• Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed System 1
  • Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed System 2
  • Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed System 3
  • Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed System 4
Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed

Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed

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Item specifice

Height Adjustable:

An electric built-in pump allows you to inflate/deflate mattress within 3-5 mins.

14.3" height bed simulates the height of a real bed.

2.4" Built-in pillow contributes to sumptuous support to the head.

An all-new structure enhances the support system of the bed. Able to maintain a constant level of comfort and firmness for promoting healthy sleeping postures.



Small type Inflated size: 85 x 39 x 17in/216 x 99 x 43CM (LXWXH)(Include the pillow height)

Maximum weight capacity: 660 lbs

Large type Inflated  size: 85 x 60 x 17in/216 x 152 x99CM(LXWXH)(Include the pillow height)

Small Size Package Size:

Maximum weight capacity: 660 lbs

Package size:17 x13 x 8inches/43 x 33 x 20CM

Unit Weight:19.76lbs/8.9KG


Q:I keep seeing these bugs in my bed but I'm not getting bit up and I only itch from the thought of it all. They let me pick them up and will just crawl on me, any ideas?
If you are not getting bitten then you do not have bed bugs. Whatever bugs they are you need to get rid of them. strip your bed , launder your bedding and use an insect spray ...................
Q:I'm getting mosquito-like bites all over my body, but I haven't been outside much this week. My mom says its bed bug bites, but I don't even think I have bed bugs on my bed? Can it happen? The bites are small red bumps and they itch, and I'm not sure if they're mosquito bites or bed bugs. My sister slept in my bed too for a couple days (her room is getting remodeled) but she doesnt have any bites. Omg I have so much bites all over my body and I don't know how they got there and it itches so much..Also, do bed bugs live in blankets or mattresses? Or both? D: I'm scared to sleep in my room now..
bed bugs can be anywhere in your house. if there are multiple bites in a line then you are most likely getting bitten by bed bugs. the itch is different than mosquito bites, but that takes awhile to figure out. as for your sister not getting bit-- my sister didn't get bit either in the same room while I was covered in them. check your mattress specifically under the lining on the sides of the bed. get bed bug spray, spray the mattress, get either a really expensive nice mattress cover, or a vinyl one, the cloth ones suck. wash all of your bed stuff immediately, vacuum and spray the floor. rubbing alcohol kills them on contact so get a spray bottle and fill it with alcohol and be ready to kill. make sure nothing from your bed is touching the ground and helpful tip, they can't walk through petroleum jelly so coat the feet of your bed with it. make sure your clothes and you yourself are clean before you climb into bed. if you have a headboard either remove it, or spray it. i also found bleach wipes helpful in cleaning up. are there small brown lines on your sheets? that is a definite sign of bed bugs. best of luck to you, remember they won't hurt you, they just drive you absolutely insane it also helps if your bed is not touching the wall at all!
Q:Its that type where its a bed but has a pull out one under it. Also what is that type of bed where it looks like a bunk bed but there is only the top bunk? Thanks.
I only know the second one. Loft bed
Q:i have 20 month old twin girls. they have slept in the same crib since they were born. their crib turns into a toddler bed and then a double bed. should i let them go ahead and sleep in the double bed or change it into a toddler bed and get another toddler bed so they will each have one? also, when did you switch from the crib to a bed? thanks!
Well, I think this depends on how much space you have. Our twins were in the same crib til they were about 9 months, then in seperate cribs til about 2 1/2, then into their own toddler beds. They always shared a room til we moved into our new house last summer which had 3 bedrooms. But their one room was the big room of the two bedrooms in our house (yes, mom dad got to share the smaller room), but it worked out well. Ours were more of the type to wake each other up more than sleep together. It really depends on how you view the twin relationship. Ours were very different and independent from each other from the get go. I think it's important that they can fall asleep and stay asleep seperately, because this will end up really being an issue once they're older if they don't learn now. If they're fine going to sleep on their own,I don't know if it matters if you seperate them, you could always go to the double bed for now, then seperate toddler beds in a year or so. Bonding is important, but I think they have that no matter what. If you forsee this being an issue, I would go to seperate beds now, I'm actually quite amazed that you got away with one crib.
Q:I have 2 boxers who love to share a dog bed. I've had several beds in the past and they just break down and flatten! The beds from Pet** and PetS**** just aren't any good.I've been told LL Bean and Mammoth have good beds. Help!
www.okorder /.. this site explains orthopedic dog beds. It has also a list of orthopedic bed reviews. These beds are really cool!
Q:i woke up from sleeping when i felt a bed bug in my ear would it crawl onto my brain and eat it? or die from the wax.
Bed bugs are microscopic and eat dead skin cells. They're not really bugs, just bacteria. Bed Bugs is just a catchy nickname. You probably felt some random insect in your ear when you woke up. So no, neither would happen.
Q:Hotel bed frame is low value, easy to use, goods or fixed assets?
Fixed assets is the life of more than one year of housing, buildings, machinery, machinery, transportation and other production and operation of the equipment, instruments, tools and other assets, the main equipment does not belong to the production and operation of the goods, the unit value of more than 2000 yuan, the use of a period of more than 2 years should be regarded as fixed assets!
Q:I want to buy a round bed, preferably pink. Also, the part where the mattress goes needs to fit a square mattress not a round one.
I okorder /
Q:in a worm farm does the worm eat the bedding?does that mean there no point to separate the bedding and casting when your trying to get the casting cuz the bedding is the casting?
Just add more bedding and worm food such as unleavened corn meal and coffee grounds.keep the bedding moist but not real wet and it's a go!
Q:I called for a butler and I assigned a single bed for him/her but every time he/she goes to bed they sleep in MY bed. How do I get them to stay out of my bed? I've fired 3 butlers already. Any ideas??
if all else fails, go for the other bed, if your low on simoleons, then use this cheat press, ctrl-shift-c once you have done this type in motherlode and press enter you probably already knew that lol but if not, it does work for sims 3 and 2 it gives you $50,000 i believe just so you can get some extra money to pay for the new decor and stuff if you decide to give them your old room, unless you want a legit game lol and maybe you could can sell the bed they constantly go to being your bed and buy a new one, if that does not work maybe buy a new bed for them and redecorate the room, remember sims have preference when it comes to environments

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