Three Ton Wheel Loader with cummins engine

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Rated Loading Capacity: 3 Type: Front Loader rated power: 92w

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 Excellent Performance:

The turbocharged, air-intercooled engine technology and patented dual-pump increase power output by 30%, reduces fuel consumption by 10% and improves reliability by 30%.

Based on standard machine configuration, XGMA offers the highest dumping height among the 3-ton loaders with the same wheel base in the industry.

The proprietary optimization technology offers a small turning radius, strong maneuverability, and high flexibility.

Rops/Fops Cab protects the operator from getting injured during and accident.

High Reliability

Upgraded & Enhanced front& back frames

Reinforced counterweight

Fully optimized layout of pipes

Waterproof connectors

Improved painting process

High Efficiency and Energy Conservation

Patented dual-pump confluence and influence technology

Standard models provide the highest dumping height

Small turning radius

Green, turbocharged, intercooled engine


Complete safety signs

Optional Rops/Fops Cab

Flame retardant materials and Eu-certified glass are used in the cab, offering higher safety.

Comfortable operation

Ergonomic design for more comfortable operation

Large space in the H-series cab

The low-noise and shock-absorbing cab

Electronic oil level indicator comes as standard

Optional models with adjustable directions.

Three Ton Wheel Loader with cummins engine

Three Ton Wheel Loader with cummins engine

Three Ton Wheel Loader with cummins engine


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Q:Which do you think is better??? Front or top loader washing machine?
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A front-loader usually uses 75% of the detergent that a top loader uses.
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Q:Loader management system
6, to improve the quality of service, customers, drivers should be kind, polite expressions, not rude, insult, abuse, if the customer reflects more than two times, a fine of 50 yuan, twice calculated by the times.7, forklift truck shall not be free access to the scene, such as the necessary access, and must be approved by the factory leader, otherwise, each access 50-100 yuan each fine8, the vehicle staff should strengthen unity and cooperation, good relations between colleagues and brothers units, and jointly complete the task of production, production safety work.9, forklift work and work outside the time may not borrow, or in addition to forklift drivers outside the vehicle. The master apprentice must have the guardianship in operation.
Q:The role of Loaders
More, can the earthwork and stonework, coal, slag, coal, ore, general construction waste loading and so on. 1, the general cargo yard loading 2, leveling the site 3, inverted side operations. 4, do traction in special circumstances. Hope to be of some help to you
Q:Feathers stuck in washing machine (front loader) to remove?
I'm surprised this is not in your operating manual. I'm afraid that washer is going to have to be taken apart. The only other thing I can think of is to keep running it empty but if you have a septic tank, you may be looking at big problems with it if the feathers stop it up ( $ thousands). Given the compexity of the front loaders, bite the bullet and call a repair man.
Q:What certificates do you need for the loader and where will it be handled?
Loaders are special equipment, the operation must be held: special operations permit, the certificate in the local production safety supervision and administration bureau.Under 18 years of age, you can not bid for special operations permit. According to the regulations of the State Administration of work safety on the training and assessment of special personnel safety (safety supervision pipe No. [2002]124), the special operations permit shall be reviewed every 2 years. This card can basically be used on the road. In some places, loaders require driving licenses. Wheel loaders are M items in the driver's license. As long as the driver's license contains M items, they can drive on the road. Specific depends on the provisions of various places.Operation procedures of operation certificate for special operations in People's Republic of China:1, the applicant related materials to the county government service center, the County Safety Supervision Bureau window registration, fill in "special operations safety technology training examination application form";2, participate in special operations safety technical training;3, after examination, 30 working days to pass the examination proved to the county government center County Safety Supervision Bureau window to receive the "special operations" of People's Republic of China operation certificate; not qualified, notify the unit or oneself.For operating permits required materials:1, personal identification cards and photocopies of two copies, bareheaded inch photos;2. Certificate of education;3. Proof of health;4 、 certificate of training and assessment.Review: "special operations People's Republic of China operating license" every two years to review, review procedures: the holder to the original operating license, identity card and a copy of two, to enroll in the training assessment, with the rest of the program.Organization: local safety supervision and Administration Bureau of work safety

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