Custom Flocking Inflatable Sheet Man High Bed Portable European Inflatable Bed

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Item specifice

Height Adjustable:

An electric built-in pump allows you to inflate/deflate mattress within 3-5 mins.

14.3" height bed simulates the height of a real bed.

2.4" Built-in pillow contributes to sumptuous support to the head.

An all-new structure enhances the support system of the bed. Able to maintain a constant level of comfort and firmness for promoting healthy sleeping postures.



Small type Inflated size: 85 x 39 x 17in/216 x 99 x 43CM (LXWXH)(Include the pillow height)

Maximum weight capacity: 660 lbs

Large type Inflated  size: 85 x 60 x 17in/216 x 152 x99CM(LXWXH)(Include the pillow height)

Small Size Package Size:

Maximum weight capacity: 660 lbs

Package size:17 x13 x 8inches/43 x 33 x 20CM

Unit Weight:19.76lbs/8.9KG


Q:Drink soft drink before bed? does this have any bad effect?
It is not good to drink soft drinks before bed because of your teeth. Plus water is a better idea. The body uses alot of water while you sleep and you need to be rehydrated.
Q:How to prevent rust in Chinese railway products?
If the other protective properties of iron products, such as anti-theft fence, fence, bedstead like items, can be treated with some parcels of things, waterproof and anti weathering, such as paint like. To give him a protective film, the principle such as clothes and wiping cream sprinkle.
Q:He will absolutely not sleep in his bed. How do i make him sleep in his bed or do i need to buy another one that he likes a lot more
What is the bed and where does he want to sleep? We need more info to give you a good answer.
Q:Agaricus bisporus indoor bedstead type two times fermentation temperature measurement, is a good temperature test or measurement of space temperature is good
The temperature of the space can be referenced, and the average temperature of the medium will be 2 to 5 degrees higher than the space temperature. Mulch can even be about 8 degrees high.
Q:I love superbeds but theyre hard to get. Exclusive item beds are just as good.So which webkinz come with beds? (Ex. Black bear has Cave Bed)
Here is a list of all the known pets that come with superbeds. To see pictures of the beds, you can click on the links that are on the source section. Bengal Tiger (webkinz): Rock-Ledge Bed Black Bear (webkinz and lil kinz): Cave Bed Cheeky Monkey (webkinz): Banana Hammock Chocolate Lab (webkinz): Coco Basket Bed Frog (webkinz and lil kinz): Lilly Pad Water Bed Husky (webkinz and lil kinz): Snowy Igloo Bed Lamb (lil kinz): Little Lamb Bed Magical Retriever (TRADING CARD SERIES 3 CODE): Sparkling Star Bed Minty Reindeer (E-STORE): Candy Cane Canopy Bed Mystical Panda (TRADING CARD SERIES 4 CODE): Sun's Embrace Bed Oriole (lil Kinz): Canopy Hammock Phoenix (E-STORE): Pyre Nest Bed Sea Otter (Webkinz): Cozy Water Bed Unicorn (Webkinz and Lil Kinz): Magical Meadow Bed
Q:Is this bedding be okay for rats?
That bedding should be fine for them. Just a little advice. Rats or anything can get lice, fleas, and mites from bedding bought in a store. This comes from the bedding when it is stored in the warehouses. If you put the bedding in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours it will kill anything in it and solve this problem. Hope this helped.
Q:My daughter just turned two and we are putting her in a toddler bed starting tonight. I don't know how I will possible keep her in the bed. Any advice PLEASE!
Make it an exciting thing - a great game and a real treat. Tell her stories of all the girls who don't get the great bed she has and all the magic good dreams you have hidden under the pillows which will come to her in her sleep. Let her know how proud you are of her to be such a lovely big girl and also let her know that no matter how big she gets she will always be your baby, and also maybe be with her next to the bed until she sleeps for the first night so it is something you share together. Hope it helps!
Q:can i use saw dust safely for hamster bedding?
i would not use it for my hamster. what i use for j.j is a pet bedding called carefresh. you can get it at pet-smart or petco depending on what stores are close by. i buy the ultra its pine and ceder free its also die free. and there is no dust with it. its the type of bedding that goes a long way I'm enclosing the link so u can check it out for your self. like i said j.j my hamster loves it
Q:Why must the bed follow Liang Baifang?
Bed bogey unevenModern people use more spring mats, if the mattress quality is not good, spring deformation occurs, it will affect health. Therefore, mattress selection is also very important, sleep deformation of the mattress will make people bend the spine, sleep for a long time on the blood circulation, fatigue, easy to fall ill.
Q:What do you mean by "floor mats for bedstead"?
Since you want to make a floor, it is better to put the floor high and place the mattress on the floor, so you can save the cost of the bed frame. Although the floor is expensive, it is still more expensive than the bed. And it's fun, too, for children's rooms

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