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TY165-3 bulldozer is semi-rigid suspended, powershift, hydraulically controlled and track-type. It is applicable for roadconstruction, water and electricity engineering farmland leveling, portbuilding, mining and other engineering conditions.

Main specifications (Standard type: straight dozer)

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) :------------------------------------------------------5447×3442×3160 mm

Operation weight:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17.55t

Flywheel power:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------121kW

Max. drawbar pull:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------139.6kN

(The efficient force depends on weight and groundsurface adherence)

Ground pressure (at operating weight):------------------------------------------------------------------69.2KPa

Min. ground radium:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.0 m

Min. ground clearance:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------352.5 mm

Grade ability:----------------------------------------------------------------------------Straight30 Side 25

Diesel engine

Manufactured factory: SHANGHAI DIESEL ENGINECO., LTD


Type:-------------------------------------water-cooled,single-row, vertical, 4-stroke-cycle, turbo-charged

Number of cylinders-bore×stroke:---------------------------------------------------------6-120.7×152.4mm

Total piston displacement:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10.5 L

Rated RPM:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1900r/min

Rated power:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------131  kW

Oil consumption (at rated power output)

Fuel consumption:--------------------------------------------------------------------------244 g/kW·h

Lube oil consumption:-----------------------------------------------------------------------0.6 g/kW·h

Max. torque (1400r/min):------------------------------------------------------------------------790 N·m

Cooling method:---------------------------------------------------------------closedcirculation water cooling

Starting method:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------byelectric at 24V

Torque converter and transmission

Single-stage, three unites structure torqueconverter.

output power is stable with high performance.

Planetary, power shift transmission with three speedsforward and three speeds reverse. Speed and direction can be quickly shifted.

Travel speed (in theory 1900/min engine speed ):

Forward                             Reverse  

First speed                 0—3.32 km/h                        0—4.00 km/h

Second speed               0—6.26 km/h                        0—7.57 km/h

Third speed                0—11.40km/h                        0—13.87km/h

Steering and braking

The steering clutch is tighten by pressuredsprings and separated hydraulically with oil-type, multi-powder-metal discs.

The brakes are oil, two-direction floating band withmechanism foot pedals, hydraulic boosted. The steering and braking can beactuated in one control.

Transmission, steering and braking operation

The operation of transmission , steering andbraking is controlled by single lever  .Transmission, left and right steering and braking can be realized for threespeeds forward and three speeds reverse by one handle .  

Final drive

The final drives are double reduction with spurgear and segment sprocket, which are sealed by duo-cone seal

Undercarriage system

The undercarriage is section steel welded trackroller frame with diagonal


The track rollers, carrier rollers and front idlershave the same floating seals which are long-service life and seal well.

Number of track rollers: -----------------------------------------------------------4single-flange on each side

                 -----------------------------------------------------------2double-flange on each side

Number of carrier roller :--------------------------------------------------------------------------2 on each side

Number of front idler: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------oneon each side

Track type: -------------------------------------------------------------------------singlegrouser, modular type.

Track adjuster type: ----------------------------------------------------------------------byhydraulically adjust

Pitch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------203 mm

Numbers of shoe:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------38

Width of shoe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------500mm

Length of track on ground: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------2570mm

Implement hydraulic system

It consists of two group gear pump ,pilot valve,main valve , cylinders, oil filter and lines.

Pump type: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------twogroup gear oil pump

Pump flow : Front pump :--------------190L/min ; Pilot pump :----------------------------------19L/min

System pressure: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12MPa

Basic hydraulic system

Pump type: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------gearoil pump

System output:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------135 L/min

System pressure:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.35MPa


The cab with adjustable seat features low noiseand wide visible range and contains electrical fan.

The different kinds of cabs as follow can be chosen:

1. Cab with air-conditioner

2. Cab with Rops canopy

3. Rops.  

Service refill

Fill location                                                            Capacity(L)

Radiator and diesel engine water:-----------------------------------------------------------------------60

Lubricating system of diesel engine Oil:---------------------------------------------------------------27.5

Flywheel house, Torque converter  ,

Transmission, bevel gear case  Oil:----------------------------------------------------------------------95

Final drive(each side)  Oil:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------24

Implement hydraulic system  Oil:------------------------------------------------------------------------85

Fuel tank Oil: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------230

Track roller, carrier roller, front idler(each) Oil:------------------------------------------------------0.35

Blade specifications


Width --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3297 mm

Height--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1170 mm

Max digging depth:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------420mm

Max. ground clearance:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------852mm

Tilting angle:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.5°

Blade capacity:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.5m3

Ripper specifications

Number of shank :-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------three

Length :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1580mm

Width :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2020mm

Max. Penetration depth : -------------------------------------------------------------------------550mm

Max. Lifting height : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------510mm

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Q:How do you get to be a bulldozer driver?
i have no idea how to do it for like a living but when i was in construction i got to drive one! i asked my boss if i could but he said for only one day or he could get fired since i did not have a license! it was one of the coolest things i ever did! (except for when i went on a space ship to pluto with a bunny and a gnome!)
Q:What is the best method of vandalizing a bulldozer?
Farmland not so bad, but I see your problem. Are they even harvesting any of the trees or are they the type to just push them in a pile and leave them. What you really need to do is read Edward Abby. Oh I also think the so called 'patriot act' will try you as an Eco-terrorist even if your just thinking about it.
Q:The Best Gaming Processor?
People claiming the Bulldozer or even the 990X are better than the i5 2500k for gaming need to shut up and leave. They are utterly clueless. Bulldozer gets slapped silly by the i5 2500k in gaming benchmarks and the 990X is pointless overkill as a bunch of cores go unused, making it slower than an i5 2500k in gaming. Do you boobs even know what a benchmark is?
Q:What word[s] could mean this-Someone who gets satisfaction by putting another person down?
sadist, bully, jerk, etc.
Q:what rhymes with decomposers?
reeking hosers...ehhhhh..
Q:Easiest way to clear abandoned cars on a roadway?
bulldozer or semi tractor
Q:Do AMD motherboards still need BIOS update to run Bulldozer cpu's?
That okorder.com/
Q:What is the difference between a crawler plate and a bulldozer?
The crawler plate of the excavator is flat on the surface of the earth, because the main function of the crawler of the excavator is translation and support
Q:why is it so hard to find this pc game?
Top okorder.com/ I've narrowed it down to these two CDs. One is just called "COSMI" and the other is "Top 50 Blazing Games." Unfortunately, they're not compatible with my 64 bit OS system so I can't install it. In order to try to see if it is actually from these two CDs, I'm going to have to revive my older OS computer. The thing is I don't want to open my Windows 98 PC up and put in a power supply. If you find out what game it is, please contact me.
Q:How do i start a bulldozer John Deere 450d.?
If it were yours, you'd know how ... leave it alone. .

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