Solid Bamboo Flooring Verticle Structure Natural Color UV Finish

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$12.00 - 25.00 / m²
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1x20 FCL m²
Supply Capability:
300000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Description of product:

High Quality Natural Verticle  Solid Bamboo Flooring



1. Size(mm): 960*96*15
2. Lacquer Finished: Matte/Satin/Gloss
3.Brand neme:CMAX


1. Item verticle natural Bamboo Flooring, solid bamboo flooring,  bamboo parquet
2. Model No.: No.: 100012617
3. Size(mm): 1000*126*17

4. Lacquer Finished: Matte/Satin/Glossy
5. Certification: ISO9001: 2000
6. Cooperation: OEM provided
7. Feature: Recyclable, Waterproof, Eco Friendly "Green" Building product
8. Color: We can produce any color base on your color card.
9. MOQ: 300 Square Meter
10. Delivery time:9 days for 20ft
11. Packing: Cartons as your requirement
12. Service: High quality, competitive price, huge throughput must can meet your requirement.


Other Details:

High quality,E1stand , competitive price, huge throughput must can meet your requirement.

Our company occupies factory area 11, 000 m2 and bamboo forest resource area more than 1886 ha., and has more than 1, 600 employees. We have 1 finished goods of bamboo furniture company and 2 bamboo floors companies, 2 finished goods of bamboo floors assembly lines, and 16 branch companies of semi-manufactured goods of bamboo floors. Our annual production capacity is 200, 0000 m2, By using the highest level of production and quality management, our company has become the one of the largest bamboo flooring manufacturers in China today.

We have obtained certificate of ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification and the certificate of CE certification for European market. We have exported many countries throughout worldwide such as America, France, Italy, Germany, Serbia, U. A. E., Egypt, Russia, Uzbekistan and so on, and got good reputation in those markets. So we believe that we have the huge power to meet your requirements, and we are warmly welcome you to visit our company and build a long-term cooperative relationship with us.


① why from okorder?
Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.
All products had been produced under a clear quality standard and the quality is consistence among the shipments.
Okorder has already setted up more than 20 warehouses in different markets to show the products. You are convenient to know the products from your local place and it will help you to make decision easyly. 
②How to guarantee the quality of the products?
We have established a perfect quality management system,as for raw material and semi parts all are under strict quality test and we have a IQC system to control the purchases.
QC on site is very strict and all steps of process are measured per drawings. Before delivery, we set a OQC system to make sure each piece meet the standard of order.from design to delivery,
③How long can we receive the product after purchase?
Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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Q:In the building materials market to see the bamboo floor, and looks pretty good, do not know how to identify good or bad!
Look at his wear coefficient, floor work, and thickness
Q:Cleaning Bamboo floors?
I bet it looks awesome. The good thing about bamboo flooring is that you can clean it the way you would hardwood, but it doesn't expand in the same way. It's surprisingly durable and more forgiving in a wet area basically. I would still attend to spills quickly however. Keep cleaning the way you're cleaning, and be sure the mop is well wrung, not dripping wet. (If the floor begins to dry on its own pretty quickly, you're using the right amount of moisture.) If you're noticing a film on the floor using soap, try a vinegar solution instead. (1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water; divide as you need) Sometimes soaps or detergents leave a residue on wood (or bamboo) floors. Stay away from anything too harsh like bleach.
Q:Bamboo flooring on the varnish dry for many years how to get rid of
I use the heart of the floor, the effect is good, my son at home to open the flow of water to the floor, I came back, a look at the floor, I think the wood to do a certain bad, can not be used, no Think of me open the window through the wind, the night time and changed the original is the same figure, and no skin did not Qiaoxi. I'm so excited. So that peace of mind floor is good, if you want to know about their specific information may wish to peace of mind on the specific understanding of the site to see
Q:The same area, floor tiles, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring which is better, how the price
The use of solid wood flooring, Secondly, tiles finally.
Q:Bamboo flooring up how to do it
If the floor is the edge of the mouth of the mouth so that your floor to be scrapped, and if you buy the brand or time to compensate for the words to change the business, if it is the middle of the drum up it is simple, the edge of the expansion joints become smaller , The demolition of the base line, the wooden floor by the end of the wall saw a little bit on it
Q:What do you think about bamboo floors?
Hi, Bamboo is a beautiful eco-friendly flooring.Bamboo has a lot of benefits as it is 50% more stable and harder than red oak. It is faster growing and a sustainable resource. It is less expensive than hardwood. Just like hardwood it is important to acclimatize your bamboo flooring before installation. Important to get experienced installers and check them out.
Q:What is the hardness of heavy bamboo flooring?
Heavy bamboo flooring is much higher than solid wood flooring. Introduce the advantages and disadvantages: 1) stability, bamboo floor shrinkage and expansion than the solid wood flooring. But in the actual durability of bamboo flooring shortcomings are also obvious, one by the impact of sun and wet prone to stratification phenomenon, the second is the southern region, bamboo flooring easy bark beetles, affecting the life of the floor. 2) in the use of comfort, bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring to be significantly better than King Kong board, can be said to be cool in winter and cool. This is mainly due to the low thermal conductivity of wood and bamboo, people no matter what season can be comfortable barefoot walking in the above, which is incomparable than the Diamond plate. 3) from the home of environmental health point of view, bamboo flooring and diamond plate as in the processing of the use of a large number of adhesives, the number of harmful gases on the human body, especially for children more harmful.
Q:Bamboo Flooring... personal experiance, thoughts, & opinions please!?
i sell the stuff and i generally hear back good things, but in some cases like the prior answer the surface strength has been questioned. it is said to be 25% harder than red oak, which in my opinion is not true. a because there are only a few types of wood harder than oak and two bamboo is not a dense as real wood. most bamboo if not all (the stuff i sell is) of it is "engineered" which means it is constructed of pieces of bamboo, its not solid like hardwood is. you may have heard of engineered hardwood, same concept. that may be the reasons for some of the defaults. on the other hand bamboo is beautiful and comes in an array of colors and styles i.e. vertical or horizontal grain. it is "green" bamboo grows back in 4-5 years and is becoming very popular for that reason. youll find that bamboo is around $3-4 ft2, i sell it for $2.50 at menards. same installation as hardwood nail or staple, but it can also be (a) glued down, say onto concrete which hardwood is not able to do, (b) be installed below-grade, meaning in a basement, again hardwood cannot. hope this helps, i would definetley reccommend bamboo
Q:Locked bamboo flooring advantages and disadvantages?
The development of the floor slot: no slot, single slot flat buckle, double Fu helium Dian teach to send rhinoceros waste basket basket buckle (what F slot, E-slot), lock (how a lock that strange , But the role is the same). Lock is the floor in the current more advanced, scientific a splicing method. As for the fight with the keel, no matter what the noise is not big, mainly, flat cut the floor if you do not want to splicing from the seam, it must play keel, and then installed the floor nail on the top. Locked bamboo flooring can also be directly laid in the keel on the ground above, but, on the lock bamboo floor, there is no need to waste the keel of the money. Summer air temperature is relatively modest, from this point of view, the summer shop will be better.
Q:How to overcome the shrinkage of bamboo flooring
With the four seasons temperature changes, thermal expansion and contraction is inevitable, bamboo floor shrinkage is normal, you only need to install the time to stay a good shrink on the line.

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