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Product Description:

SD9 Specifications

SD9 dozer is elevated sprocket track typebulldozer with semi-rigid suspended, torque divider& power shift andhydraulic controlled. It boasts efficient torque divider, single lever operatedplanetary gear shift transmission and pilot boosted implement control system.The elevated sprocket and modular design promote the power system life andconvenience to maintenance and repair. The man-machine engineering controlsystem makes the dozer perform more easy, convenience and accurately. Theelectric monitored advanced ROPS is up to the international manufacturedstandard. SD9 dozer is applicable for earth-handling specialize in roadconstruction, desert, oil field, farmland, electrical power building, portsbuilding, mining and other engineering conditions.

    It can be equipped with Cummineselectrical monitored engine from USA. Integrated the electricalcontrolled fuel injection system and the air-air media cooling element, whichensures the exhaustion up to the Tier3 standard, and makes the fuel consumptionmore lower and power output more stronger.


Dozer                      Tilting blade  

Operation weight (kg)           48800    

(with ripper)

Ground pressure(kPa)           102

(without ripper)

Track gauge(mm)              2250

Min. groundclearance (mm)      517

Gradient                      30º/25º

Dozing capacity (m³)           13.5

Blade width(mm)               4314

Max. digging depth(mm)         614

Overall dimensions(mm)

(withoutripper)               6592×4314×3970


1.Type                Cummins KTA19-C525

Rated revelution (rpm)         1800

Flywheel output              316 Kw/430 Hp

2.Type              American Cummins ElectricalControlling Engine QSX15

Rated revelution (rpm)         1800

Flywheel output               316 Kw/430 Hp

Torque storage coefficeient  18%

Implement hydraulic system

Max. system pressure(MPa)              18.3

Pump type                            Double vane pump

Systemoutput(L/min)                   300

Undercarriage system

Type    The track is triangle shape.

The sprocket iselevated elastic suspended.

Number of trackrollers(each side)           8

Pitch(mm)                             240

Width ofshoe(mm)                  610

Gear          Forward km/h

1st             0-3.9

2nd             0-6.7

3rd             0-12.2

Gear          Backward km/h

1st             0-4.8

2nd            0-8.5

3rd            0-15.1

Transmission system

Torqueconverter    Torque converter is powerseparating hydraulic-mechanic type


Transmission       planetary ,power shift transmission withthree speeds forward and three speeds reverse ,speed and direction can bequickly shifted.

Steering clutch      The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed,non –constant engaged clutch.

Steering brake      The braking clutch is pressed by spring,separated hydraulic constant meshed type.

Final drive         The final drive is two-stage planetaryreduction gear mechanism,

splash lubrication.

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Q:Palestinian Youth Crushed to Death by Israeli Bulldozer?
LOL! And they're the only military in the world that regularly uses bulldozers against civilians and their homes. Just further proof that the US should completely cut off its ties to that area and walk away from both groups of religious nuts killing each other.
Q:AMD CPU question..........?
I don't know
Q:Is this a good budget gaming rig?
I am making my first custom gaming rig as well.I did a lot of research ,and found the strongest components for the price . Motherboard Asus z68(overclocked) ultra powerful ( 200$) Processor Intel Core i7 2600k-turbo boost,overclocked, hyper threading 3.7gz normal,4gz per core with turbo boost on,5Ghz with overclocking or more,plus 4 more cores with hyper threading(300$) Graphic Card Asus/Evga GeForce GTX 560ti-performance boost/overclocked( i like the evga better) -200$ Corsair CMX4GX3M2B1600C9 XMS3 Class 9 (40$) 500gb Hdd Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler (70$) And if you want to push this gear to the max you need to keep the machine cool with this case CoolerMaster HAF X case This case with Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler and you can push this rig beyond maximum and it wont fail.
Q:Can the GPU of AMD bulldozer fight with independent video cards?
Upstairs are nonsense, first bulldozer is not APU, now the bulldozer is not integrated GPU, A4, A6, A8, APU and GPU integration, integrated graphics and only 6670 can fire
Q:StarCraft 2 worm out the blockade, how bulldozers mining?
Use sandbags for a 3x3 grid, the top left of the two into a fire excavator, right middle sandbag
Q:intel i5 or AMD Bulldozer cpu?
Yes, go with the Intel i5. You'll be glad you did.
Q:What is the best possible CPU. Not the bulldozer or those. But a realistic one I can buy?
i'm a fan of intel, but it depends on your mother board. find the best one for your mother board. but personally i like intel, and the i5 2500k is great for its price. the 17 2600k is 100$ more but its unreasonable pricier for the performance. so the i5 2500k for its price is one of the best in my opinion. and the k means its unlock so that means you can easily over clock it. as for amd, i'm not that well educated to say, but typically amd are the same performance as intel and nvidia (for grapfics card) for a better price Amd has better stock performance per price, but usually for intel you can push them further, so it has more potential. really any quad core cpu thats and 2.4 ghz, or higher will do fine for your hd 6850, without bottle necking it. hope this helps, happy gamming :)
Q:Why is the AMD FX series called the bulldozer CPU?
The AMD FX series CPU is called the cause of the bulldozer:1, FX uses a micro processor architecture called bulldozer;2, the architecture literally translates as bulldozer;3, so people usually call the AMD FX CPU a bulldozer.
Q:What does Komatsu bulldozer mean by "wd600--6"?
You're talking about a loader?Komatsu loader is started with WA, the largest model is WA1200
Q:FX Bulldozer vs Core i7 LGA 2011?
Intel Core i7-4770k is an 1150 not a 2011. It will not fit a 2011 motherboard.

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