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Type of blade               Tilting straight blade                                        

Operating weight          16100 (kg)                                                    

Max. drawbar pull        145(kN)                                                        

Ground pressure             55 kpa)                                                          

Widthof standard shoe            1880(mm)                                                      

Ground clearance           445 (mm)                                                      

Grade ability                  Straight 30°  Side 25o                                    

Capacity of blade           4.5  m3                                                        

Dimension of blade        3297×1170  (mm)                                        

Digging depth              592(mm)                                                        

Overall dimension          5037×3270×3077 mm                                   UNDERCARRIAGE SYSTEM

ENGINE                       C6121ZG05                                                    TYPE:Swing type of sprayed beam. suspendedType: Water-cooled, single-row, vertical,4-stroke-cycle,turbocharged.               Structureof equalizer bar

manufacture                         Shang hai diesel enginecompany               Number of trackrollers(each side)        7

Rated RPM                          1900r/min                                                Number of carrierrollers(each side)       2

Rated power                        131kW                                                     Pitch                            203 mm

Num. of cylinder-bore×stroke       6-121mm×152mm                                     Widthof shoe                     560 mm

Fuel consumption                 215g/kw.h                                                Gear         Forward             Reverse

Max. torque                         770N.m/1400rpm                                      1 st          4 km/h              4.8 km/h

2st        6.9km/h             8.4 km/h

IMPLEMENT HYDRAULIC SYSTEM                                     3 st        10.9km/h             12.9km/h

Max. system pressure               15.5MPa                                    

Pump type                       Gear pump        

System output                  178L/min


Torque converter    Single-stage with output torque divider combined smoothnesswith economy

Transmission         Planetary, power shift transmission withthree forward and three reverse

Steering clutch      Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring, hydraulic separate.

Steering brake       Hand levers combine steering clutch disengagement and brakingin one control

Final drive          The final drive are double reduction withspur gear and segment sprocket


SD6G bulldozer is designed on the basis ofCAT’s D6G, and the maincomponent of undercarriage is interchangeable with D6G’s,

which issimilar with D6D.We have accumulated twenty years’ experiences formanufacturing D6D, so the SD6G’sundercarriage

isreliable. The control valve for implement system is imported from PIRKER, aAmerican company , which manufacture valve

for CAT,so the implement hydraulic also enjoys a high quality.

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Q:I plan on build this rig, im not sure what psu i should get. Can you help me out? (10 points)What psu should i buy to run this with no problem?..... and ill be upgrading my CPU later to the new processor thats coming out around june (amd x8 bulldozer)
-swap the gskill for OCZ/considered necessary or Corsair. get 8gb kit as 1600.. -get an asus 890FX board (greater effective factors while in comparison with comparable priced GB boards) and its already AM3+ in a position (already have my bios replace for
Q:Have you ever driven a bulldozer?
Yes many times
Q:How long does it take to take out a cylinder of a bulldozer?
Which cylinder? A hydraulic for the blade or the rear PTO? One from the engine? Need more specifics. One of the blade hydraulics is not that long considering it is exposed and on the outside of the machine. Disconnect the hyd lines and undo the bolts and presto it comes off. Then disassemble cylinder and rebuild. So about an hour or a little more for such and the same for rebuild and then reassemble. For the engine a bit more time as getting in and such is not as easy. The Cat or other heavy equipment repair centre will be able to give you farly accurate times for such.
Q:Why should bulldozers install tracks instead of 4 wheels?
Germany began to use bulldozers extensively in the project. After 1945, in the reconstruction of Britain and Europe, as well as many construction projects in the United States, bulldozers were indispensable and important construction methods.At present, some countries are testing a kind of underwater bulldozer which is controlled by television and operated by robots.
Q:I prefer bulldozers and dynamite, but faith is cheaper. Lots cheaper.
Sadly you lack simple understanding. It is God that moves the mountain which is the whole point of what you quote but somehow have missed. You are obviously still stuck in your own narrow and childish, make up idea, of what faith is when in fact it is hearing God. But then that is convenient for you, isn't it?
Q:Would this computer .uk/AMD-Bulldozer-FX-6100 run games like BF3, Dead Island, Skyrim etc.?
Yes, that processor would be good enough but you'll need the rest of the computer (graphics cards, RAM, motherboard, hard drive, case, etc.) to run those games.
Q:Is there a license plate on the bulldozer?
The wheel type has to have a license before it hits the roadThe crawler is not on the road
Q:Which AMD processors will be better for playing games within 150$.AMD APU A6 3500 2.1GHz 3MB Cache Processor,AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition Processor,AMD Bulldozer FX6100 3.3GHz 14MB Cache Processor,AMD Bulldozer FX4100 3.60GHz 12MB Cache Processor?I like most AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition Processor.
under $150, amd a10 5800k wud b a smarter choice i'd say, if u want it for gaming coz it hz sm supercharged graphics which will allow u to run almost al modern games on decent settings and resolutions. but if u already have a dedicated gfx card then u shud go for fx 6300 (piledriver) n not 6100 or 4100 coz de r bulldozer cpus. piledriver cpus r more recent n are slightly better..... what is ur mobo socket 1st of al. is it am3+? coz if its am3+ u cant put a amd a10 or a6 or any of the amd apus.......
Q:Do you agree that bull fighting would be so much easier if you had a bulldozer?
Agreed lol.It would be much more entertaining seeing a matador take on a bulldozer instead of seeing some innocent bull getting killed all in the name of entertainment.
Q:ROMA 3 - 1 INTER!!
they will still win it. It does not matter. One bump does not stop a bulldozer.

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