Bulldozer SD22

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Product Description:

Prodcut Name: Bulldozer SD22

1. Product Feature of Bulldozer SD22

The SD22 bulldozer is the new generation of the TY220. It's equipped with a hexahedron damping cab, which features a beautiful design, wide visibility, and comfortable operation, as well as a highly efficient charged engine, which has excellent power, reliability and a long service life.  It is also equipped with an improved hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology, front-extending anti-rolling frame and an advanced structure, providing reliable quality and convenient and flexible operation.  The SD22 uses Shantui's patented central lubrication technology, central pressure measurement and automatic track tensioning, as well as a GPS satellite positioning system.  With options such as straight tilt, angle, U type and semi-U type blades, single/triple shank rippers and a mechanical winch, the SD22 has various capabilities allowing it to adapt to and work in a wide range of earth moving projects.

2. Specification of Bulldozer SD22

1) General Specification

Rated Power: 162kW@1800rpm

Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280S10

Operating Weight: 23.4 Tons

2) Details of Bulldozer SD22




L×W×H (Ripper not included)



Operating weight (Ripper not included)







Rated power






Blade type


Straight tilt blade U-blade 

 Semi-U blade  Angle blade

Blade width


Straight tilt blade 3725×1315

U blade 3800×1343

Semi-U blade 3725×1374

Angle blade 4365×1055

Dozing capacity


Straight tilt blade 6.4

U blade 7.5

Semi-U blade 7.0

Angle blade 4.7

Ma× drop below ground of blade



Lift height of blade



Ripper type

Single ripper   Three-shank ripper

Ripping depth of ripper


Single ripper 695

Three-shank ripper 666

Lifting height of ripper


Single ripper515

Three-shank ripper 555

Number of carriers (each side)



Number of track rollers (each side)



Number of track shoes (each side)



Width of track shoe



Track gauge



Ground length and ground pressure






Forward speed





Reverse speed





3. Delivery of Bulldozer SD22

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel, even some times could be put on flat rack.





4. Primary Competitive Advantages

1) Brand-name Parts

2) Country of Origin

3) Competitive Price

4) Good Product Performance

5) Prompt Delivery

6) Quality Approvals

7) Good Reputation

8) Expedite Communication

9) Good Packaging

10) Distributorships Offered

11) One Step Service

12) Good Quality Service

13) Small Orders Accepted

14) Overseas Service Branches


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Q:Will this thing be a CPU+GPU? Like the A8-3850?
Nah mate. It will just be a CPU. It's for enthusiez. :) It's rumoured to be better than the i7 2600k
Q:What are the variants of AMD bulldozer available for sale right now..and what are their clock speeds and price?
There are no bulldozers available on the market yet,they havent been released. release date has been pushed back to october 12 (rumoured)
Q:i have contacted cosmi games via live chat but no results for this game bulldozer is the name it was sold on a disc with other games i had it on my pc but i lost all the data on my pc so i lost it for ever can any one help asap
Top okorder / I've narrowed it down to these two CDs. One is just called "COSMI" and the other is "Top 50 Blazing Games." Unfortunately, they're not compatible with my 64 bit OS system so I can't install it. In order to try to see if it is actually from these two CDs, I'm going to have to revive my older OS computer. The thing is I don't want to open my Windows 98 PC up and put in a power supply. If you find out what game it is, please contact me.
Q:I would like to ask you, what is the current standard of bulldozer scrap in our country?Thanks for the new moon, but I think bulldozers should be engineering machines.
Ha-ha。 Very professional......Can't be used or used, there will be dangerous.Or a fixed age limit?......
Q:When It Comes Out Witch Will Be Better?
Q:what would it be?
I would have to say either sky dancers or my gigapet...miss those days!
Q:what do you think? will samoan bulldozer survived in a chain? or will he unlocked? It means will umaga survived on john cena? Well for me, it'll be not!
of course.did you see the match between cena show.cena f-ued show and wonand i'am he will do that to umaga
Q:I'm looking to build a new gaming PC cause mine is getting outdated and I'm looking for suggestions. I already have a tower, harddrive and power supply. Basically I'm just looking for a processor and graphics card preferably AMD brand. My budget is between $400-$600.
A good AMD CPU would be a Bulldozer FX6100. Or an AMD quad 955.. both are pretty cheap. For a graphics card i'd go with a radeon 6 series range or 7 series.
Q:My gaming computer is able to play many games at max settings but recently, as games get more advanced, i have been getting the need to upgrade my rig. The first thing that must change is the AMD dual core at 2.8ghz. My question is, should I be getting the AMD 955 3.2ghz quad core? Buy something Intel (but would mean i need to switch my mobo too)? Or wait till AMD releases the bulldozer series and the 955 will go down in value, at which point i can buy a cheaper 955?
You probably could put a quad core in that motherboard, not sure as i dont know what mobo you have. But a new videocard would probably be the most helpful
Q:Ok so my dad got this Puppy..and its Half St. Benard and RottAND ITS HUGE!!we need a unique name that nobody else has..But one thingU cant use Tank.thats the other puppy's name..lolPlease help.because Im getting tired of calling the puppy.ITlol
Sarge, Duke, Hercules, Godzilla, Rex, Zeus

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jining,shandong
Year Established
Annual Output Value ¥50 billion
Main Markets China;Southeast Asia;Middle East;Russia;Africa;South America
Company Certifications ISO9001;GOST;CCC

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.45
No.of Employees in Trade Department 56
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 800acres
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range average
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