2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Quick details:

Drive Wheel: 4x2

Capacity (Load): 1 - 10t

Horsepower: 22-30

Condition: New

Transmission Type: Manual

Emission Standard: Euro 3

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine Capacity: < 4L

Gross Vehicle Weight: 950

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Model Number: F20

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):2600x1480x1960

Driving type: 2wd

Color: all

Moving type: wheel loader

Main site: construction

Bucket capacity(m3): 0.7

Start mode: Hand or electric

Canopy: sun shade or cab

Specification of the products:

2t small dumper truck 
All color for u 
OEM price and service 
1t,1.5t,2t,1.8t for u 
Speedy delivery 

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

Technical Specifications of the products:

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

Company informaton:

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price

2t F20 small dumper truck for sale low price


1.How about the shipment?

Packaging Details: Nude packing,in container

Delivery Detail: 10-30 days after the deposit

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Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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Q:John deere bulldozer 450c keeps shutting off?
Go to john deere website. u can get drawings of parts list there. Also did u make sure the gasket isnt crimped or a small pinhole in a fuel line letting it suck air?
Q:Does the bulldozer start with gasoline?
You need to use gasoline first.Start the gasoline engine available battery with a motor or human start (such as motorcycles); small diesel starting directly with a human (such as diesel tractors); large diesel engine with a battery with a motor start small gasoline engine, diesel engine starting with the small gasoline, gasoline engine after a successful start, stop work (such as a bulldozer).
Q:Is driving bulldozers dangerous? Can they flip? Cos i saw this one the other day..?
Yes very dangerous work. Yes they can (and do ) flip over. Yes some have a roll cage built into them to protect operator in the event of a roll over. No it is not advisable to try and jump from the tractor as you will definitely get hurt then. Yes it is super cool fun to operate. Safety first as those types of equipment are 1 very heavy, 2 very loud, 3 very large. It can easily roll over a pedestrian nearby and the driver would not even notice it. They can destroy anything they hit as they are not easy to stop. It takes several days of training to be accomplished enough to learn how to operate one safely. Years before you are an expert at it.
Q:How much oil can a bulldozer tank contain?
Depending on whether you're big or small, bulldozer, small, general 280, big more than 500
Q:help with my choice of gaming pc would be massivly appreciated is this worth the buy?
u can use windows xp, but in the future, its gonna be windows 7 and windows 8, 8.1 windows xp has been cut off from microsoft and i think they might cut off support for vista soon. "no operatin system" dont buy a computer without one preinstalled , or one that comes with a disc, or recovery disk. because ur gonna have to spend another 100 or download it illegal or find some black market that sells the an illegal copy. which isnt worth all the time, cos ur gonna have to spend money or find a usb and go thru all the work to make that usb into a bootable drive, or burn all those images, by downloading windows. so its much less time consuming (and u get to download support from microsoft). ur processor is pretty good for gaming but u can spend another 100 on the 8350 which is really good, even better than the 6300. i wanted to get the 6300 cos it was cheap and for wht u can do with it, its worth the buy. but i had a $200 budget... for processor, case, and motherboard. so look for something that has 8350 ( i suggest building your own computer, its cheaper if u use amazon) the AMD 6670 wont be able to play future games on high, or even med. i actually researched your description and i saw this on google: "www.amazon.co.uk/FX-6300-Gaming-... this one it comes with windows, so get that one, if u really want this computer same specs, just it comes with windows. i would also like to add, it doesnt show the power supply so it could be a 430, 500, or *shudders* a 300 one. i looked at the comments and no one mentioned it so get that one. ill submit this answer, but ill go for some shopping to find a computer in your price range or if u tell me if u dont have a budget, ill get a good computer for u
Q:Where can I find on line manual for bulldozer & crawlers?
What kind are they? You might want to try the manufacture of the equipment.
Q:Who would win in a wrestling match: Mark The worlds strongest man Henry?
He's not the world strongest man and the Samoan is going to defeat him.
Q:Which is better, AMD955 or bulldozer????? Ten
I suggest you directly on the 960T package to open 6 core U, the cost performance of more than 955 and bulldozers. Cost-effective. The price of 700 yuan or so, pay attention to open 6 core 960T
Q:Can LDO (light diesel oil) be used for heavy equipments (excavators, bulldozer, cranes, etc.)?
I wouldn't use ldo on slower rpm diesels sounds like a recipe for disaster. If you are in doubt call the manufacturer of your heavy equiptment and ask them, I think there is some additives missing in ldo that heavy equiptment needs. Be carefull....Steve
Q:Anybody know a good place to borrow a bulldozer?
Yes go to abc rentals also some home depots also rent back hoes and bull bulldozers ,but can you handle one ? I can run it for you for 120.00 an hour

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