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Product Description:

Specifications of Bamboo Flooring

Easy installation 
Eco friendly 
Renewable and Sustainable 
Lower price than hardwood flooring 
Meet the E1

GL-Y16 Carbonized Horizontal Solid Bamboo Flooring in A grade


1.Material: solid bamboo sheet
2.Glossy or matt surface finished
3.F type click lock
4.Suitable for heating
5.Meet E1 standard of Europe

6.Pass CE/ISO9001/ISO14001 certification

7.Size:1000x126x17mm or 960x96x15mm


9.Products treatment:high treatment and press carbonized


Detailed Descriptions



Solid Bamboo Sheet

Moisture Content





8 coating finish

Formaldehyde Emission

up to E1 standard of Europe


1000x126x17mm or 960x96x15mm


indoor, suitable for heating


durable,moisture proof,sound proof, insect resistant, eco friendly


CE, ISO9001,ISO14001


float,nail or gule down


25 years of structural guarantee


carton box, pallets


500 square meters


within 30days after receipt of 30% deposit or L/C

Payment terms

30% deposit T/T and 70% balance before shipment or L/C at sight



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Q:How to distinguish between the quality of heavy bamboo floor? Is it environmentally friendly?
Submit the answer is very simple
Q:Bamboo bamboo bamboo floor is good?
In fact, the use of bamboo flooring is very demanding that the first bamboo flooring in use it has a large regional; relatively humid area with the use of better; the opposite because of this reason more dry north and ground conditions it Neglect test dry line Yao surprised Shi Chao is not appropriate. The second bamboo flooring due to the reasons for the fresh feet of the feet relative to the flexibility will be worse. The third bamboo flooring is relatively lower because some of its selection is relatively easy to work more easily. Things are all right and wrong is its installation and environmental protection is relatively weak part. The fourth bamboo flooring color is small, because the particularity of the selection is no texture. A comprehensive understanding of home furnishings is very helpful for your choice. Go to the market to see or see you can see the wooden floor
Q:Bamboo flooring up how to do it
This year's weather is quite bad, most of the air humidity actually more than 90%, and continued for quite a long time, not only the floor, a lot of furniture, the door of what are bad deformation. The expansion and contraction of the floor are generally the top of the taste of the jealousy of the domain of Quan Chuan OKorder is about 1CM, to ensure that the foot line to block (foot thickness of more than 1.2-1.5CM). The room because the area is not large, so the expansion joints are not too many special requirements. Mainly because of the wet weather this year. You are now installed less than a year, the emergence of this business will help you free maintenance. This problem is not very complicated to repair, just the edge of the floor to remove, saw some of it. As for the dry or heavy pressure, I personally think that is not feasible it After all, this thing is not a piece of two, but the whole room, say, the floor repeated demolition, easy to hurt the board, side slot and so on. The The
Q:Does anyone have bamboo flooring?
it depends on the room. My sister put bamboo in her kitchen and my brother put laminate in his kitchen. Both have kids and pets and both regret their choices because the materials have become dinged and marked up within a couple of years and have also suffered water damage due to the backings being absorbent. If you can afford it, use hardwood in most living spaces. In a kitchen or bath, I recommend porcelain ceramic tile. My kitchen has 12" square porcelain tile and I like it a lot. Completely impervious to anything a child or animal can do do it. I used the matte finish textured type so it isn't slippery. It looks like reddish tan sandstone. I would never use regular laminate in any area with moisture or heavy wear -- I've seen too many disasters with it in other peoples homes. Plus I think it always looks fake, not matter how "high end" it is. One exception is an excellent, cheap and easy solution though that might be perfect for you: the TrafficMaster Allure vinyl laminate floor that looks like wood. Check it out in Home Depot and I think you'll be surprised how real it looks and feels at half the price of most other flooring. It's simple to install, is comfortable and soft for kids, impervious to moisture and looks good. I've used Trafficmaster tiles in two of my homes and it always gets compliments and is as tough as nails. You could hose it down if you needed to -- it's solid vinyl. Plus, if you want to upgrade to something else later, it is a "floating" floor and rips out quickly.
Q:Spring red bamboo floor how
On the words and deeds of these people in China's bamboo culture, hard in China's local road ah. Peer competition such behavior is not desirable! Bamboo flooring is very popular with foreign consumers, why in China, but the majority of consumers have so much question? Peer malicious slander makes the bamboo flooring industry together by the people of the question ... ... China's local culture is so vulnerable? Such as bamboo cottage · bamboo bed · bamboo basket · bamboo · bamboo house · chopsticks, chopsticks cage, chopping board, mat, cup mats, curtains, etc. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · civilization. "Bamboo" bless China
Q:Home bamboo flooring out of paint how to do
If it is a small area, with watercolor pen more than a few times on it. (Looking for similar color) If it is larger, can be used since the painting. Bad, then had to replace the bamboo flooring in use should pay attention to the following: to maintain indoor dry and dry, bamboo floor, although the drying treatment, reducing the size of the change, but because of its bamboo material is natural, so it But also with the climate changes in dry and humid deformation. Ya Guangya decoration experts to remind the dry season in the northern region, especially when the open heating, the indoor can be adjusted by different methods such as the use of humidifier or heating on the basin of water; in the southern region of yellow fungus season, window ventilation, Dry in the room. To this end, indoors should try to avoid sun exposure and rain wet, if the water should be promptly dry. To avoid damage to the surface of the floor bamboo floor paint, should avoid hard objects impact, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. Properly clean the floor in the daily use of the process, keep the ground clean, clean, you can use a clean sweep sweep, and then wring dry mop dragged a new look. If the conditions permit, two to three months to play a floor wax burden tiger trailer 郛 hinge shop busy, so better.
Q:Home floor what kind of good
I recommend the use of bamboo flooring: low-carbon environmental protection than the solid wood to twitch to ask the tumbling pile of grass standard Tong Tong wide plate cheaper than solid wood composite environmental protection, than to strengthen the floor durable! My home is "Xin Huachang" bamboo flooring, you can go to the store to see, home decoration materials is a top priority, hoping to help you!
Q:How do I clean my bamboo floor?
Wax should have never been put on them. It is an outdated old way to shine/protect wooden floors. What is bad about it is when it dulls up it requires re waxing/buffing. New products available such as polyurethane are maintenance free. They keep the shine with not maintenance. I would suggest having the floor sanded and refinished with Bona traffic wood floor finish. Otherwise you will need to hire someone to come and buff the floors every 6 months or so.
Q:Carbonized bamboo flooring do not play keel direct shop will be what the problem?
This shop I have heard that he is on the wall of the four sides with a spring top, generally few people like this, but the business is not a warranty card? Bone attack Fen Ji let the wind reckless two you can consider Laminate flooring.
Q:Bright bamboo flooring good or matte bamboo floor good?
We supply different sizes of all kinds of bamboo floorings including natural and carbonized, stained and hand scraped, and also strand woven floorings. With a couple of years' professional experiences, we have extended our business lines all over the world, particular in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, with good reputation for upper quality and lower price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Yixing,China
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value Above US$15 Million
Main Markets Europe;North America;Australia;
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai;
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average
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