VTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handle

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Item specifice:

Operating Weight: 800kg Bucket capacity: 0.02cbm Machine Weight: 600kg
Maximum Digging Height: 2350mm Max Digging Radius: 2450mm Maximum Digging Depth: 1200mm
Rated Speed: 0--4km/h Origin place: China Mainland Brand: VOTE
Condition: New Moving type: Crawler Certification: CE ISO
Engine: Diesel Engine Color: Red or customized Motor: Eton travel motor
Accessories: Scraper bucket, Bucket ,Hammer ,Log grapple ,Drill Warranty: 12 Months Type: Mini Excavator
Model Number: VTW-08

Product Description:

VTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handle

VTW-08 excavator is small and flexible,easy to operate and transport. It can work in a small space,and can quickly replace the accessories. The utilization rate is greatly improved.

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VTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handleVTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handle

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Product Description:

VTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handleVTW-08 0.8ton mini excavator with excavator joystick handle

Technical Parameters:


Small excavator

Machine weight




Turning radius


Digging height


Climbing angles


Digging depth


Crawler length


Bucket capacity


Crawler width


Rated power


Transportation length


Discharge height


The machine width


Digging radius


The machine height


Ground  clearance


Dozer blade clearance


Travel speed

1.8 km/h

The sinking depth of the bulldozer


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-Wheel Excavator

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-Snow Blower

-Mini Road Roller

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-Other Construction Equipments

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Q:How long is the normal wait to get an excavator to start digging for a basement?
It depends entirely on the area of the country you are in, the weather, and the excavator you have chosen. There is no average wait time. If you are building your own home, you are at a disadvantage with an excavator, and will be at a disadvantage with every subcontractor you deal with during the construction of your home. You are only building one home, while the builders they normally work for build multiple homes per year. Every subcontractor will put off your job and give priority to the builders who hire them month after month and year after year. Unfortunately, you may be a one shot deal. Good luck with your situation.
Q:what are the work capability of major heavy equipments in cubic meter per day?
This varies greatly by design of the equipment. Some excavators and dump trucks are huge, too large to drive on highways. They are trucked in in pieces and built on site.
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According to the difference between the excavation route and the transportation vehicle, there are two ways to dig and unload the soil: forward excavation, lateral unloading, forward excavation and reverse dumpingAs compared with other forms of shoveling:(1): digging backhoe is characterized by "back down, forced soil cutting, the mining power shovel can stop a small, excavation to three below the soil surface, suitable for the foundation pit, foundation ditch, trench excavation depth is less than 4m, but also for soil excavation, wet soil with higher water content and to the underground water level and groundwater level in higher soil. There are two ways to operate the backhoe, namely, ditch end excavation and side ditch excavation.(2) pull shovel: digging features is "back down, self weight cut soil", and its excavation radius and excavation depth is larger, can dig the soil below the stop surface, it is suitable for digging large and deep foundation pit or underwater excavation.(3): grab digging is characterized by "straight up and down, cut the weight of soil, suitable for narrow and deep excavation pit mud or water, especially suitable for cutting under water, the soil is hard not grab construction.
Q:how can i can an excavator license?
Don't know about Canada but in the USA you have to have a contractor's license! You have to be able to drive the equipment and be certified (depending on the state you are in) best of luck
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There are lots of things hauled on the road that are more than 80,000 pounds. A 40 ton excavator for example. Then when you get into industrial equipment, power station transformers, oil refinery components etc. That's when you see the pilot vehicles and oversize trailers to spread the load over multiple axles. To move that sort of load needs multiple drive axles, so they often use more than one truck, and even push / pull arrangements.
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