weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month
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Product Description:

1.Use of the upper and lower hinge,turning radius is small,turned to a flexible,easy to operate. 


2.Widely used in construction sites,mixing station feeding,brick,battle field,as well as mine,port cargo loading and short-distance transport.


3.Use of steel frame structure,increasing the overall strength.


4.Power-shift gear box ,universal good,stable and reliable.


5.Use of engine,power large,low fuel consumpution,good for environment.


6.Increasing the engineering machinery special drive axle,wheel-side planetary gear reducer,a strong ability to overcome obstacle.

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

Technical Specifications of ZL15F:

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

Company informaton:

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick


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Packaging Details: Nude packing,in container

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Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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Nice.... What do you get when you cross a laughing Hyena with a motorcycle... A Yamaha ha ha ha
Q:Is a Quad Core processor a smart investment?
Quad core is just fine. Make sure you buy one that is compatible with your motherboard.
Q:Can i put an AMD Bulldozer in this motherboard with no updates ?
Yes, it does support AM3+. Great choice by the way. I'm getting me one of those as well in the near future
Q:i have a steel bulldozer bucket and want to recycle it how much is steel worth per pound in ca?
$490 to $510 per tonne.
Q:How does AMD's Bulldozer compare to Intel's Nehalem?
And you probably wont! AMD is keeping a tight lid on the bulldozer..either because they want to blitz the world with its performance ..OR...its not as great as the hype! The Ivy bridge is coming out from intel that is suppose to be the enthusiast version of the Sandy Bridge. and as you can see the 2600K is pretty tuff to beat especially at $314 si the new one should be above the 995X sad to say AMD has to little, to late...had the Bulldozer come out when Sandy Bridge did there would have been a near even market. at this point the bulldozers is just an also ran.The only thing that can save its butt would be price point and mother board ability/price. The Sandy Bridge mother boards are a bit expensive the P8P67 Deluxe is $239 so adding the $314 for the CPU = $553 IF the bulldozer can come in under that price point it stands a chance. 8 core or even 12 core means little if there is nothing out there that can take advantage of all those cores. Little to nothing can take advantage of 6 cores now! We all have to wait and see bench marks now are just theoretical as there is nothing to test them on for real world results. Like the rest of us...just sit and wait...and wait...and wait!
Q:What processor is better intel i7 990x extreme edition vs amd bulldozer fx8170?
8 cores what help at all for gaming so the i7 990x will probably beat it for that. but for video rendering I think the bulldozer might win for that. All around the 990x is better.
Q:From one substance abuser to another?
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Q:Is core i5-3470 better than amd bulldozer fx 4100?
Yes. the i5-3470 is significantly better than the FX 4100. Intel AMD build their processors differently, so FX4100 @ 3.5Ghz isn't as fast as an i5-3470 @ 3.5Ghz. The i5 also costs a good bit more, so you are paying for the performance. If you are considering AMD, don't bother with the FX4100. It isn't worth it. It performs like an intel dual core. The FX6300 is only $120, its more power efficient than the FX4100, and its faster at equal clock speeds (ex: 3.5Ghz vs 3.5Ghz). You should make your choice between the FX 6300 and the i5. The i5 is faster despite the FX having 6 cores, but the FX6300 is a fantastic value processor. Both are good gaming CPUs. One benefit to getting the FX6300 is that you could put the $80 you didn't spend on an i5 into a faster video card, which will give you more speed than an i5 would've. Good luck with your build :)
Q:what is amd Bulldozer for?
Its the newest from AMD...its 8 core and it needs the new am3+ socket..however older am3's will work in the am3+ socket. Will you need it? do you need a 6 core now? You can run any game on a 4 core and most on a 2 core so an 8 core would be overkill. Its more for the enthusiast and anyone who wants bragging rights
Q:If I want to invest on road construction, what kinds of machines do I need to use?
Tractor wheel scrapers, bulldozers, road graders, dump trucks, asphalt spreaders

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