doesn't have to be super powerful, just lifting about 100 pounds, frequently. I've already looked at the normal places, and they are all DC powered (car battery). I suppose it could also be manual.
With no offense to answer 1, but in agreement with answer 2, ONLY through experience with both big LOT outlets; I'd probably try Northern first. In fact I just had a discussion with someone yesterday comparing the two; but again; it's personal preference. It's likely they get their inventory from the same distributors. For 100 pounds, and if geared at all, manual could be fine. One issue might be your intended use; portability; possible access OR NOT, to a power source; etc.
Q:Honda Accord Executive on a 56' reg car.Fitting help much appreciated.
Probably not easy but if ya find the hole in the firewall underneath ya dash somewhere than just poke it through there and run it underneath ya carpet. After that u'll just be able to find ya way into the boot with no problem. I like running the power cable down the centre of the car but that can sometimes be more of a hassle than its worth, so along the side of ur seat is cool.
Q:I have an IVI Checkmate receipt printer, but do not have a power cable for it. Where can I get a power cable for this receipt printer?
Hi.. I think for all your power cable and cable accessories requirement this site can be helpful

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