Wheel Loader LW300K

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China Main Port
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1000 Units per Month unit/month
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Product Description:

Rated load 3000  kg

Tipping load  100 KN

Bucket capacity 1.8 m3

Bucket width 3000  mm

Capacity lifting time  ≤6  s

Total hydraulic cycle time ≤11  s

Max.breakout force 130  KN

Max.tractive effort 160±5  KN

Machine weight 10.5  T

Articulation angle ±35° 

Dimension: 7250×2580×3290mm

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Backhoe loaders are used a lot in the construction excavation industry. This includes utilities of course, though you see them most on home building, maintenance, and demolition sites. Because of their small size and versatility, they're used for digging holes, transporting materials equipment, breaking asphalt, and even paving roads. A backhoe is the most common variation of the farm tractor, with a loader assembly on the front and a backhoe attachment on the back. It is also easier to operate than other similar machines.
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Q:Is it true that we can now play iso games with the Prometheus ISO Loader for 6.20 TN-A HEN?Is it advisable to upgrade my psp 3000 5.50 to 6.20?
If your PSP is in a Custom Firmware 5.50 (5.50 GEN / Prometheus), I suggest you stick with that firmware. But if your PSP is in an Official Frimware 5.50, then I suggest you update yours to 6.20 and then install 6.20 TN-(HEN) A. That way, you could play your backup UMD games in case your UMD reader fail. And yes, I've already tried running Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in Prometheus ISO Loader --- it worked.
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Q:Liu gong wheel loader 856
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i think you have to edit /etc/rc.d/ from there you hve to remove the sh loader.
Q:I have a muzzel loader its old and has no manurfacturing stamp at all . It has a 32 inch barrel and its hexagon.also has a long range sight with a barrel front sight. The hammer is underneath next to the trigger guard. I would like to know who makes it and any other info if possible
It okorder .
Q:I was wondering what to do if I have a small load of laundry. There are no settings for small, med. or large loads. What to do?? I usually pack it super full, but sometimes I have a small load that needs washing..... Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks
Front loaders are smart! They automatically add the amount of water needed depending on the weight of the clothes inside. Just make sure you don't add to much detergent or you'll have too many suds. I've used front loaders all my life (no kidding, my mom used them, she was way ahead of her time!) and the new ones have the feature with the auto-water level.
Q:What do you mean by the R L of the loader's steering machine?
Wheel loader English abbreviation, generally speaking, loader number is composed of three sets of symbols:1, the first group is the first English letter, general said the manufacturer or product models, such as ZL wheel loader, LG on behalf of lonking or job, FL on behalf of Futian leiwo, X (G) on behalf of the Xiamen, CG as the representative, is the abbreviation of the name of the manufacturer.2, second groups of numbers, usually 3 bits, such as 936855853 and so on, the general is the first manufacturer of his own name, not what the actual significance, second general models such as the tonnage of 3 tons, 5 tons, third general technical platform manufacturers, generally refers to the wheelbase, configuration and so on. If it is two, for example, 3050, directly represent the product tonnage.3, some manufacturers in the digital behind there is a letter or Greek letters, such as LL956F, ZL50C, ZL50- II is also the platform or product for the first few generations mean.
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