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China main port
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1 unit
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100 unit/month

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Product Description:

1. Optimally designed work equipment, single rocker reverse structure. Greater breakout force and higher productivity.

2. Automatic bucket leveling system and lower labor intensity accodrdingly.

3. Strong power, energy saving and enviromental protection.

4. Full hydraulic steering system ensures nimble controlling.

5. Rotatable fuel tank, more convenient to maintain.

6. New type cab is featured with big eye shot, isolation of heat and sound.

7. The middle hinge point reduces sideslip and attrition of tires, enhances the machine stability.

8. Rotatable fuel tank, more convenient to maintain.



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Standard Specification:
ShangChai C6121 Engine, Strengthened fixed-shaft transmission, Strengthened 60 loader axle, joystick.

Model TML966
Bucket Capacity3.3-5
Rated Loadt6±5%
Operating Weightt≤20
Dimension(LxWxH)mm8400x 3030x 3490
Wheel Basemm3350
Tread Widthmm2250
Min. Ground Clearancemm450
Max. Dumping Heightmm≤3290
Max. Dumping Reachmm≤1230
Lifting Time of the Arms≤5.50
Total Cyclings≤10.70
Traveling speed
Forward Gear Ikm/h8
Forward Gear IIkm/h13.5
Forward Gear IIIkm/h25.5
Forward Gear IVkm/h33.5
Max Climbing Gradient30°
Rated Powerkw175
Rated Speedr/min2200
Tires Type26.5- 25- 20PR


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The job is terrible. They tell you that you are going to be helping people load and be on a register but they will make you pull carts in the heat for 8 hours a day. When you get off of work you are so drained that you don't want to do anything else. I applied for other positions as well and I had GREAT experience in management and wanted a little retail job while I went to school but its not worth it because I am too tired to study when I get off. Didn't matter that my experience was superior to the people they let stand around all day on a register or in their departments. I told them I am not in the best of shape and it wears me out but it seemed like when I told them that they put me less and less on a register and made me push more and more carts. Rude management. Enjoy the weekends because the carts will disapear even faster than you can stock them. You will want to shoot your self working as a loader for lowes. Very deceiving people. Was never told my MAIN job would be cart pushing and it turns out I do that more than I load or work register. Joke company.
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I am not interested in being a lead loader but you might be.
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Just watch the video posted by Brian B. It worked for me.

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