construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

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China main port
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1 set
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100 set/month
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Product Description:

Description of CTX915:

• Low fuel-consuming, high-quality turbo charged engine has good power performance and big torque   reserve.

•Double rocker with better visual field. Short wheel base chassis improves steering flexibility and operation efficiency.

• Steering system provides flexible steering operation.

•Unique energysaving patent technology, including double pumps and double circuits, turning priority and unloading hydraulic pressure system, is efficient and energy-saving with better power performance and lower fuel consumption.

•Turbo hydraulic torqueconverter together with dynamic planettype gear box enables a wide and high efficient range and facilitates the gear shifting.

• Bigger driving axle, 4-wheel drive ensures excellent towing performance.

• Four-wheel, dual-line and pliers disc braking system ensures safer and more reliable operation.

•The soundproofing, heatproofing and shockabsorbing driver’s cab has a spacious operating space, a broad view and comfortable adjustable seats, specialized cool & hot air-condition can also be equipped.

• Z-form connecting rod has strong breakout force and high raising ability, and enables high operating efficiency.

•Low alloy material and alloying blade and corner tines are used for the bucket, which is stronger and more durable.

• Higher dumping height and biggest dumping reach.

• The front loader frame provides good machine stability and stronger structural strength.

• Rational matching parts, superior machine performance and extraordinary operating efficiency.

• Various optional equipments and buckets can satisfy different needs of customers.

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

Technical Specifications of CTX915:

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader

construction machine Haihong CTX915 wheel loader, cheap wheel loader


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

• Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.
• Experienced staffs answer all your questions in professional and fluent English.
• Customized design is available. OEM is welcome.
•Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by welltrained and professional engineers and staffs.
• Special discount and protection of sales area provided to your distributor.
• Do the best reliable heavy-duty single drum vibratory road roller in China.
• Warranty period is 1-year or 1500 working hours against Bill of Lading.

3. Company information?

Shandong Haihong Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Qingzhou Economic Developing Zone, Shandong Province, China. It occupies an area of more than 30000 square meters and possesses total assets more than  16000000  USD and 210 staff.

Our company is a manufacturer of small and medium size wheel loader and main components. Our company has many advanced imported equipments and our manufacturing capacity is in the top in our industry. We have advanced equipments and perfect management system and have passed the ISO9001 certification and CE certification.

Our main products are CTX series wheel loader, weed-grasping machine, wood-grasping machine, snowplow and sweeper. Our wheel loader includes CTX908CTX910CTX912CTX915CTX918CTX920CTX926CTX928CTX930CTX932CTX936CTX950 and CTX956. Our products combine strong power with advanced intelligent design together to make the products superior in this area. It can be called both intelligent and courageous. The main feature of our products is they can reduce fuel consumption.

We have built long time cooperation with Shanghai Engineering Machinery Research Institute and some universities. They supply us with technical support and can continuously perfect our technology research and innovation system.

Our products are well received by domestic and foreign customers. They are exported to more than twenty countries in Asia, South America, Africa, Middle-East and some Russian countries.

We adhere the principle of science and technology change the future, take building the number one brand wheel loader as our goal, consist to be BMW in small wheel loader.

We consider product quality and technology innovation as the life of our company. We want to supply our customers with the most reliable products and service by continuous innovation, to let our customers continuously get the biggest return. We sincerely welcome customers from both home and abroad to visit our company for more cooperations.

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Q:does the john deere gt235 use the same igniton key as a bulldozer,backhoe,etc?
No John has there own makes of keys. Each make their own style of keys. There are some people who can get master set, but that is still multiple keys.
Q:what would cause a d1a-5 kamatsu bulldozer from moving in forward or reverse?
and protein time point with acid nos oral - National Institutes of ...... aqua mirage cane minute reverse alloy manno trichophyton trifluoro predicted ...... streaks dilaurate atlanta gelucire offending d1a gliosis culiseta creek ...... sialylparagloboside changer uncinectomy ljc bulldozer transethmoidal ...... circling prosaas aldrithiol thda komatsu pnpp psme1 iggfc antifoam spia ... - Cached - Similar
Q:Help! Don't know what processer to get for gamin, an i3 or an fx bulldozer?
Well it wouldn't put a dual core against a quad core in any race but at the moment the Intel's are better in bench marks...just not in price. For gaming I would go with the consensus of opinion which is the Intel i5-2500K is best all round gaming CPU. The FX 4100 is a bit low on the totem pole for me...the 6200 is better and reasonably close to the 2500K performance. Even the A8-3850 has better bench marks than the 4100 and the 3850 has built in 6650 graphics...when CrossfiredX with a 6670 GPU it suppose the produce up to a 6800 series graphs...more than enough for gaming. The 3850 on its own can play Skyrim quite well!
Q:AM3+ Motherboard flashing bios when bulldozers are released?
I would have to say the possibility is high that you will have to upgrade your bios for AM3+ compatibilty. Interestingly I noted that the motherboard already has a bios update available vF3 and states that it is Update CPU AGESA This can mean a couple of things one of them being adding more cpu's to the support list.Given that particular motherboard already supports all AM3 cpu's it may mean they've now added AM3+ or they simply fixed a bug issue.Only time will tell when gigabyte officially add AM3+ cpu's to the motherboards support list you will see what version you need If you already have bios version F3 then you might be covered
Q:I want to know what the yearly cost of maintenance cost of a Bulldozer would be including monthly cost.?
The yearly cost will vary depending upon the make and model of the unit. Typically, the larger the higher cost. I'l use a medium/large Catipilar D7. The average lease cost per day is $500.00 per day, or per month of around $10,000. U.S dollars. All of the maintenance can be done by the owner or you. I suggest you do the maintenance as of a hefty 50% reduction in fees. Maintenance goes as follows: 3406 engine, typical. Every 8 hours, grease the machine fully, clean air filter, drain fuel/water separater, adjust machine as needed, and add engine oil. Cost, $50. in supplies, $150. to the mechanic. Every 200 hours, change engine oil (40 Qts. oil, 2 oil filters, 2 fuel filters, 2 air filrers, and grease. Supplies $350. Mechanic $300.) adjust machine as needed. You may consider a used machine for the purchase price of $75,000. To sum up the cost. Monthly - $13,000. Yearly- $156,000. plus fuel of course.
Q:hi, im going to be taking my permit test.?
Is it for a BULLDOZER a Crane, an atv, a boat, and aircraft A pill driver, Elevator operator, a submarine, an aircraft carrier, a Space shuttle astronaught, Is it that hard to be more SPECIFIC???????? What is wrong here This reminds me of the news papers they write what they want you to read. Not what should be understanding.
Q:What is this bulldozer called? Help?
its just called a wrecking ball and crane.
Q:What does Komatsu bulldozer mean by "wd600--6"?
This is not Komatsu bulldozer, Komatsu bulldozers are all started with D, the largest model is D575-A
Q:When are the AMD Bulldozer CPU's coming out?
Last I heard was Sept 26..but I that's just the release date not when it will actually be on the shelves of your local store or even from newegg and the like. don't expect to see it much before October.
Q:When Israel uses D-10s bulldozer largest made to clear out Palestinian homesteads Do they run over ?
Of course they do. As well as bulldozing orchards - must be worried about exploding apples. Diverting rivers - fresh water. Cutting off electricity and medicine. Using kiddies as a human shield. Shooting British journalist in the head. Using chemical weapons. Sexually abusing kids they arrested and getting $BILLIONS from the USA. CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER

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