2015 Wood grapple loader CE approved New Log loader for sale LT958J

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LT958 log loader

LT958 log wheel loader

Operating weight17,100 kg
Rated load 6,000-10,000 kg
Engine modelWEICHAI WD10G220E23
Rated power 162KW
Rated rotate speed2000r/min
Max. torque≥745.3N.m
Breakout force 145KN
Driving speed
Forward Ⅰ0-11.5km/h
Forward Ⅱ 0-38km/h
Reverse Ⅰ 0-16km/h
Grade ability 28°
Overall length 7950mm
Overall width 2870mm
Overall height 3500mm
Bucket width 3000mm
Wheel base 3300mm
Track base 2260mm
Min. ground clearance
Max. dumping height
Max.dumping reach
Hydraulic Torque converter
Single stage,4elements
Raise time≤6.8s
Total ≤12.5s
Tire type 23.5-25

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Q:I have recently purchased a front loader washing machine and have noticed that some of the clothes still have cat hair on them when I get them out of the dryer ... does anyone know if agitator models clean better or front loaders ??
Front loaders do better, but I think maybe you're putting too many items in a load. Best wishes
Is it a tracked or wheeled loader? Are you trying to turn the loader in a different direction? Does it still have a steering wheel or levers?
Q:Buy a loader long-term rent to the site, no matter what (the driver wages / oil / maintenance / daily management regardless), 9000 dollars a month, a year to 10 months for money (winter cold can not work), long-term rent, at least 2 years. Can also be called annual rent, 90 thousand / year. In this way, it takes more than 3 years to get back to ben,Is the price high enough for people?How much is the car worth about three years from now? StopI'd like to ask, is this price all right?
The price of the 50 shovel is basically around 350 thousand. With 5 years, your shovel has basically been unable to use, long-term rent outside, no one will give you maintenance or careful use. Basically, 70 thousand a year. After 5 years, you can sell 100 thousand yuan, or lower.You're 9000 yuan a month. A day to 300 yuan.Do you know how the excavator doesn't count? Bring the driver to refuel for 100 yuan an hour. 8 hours a day is 800 yuan.The price is pretty much the same!!!
Q:they find it hard to believe clothes cant get clean with small amounts of water and they dont understand how it can do that, how it works??i mean theyre so popular in the UK europe so why do people think its weird??
They do work properly if used as instructed in the user manual. I have used both top loaders and front loaders and I find front loaders get the clothes cleaner and are much more gentle on them apart from being more economic in water and electricity to run. If things are not coming clean it is because they are on the wrong wash or the incorrect powder/dosage is used.
Q:I need to know the head torque.
hope this helps.. it's pdf and 2 pages
Q:HelloHow do I install ionCube PHP Loader on a dedicated server via ssh? A simple step by step instructions for someone who has never installed anything on his linux server before, would be great.
www.okorder /
Q:If any one can give me a really good answer on how to create a pre loader they will get 10 points. cutey_kira
ok. okorder write in the search preloader... it will show ya a full tutorial of how u make your own preloaders (u just need to search it a bit...)
Q:My friend asked me if he could. He doesn't want to take the chance of breaking my wii is it possible to run pal games off usb loader?
Of course, the USB Loader app will support any region.
Q:I'm just wondering what Free Loader is in Action Replay for Gamecube.
Since your gamecube is region locked, games from japan or other countries will not work. However, with the free loader option, this lets you play these games on your gamecube.
Q:Is a In-line muzzle loader considered a firearm in Texas
The way I read Texas law, antique or curio guns manufactured before 1899 and replicas thereof which do not use rim fire or center fire ammunition are not included in the definition of “firearm” as it is used in Texas Penal Code Title 10, Chapter 46, which governs weapons.

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