wheel loader LTMA 3 ton front end loader

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Product Description:

Operating  weight
10,400 kg
Rated load
3,000 kg
Bucket capacity
Engine model
Deutz WP6G125E22
Rated engine power
Rated rotate speed
Maximum torque
Breakout force
Driving speed

Forward Ⅰ前进一档0-8km/h
Forward Ⅱ前进二档0-13.5km/h
Forward Ⅲ 前进三档0-25km/h
Forward IV 前进四档0-36km/h
Reverse Ⅰ后退一档0-9.5km/h
Reverse Ⅱ后退二档0-30km/h
Grade ability
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Wheel base 轴距2850mm
Track base 轮距1800mm
Minimum ground clearance 最小离地间隙450mm
Maximum dumping height 最大卸载高度3400mm
Maximum dumping reach 最大卸载距离1290mm
Raise time 提升时间≤6.8s
Total 三项和≤12.5s
Fuel Tank
Tyre type 轮胎17.5-25

Quick hitch for specialneeds such as the log grapple, block fork, snow blade, grass forkenlarged bucket and teeth etc.

Powerful Weichai-Deutz Deutz WP6G125E22 92KW Engine, low RPMspeed Engine, strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection.DF-Cummins engine, Steyr engine, Shangchai engine is optional.  To adopt confluence of dual-pump confluence anddiffluence technology, rational use of engine power, reduce energy consumptioneffectively. Independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling improve thehydraulic system stability.


The maximum dumping height is3400mm. Articulated frame with small turning radius makes the wheel loader flexibleand convenient to operate.

The single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism working device has large breakout force due to the optimization design.

Safe operation

Four wheel double-linecaliper disc braking system with a gas container in the back to guarantee amore safety and reliable operation. ROPS/FOPS cab is optional.

Comfortable to drive:

l  Cab with broad view, noise-isolation andvibration absorber meets all kinds of operation, whichcan be dismantled for Large space. Radiowith MP3 function and speaker,the joystick control system(Optional) ensure easyoperation and more comfortable.

l  The coaxes flow-amplified, hydraulic compensatedsteering system makes operation easy and performance reliable.

Reliability and Durable

l  Chinese famousBrand Yunyu axle features larger carrying capacity and can forbid the oil leakefficiency, high reliability and convenient maintenance.

l  All the steelplates are thickened increases the total weight of the machine.

l  The enteringarrangement of overlapped front and rear wheel tracks during the turning, whichcan effectively prolong the working lifetime of the tires.

l  Exclusivedust-proof layer, sealed articulated points make the loader more durable.

1). Quality: With CE and ISO certificate,  10 km away from the XiamenPort, China, 14 years' manufacture's  experience specially in loader. LTMAhave the customers covers more than 30 districts and zones in the world.

2) Competitive price and service: we manufacturer’s products are directly supply the after-saleservice to our customers| agents, and exported to buyers without the tradingcompany in China

3). Customizing and Optional accessories:There are some accessories could be chosen by users ,such asengine, transmission,floating forks ,marble slab carrier ,manure fork and grab,bucket ,fixed platform etc.we can customzing the machines specially for yourrequirement.

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Q:About front loader washers?
The detergent has to be HE because they've removed the phosphates...Phosphates make the water suds but also adds a lot of pollution to our waterways... Fabric softener doesn't suds so you can use whatever you were using before.. I hope your salesperson told you that because a front load uses 1/3 the water, you only need to use 1/3 the detergent, fabric softener etc...See how front loaders are helping our environment ?
Q:30 and 50 loaders, 8 hours a day, and their oil, earthwork, long-term work, long working hours in a car, about how much money, monthly
30 according to the workload of 8 hours a day, oil and drivers 1300 yuan, 50 yuan per day, 2000, long-term concessions, but not much.
Q:Is the capacity of a front load washer really all that much more than that of a typical top loader?
i have had a the front loader (Maytag Neptune) for approximately 8 years and that i love it for all of those motives: a million. larger skill--no agitator to take up load area; 2. more desirable effective cleansing (in spite of previous solutions--my husband is a chippie, and this gadget receives his clothing very sparkling); 3. Water conservation; 4. cleansing soap conservation (this gadget needs in undemanding words about a million/4 of the detergent a the front loader needs); 5. Spinning--this gadget receives more desirable water out of the garments, so they require a lot less time interior the dryer--it really is yet another ability saver. sure, the front loader spins like a monster, so placed it on a sturdy floor floor. The seal has never lengthy previous undesirable, nor has it developed mould (and no, i do not shop it open). The strains do no longer clog, and so on. I rather have 2 teenage boys, so i have been doing a range of of laundry in the time of my 8 years, and that i think the front loader has been a good fee and time saver.
Q:How comes shockwave wont work on my habbo retro loader?
Re download shock wave
Q:Is there a safe way to wash clothes with baking soda in a front loader washer??
First off...run your front loader with baking soda in it...put in the clothes area...one teaspoon should do it, no soap!...this is to make sure the washer doesn't have the smell...then wash your towels with about a teaspoon of baking soda in the washer with the towels...are you using HE washing detergent?? High efficancy detergent is made for front loaders...if your not, that is what you need to use to prevent the smell in a front loader also. Anyhow after you wash them with the baking soda, wash them again with soap like you normally would. If you don't yet have the he soap then use half the amount as you would in a top loader.
Q:why does the government keep supporting free loaders?
How many people do you know that have done a degree in Liposuction through the ages or indeed media studies? Personally most of the people I know who have done degrees have done it in law, medicine business, sociology or something similar. One has a degree in sports science and help athletes some of which will compete in the olympics. Another has a degree it in engineering and works in domestic building projects. Most of the people I know did get free university education or one that was part funded by society, most of all of us have said it would be difficult to justify £40,000 debt to get our degrees and more importantly without exception all of us have said we cannot justify encouraging our children to take on this debt. Now most of us are what you would call middle class, and many of us will set up college funds for our younger children and save to take the burden from our children. But those with 15, 16, 17 year old child do not have the time to save enough to do that and are having very difficult conversations with their children about the different alternatives. So please do not lecture us that we should support a government that wants to take away opportunities for our children. Nobody is suggesting a return to free education, that is not possible, desirable or affordable, but if society wants to benefit from graduates then society needs to assist in funding their education. Reducing the amount of university places which this system will do is close universities, reduce places which in return will reserve places for those children who get the highest grades at A level, most of which will come from the elite private education facilities reserving university education to those with parents able and willing to fund private education for their children. In the meantime as a society we will see reduced numbers of indigenous doctors, teachers, scientists, solicitors, engineers and wealth creators of the future.
Q:what is loaders and linkers?
solomon.ipv6.club.tw/Course/SP.94... Hope this helps :)
Q:how to acces windows boot loader from linux?
which boot loader is it? windows or linux (the one which loads the os selection) and losing the root password doesn't gives you too much option but reinstallation, but there are some hacks i came across, i'll try to figure them out, just let me know the answer to my query. i'll wait.
Q:50 is the price of the loader 50?
The price is acceptable, although low, but never mind, if it is time to buy the dragon is about 260 thousand, just three years back, depreciation is not very powerful, I have this car for five years, now is not what big problems, if not live tired, three years after that, you will have to sell a one hundred thousand or so, go do it, as long as the money hold on the line, slowly after the contact is good to live!
Q:Consult bucket width of loader
bucket capacity is 1.7 cubic meters and 3 cubic meters, and some are special operations, there are also a little different.

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