1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month
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Product Description:

Quick details:

Drive Wheel: 4x2

Capacity (Load): 1 - 10t

Horsepower: 15-20

Condition: New

Transmission Type: Manual

Emission Standard: Euro 3

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine Capacity: < 4L

Gross Vehicle Weight: 950

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Model Number: f10

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):2600*1480*1960mm

Name: New style micro dumper made in china

Rated dump weight: 1000kg

Bucket capacity: 0.75m3

Total weight: 1000kg

Wheel base: 1500mm

Engine model: ZS1100

Engine power: 12.32kw

Overall dimension: 2600*1480*1960mm

Loading port: Qingdao

Delivery time: 30 days

Specifications of our products:

1.8t small mini dumper 
professional manufacture 
OEM price and service 
Speedy delivery,Quality assured 

1.8t F18 hydraulic cheap mini dumper

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

Technical Specifications of the products:

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

Company informaton:

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price

1.8t F18 hydraulic small mini dumper for sale low price


1.How about the shipment?

Packaging Details: Nude packing,in container

Delivery Detail: 10-30 days after the deposit

2. What about your service?

Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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