Mini amphibious excavator for sale with excavator seat

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Item specifice:

Operating Weight: 800kg Bucket capacity: 0.02cbm Machine Weight: 600kg
Maximum Digging Height: 2350mm Max Digging Radius: 2450mm Maximum Digging Depth: 1200mm
Rated Speed: 0--4km/h Certification: CE ISO Warranty: 12 Months
Accessories: Scraper bucket, Bucket ,Hammer ,Log grapple ,Drill Type: Mini Excavator Engine: Diesel Engine
Model Number: VTW-08 Color: Red or customized Condition: New
Origin place: China Mainland Brand: VOTE Moving type: Crawler

Product Description:

VTW-08 Mini Amphibious Excavator for Sale with Excavator Seat

VTW-08 excavator is small and flexible,easy to operate and transport. It can work in a small space,and can quickly replace the accessories. The utilization rate is greatly improved.

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Mini amphibious excavator for sale with excavator seatMini amphibious excavator for sale with excavator seat

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Product Description:

Mini amphibious excavator for sale with excavator seatMini amphibious excavator for sale with excavator seat

Technical Parameters:


Small excavator

Machine weight




Turning radius


Digging height


Climbing angles


Digging depth


Crawler length


Bucket capacity


Crawler width


Rated power


Transportation length


Discharge height


The machine width


Digging radius


The machine height


Ground  clearance


Dozer blade clearance


Travel speed

1.8 km/h

The sinking depth of the bulldozer


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