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Type of blade               Tilting straight blade                                        

Operating weight          16100 (kg)                                                    

Max. drawbar pull        145(kN)                                                        

Ground pressure             55 kpa)                                                          

Widthof standard shoe            1880(mm)                                                      

Ground clearance           445 (mm)                                                      

Grade ability                  Straight 30°  Side 25o                                    

Capacity of blade           4.5  m3                                                        

Dimension of blade        3297×1170  (mm)                                        

Digging depth              592(mm)                                                        

Overall dimension          5037×3270×3077 mm                                   UNDERCARRIAGE SYSTEM

ENGINE                       C6121ZG05                                                    TYPE:Swing type of sprayed beam. suspendedType: Water-cooled, single-row, vertical,4-stroke-cycle,turbocharged.               Structureof equalizer bar

manufacture                         Shang hai diesel enginecompany               Number of trackrollers(each side)        7

Rated RPM                          1900r/min                                                Number of carrierrollers(each side)       2

Rated power                        131kW                                                     Pitch                            203 mm

Num. of cylinder-bore×stroke       6-121mm×152mm                                     Widthof shoe                     560 mm

Fuel consumption                 215g/kw.h                                                Gear         Forward             Reverse

Max. torque                         770N.m/1400rpm                                      1 st          4 km/h              4.8 km/h

2st        6.9km/h             8.4 km/h

IMPLEMENT HYDRAULIC SYSTEM                                     3 st        10.9km/h             12.9km/h

Max. system pressure               15.5MPa                                    

Pump type                       Gear pump        

System output                  178L/min


Torque converter    Single-stage with output torque divider combined smoothnesswith economy

Transmission         Planetary, power shift transmission withthree forward and three reverse

Steering clutch      Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring, hydraulic separate.

Steering brake       Hand levers combine steering clutch disengagement and brakingin one control

Final drive          The final drive are double reduction withspur gear and segment sprocket


SD6G bulldozer is designed on the basis ofCAT’s D6G, and the maincomponent of undercarriage is interchangeable with D6G’s,

which issimilar with D6D.We have accumulated twenty years’ experiences formanufacturing D6D, so the SD6G’sundercarriage

isreliable. The control valve for implement system is imported from PIRKER, aAmerican company , which manufacture valve

for CAT,so the implement hydraulic also enjoys a high quality.

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Q:AMD's new CPU's. The Bulldozers.. When will they be out?
Sometime this year. Why don't you go and ask AMD directly? :P Btw Intel AMD muahaha!!
Q:Intel i5 or AMD bulldozer?
follow Intel and the i5-3570k, getting an AMD motherboard and the 8150 could be a downgrade..... The 8350 Vishera CPU on the different hand is a problematical call to make in case you activity and multitask/ video encode and so on....... seeing as its merely Gaming...... pass Intel.
Q:need a computer gamers help!?
Honestly, the Bulldozer isn't THAT bad. People are saying its a flop in comparison to what Intel has been making and they expected that AMD would come up with something great. It didn't meet everyone's expectation so everyone's been calling it a fail but its still a decent processor. Coupled with the graphics card you have you'll have no trouble running almost all the newest games at the highest settings at a pretty decent resolution. You might be able to pump in some anti aliasing as well and the textures should be good if your 6970 has decent GRAM. I have an older AMD 560 x4 @3.3Ghz processor and a GTX 460 with 768mb RAM and I can run games like Skyrim at 1920x1080 at maxed settings and Starcraft 2 on Ultra/Extreme settings. Your computer should run games just fine.
Q:Graphics 770 AMD eight nuclear bulldozer playing World of Warcraft in the field in 20 - 25.
Yes, so it's a problem with the system you installed, or you can find a computer expert to see the compatibility of your computer and the power of your power supply
Q:What do you guys believe is the opposite to a potato?
I would say Banana :o So different ;)
Q:What oils to use for Hitachi Bulldozer Dx75m?
it all depends on the conditions, and is it gas or diesel.. the operators manual should tell you, if not, it's about the same as a pickup..some of the reservoirs even tell you what to use..
Q:whats the craziest thing you've ever done?
Attacked cops when they tried to subdue me .i was on an 8th of shrooms and drunk. I dont remember anything. Didnt get a single charge out of the 12
Q:What mars sign is the bulldozer?
When Some fighters with mars in Taurus: Brock Lesnar, Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Muhammad Ali. ALL of those men are renowned for their bull like strength and endurance when they fight.
Q:Whats the difference between a giraff and a bulldozer?
bulldozer is spelled right
Q:Intel Sandy Bridge or AMD Bulldozer?
i might individually look ahead to the bulldozer to come back out as a manner to get a reliable assessment 2 processors. additionally value may be decrease on the sandy bridge 2600k as a manner to compete. So wait!!!

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