Wheel Loader LW560, Loader Bucket for Sale

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China main port
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100 set/month
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Product Description:

Quick details:

Condition: New

Model Number: LW560

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Type: Front Loader

Moving Type: Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):8065*3050*3500mm

Rated Load: 5000Kg

Loader bucket capacity: 3.0CBM

characteristics of 5ton wheel loader :

  1. Adopt Cummins 6 cylinder engine with 162KW output power, with oil-saving device.

  2. Enlarge the water tank and tube, keep cooling system working better to accommodate the hot environment.  

  3. Full dydraulic steering system, electronic control shift.

  4. Increase the counterweight, improve the stability and carrying capacity of the machine.

  5. Reinforcement structure. Strengthened front and rear frame. Whole machine weights 16.5 ton.

  6. Install with multi-valve system, with quick coupler, interchange with various tools such as fork, grapple, auger and hammer.

  7. Joystick control realized precise operation, air conditioner are option.

  8. Earthmoving Machinery 
    5 ton wheel loader, four wheel drive 
    Loading Weight: 5 ton 
    Loading Bucket: 3.0CBM 
    Engine: WD61561G26 

  9. Wheel loader with GOST-R approval

  10. High quality and competitive price

  11. 42 years manufacturing experience

specification of the wheel loader:

Wheel Loader LW560, Loader Bucket for Sale

Wheel Loader LW560, Loader Bucket for Sale


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

3. What Can we Do For You?                                                                 

1.Installation Services

Installation Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the technical know-how for your 

operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.

2.After Sales Service

We offer the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly feels about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide. Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. Also we offer one year guarantee period.  

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