Wheel loader LTMA LT956

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Model 型号LT958
Operating weight操作质量17,100 kg
Rated load 额定荷载5,000 kg
Bucket capacity 铲斗体积3 m³
Engine model发动机型号WEICHAI WD10G220E23
Rated power 额定功率162KW
Rated rotate speed额定转速2000r/min
Max. torque最大扭矩≥745.3N.m
Breakout force 崛起力145KN
Driving speed行驶速度
Forward Ⅰ前进一档0-11.5km/h
Forward Ⅱ 前进二档0-38km/h
Reverse Ⅰ 后退一档0-16km/h
Grade ability 爬坡能力28°
Overall length 全长7950mm
Overall width 全宽2870mm
Overall height 全高3500mm
Bucket width 斗宽3000mm
Wheel base 轴距3300mm
Track base 轮距2260mm
Min. ground clearance
Max. dumping height
Max.dumping reach
Hydraulic Torque converter
Single stage,4elements
Raise time提升时间≤6.8s
Total 三项和≤12.5s
Tire type 轮胎23.5-25   20PR

1). Reliable operation: 17.5 ton operation weight ensure thatthe machine could adapt to various tough condition. With the longwheelbase of 3300mm and long machine body of 7950mm, the machine is ahead inthe industry in terms of the operation reliability.

2).Powerful engine: China Weichai low RPM speed Engine, strong power, energy conservation andenvironmental protection. Cummins engine, Steyr engine, Shangchai engine isoptional.

3).Customizing design: Quick hitch for special needs such as thelog grapple, block fork, snow blade, jackhammerenlarged bucket and teeth etc. Maximum dumping height can be 4.5 meters.

4). Novel appearance and humanized design: Cabin with broad view, large space andnoise-isolation and vibration absorber meets all kinds of operation. Single -handle pilot control system,electronic control gearshift to ensure easy operation and more comfortable. Exclusivedust-proof layer and sealed articulated points make the loader moredurable.  ROPS/FOPS cab is optional.

5).Hydraulic systems: To adopt confluence of dual-pumpconfluence and diffluence technology, rational use of engine power, reduceenergy consumption effectively.

6).Optional accessories: There are some accessories could be chosenby users ,such as Joystick, air-conditioner, tire chain, special tire , Hangchi-ZFtransmission.  

1). Quality: With CE and ISO certificate,  10 km away from the XiamenPort, China, 14 years' manufacture's  experience specially in loader. LTMAhave the customers covers more than 30 districts and zones in the world.

2) Competitive price and service: we manufacturer’s products are directly supply the after-saleservice to our customers| agents, and exported to buyers without the tradingcompany in China

3). Customizing and Optional accessories:There are some accessories could be chosen by users ,such asengine, transmission,floating forks ,marble slab carrier ,manure fork and grab,bucket ,fixed platform etc.we can customzing the machines specially for yourrequirement.

After-sale service

We manufacturers,(LTMA) always treat theafter-sale service more important  thanslae. Nowadays more than 10 agents around the world can supply LTMAprofessional after-sale service.

All the products of LTMA supplied with one year or2000 workling hours (whichoccurs first) period quality warranty.

Detail clauses and policies please see to our website andproduct’s quality certificate.

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Q:what muzzle loader is the best to by?
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Q:What are the four components of the hydraulic system of the loader's work unit?
I tell you, what is the hydraulic system, strictly speaking a complete hydraulic system is composed of 5 parts, first, dynamic components, (he refers to the pump and the motor), second actuators (he refers to the hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic motor, the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor to the pressure of the liquid is converted into mechanical energy),
Q:i cant run windows loader in my msi laptop, when i run windows loader my windows will go to error, any solutio?
You have a bunch of crap on your computer that was probably downloaded into the system when you purchased it. If you go to Best Buy the Geek Squad desk there sells a program that can take it all out, or they can do it for you. As far as spyware stuff or security I have AVG it's free you can download it online, and I haven't had any problems with it.
Q:Top Loader vs Front Loader Washer?
Speed Queen is still a great top loader, and about the only good one left. All those with the stubby agitators are hugely disappointing, to all I know , who have them. Of the front loaders, I like Frigidaire and White-Westinghouse, they're from the same parent company and are basically the same machine. Also. the Whirlpool family, which include, Amana, Maytag, Kitchenaide, Roper, and Jen-Air, Which are the same machine, underneath the badges, are ok too. But keep it simple when going for a front loader. All this, steam clean, timer delay, 13 wash cycles,etc.etc. is just more unnecessary options, which boils down to, more things that can break down. If you can find one without a digital control board, would be a plus. Good Luck.
Q:what is the fastest paintball loader?
The Odyssey Halo B Loader with Victory Board is probably one of the fastest reliable loader. There are other loaders that claim more(and may peak higher), but the Halo is the most consistent.
Q:Usb loader gx not working properly?
The problem with fiddling is that nobody, including you, knows what state your Wii is in. Your best bet is to standardise your softmod so we know what we're dealing with: 1. Grab a copy of ModMii 2. Go to Download page 2 by entering 2 then enter wm to add WiiMod to the download queue and flow to add Wiiflow (or another loader if you prefer, Wiiflow is probably the best looking but an update to USBLoader GX is also available in the same menu). 2b. Optional download: On the same screen type USBX if you want a channel for launching your loader (bypass the homebrew channel). Install the wad it creates along when you install the cIOS wads below. 3. Go to Download page 4 (type 4) then enter rec to add the recommended cIOS's to the download queue 4. Enter D to go to the download queue and follow the instructions. ModMii will generate a folder called COPY_TO_SD - so copy the contents to your SD card 5. From the homebrew channel, launch WiiMod and install the cIOS files (you might have to delete the existing IOS in those slots: IOS202/222/223/224/249 and 250 if your Wii was updated via Nintendo update). 6. Try Wiiflow from the Homebrew channel (or the forwarder channel if you installed it). ... If it still doesn't work after that, your copy of the game is corrupt.
Q:Breech Loader and its effects. History people who know there weps help me!?
An advantage of the breech loader that's not mentioned so often is that a soldier doesn't need to stand up to reload, so that firing from a prone position becomes practical. This allowed a change of tactics.
Q:how to configure boot loader for 3 OS?
install in order from oldest to newest.
Q:is a back round check required to buy a muzzle loader in ohio?
In NY which is one of the more restrictive states, you can buy them off an open rack at Walmart and not even give them your name. This is true for both pistols and rifles. The only restriction on sales in NY is that you can't mail order them. (Who knows why. The NY assembly just passes random laws.) They are not considered firearms in NY. I doubt that Ohio has any restrictions on them at all. (There is a restriction however, on owning a pistol, powder, ball, and caps without a pistol permit. The gun is alright by itself, it only become a firearm in NY if you also have the means to load it. Another random law)
Q:Is it okay to use front loader washing machine detergent for a top-loader machine?
The only thing i can think of that would be a problem would maybe if you were adding bleach or something, then it would be getting dumped straight on the clothes. Or maybe front loading detergent is stronger and wont get diluted before reaching clothes as it would if you put it in the top? I doubt it though.

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