Wheel Loader with 2.3 Cubic Capacity CG946G

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Product Description:

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Brand Name:


Model Number:



Front Loader

Moving Type:

Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):

7470x2540x3340 mm

Rated Load:

4000 kg




12 month after delivery


Short working cycle time 
Steering flow amplification system, Wet axle 
Backward opening hood. 
Bucket: 2.3m3, Load: 4 ton

1. The 946G wheel loader has short working cycle time, and achieves high efficiency.
2. With the steering flow amplification system, the wheel loader requires small operating force and has flexible steering.
3. The machine also uses the sound-performance working device, to enhance the digging force, lengthen the dumping reach and improve the operation capacity.
4. Using the wet drive axle with reliable performance, the wheel loader can work under various operation conditions.
5. The streamlined instrument desk facilities operators to see the instrument panel.
6. The machine adopts the high-strength wear-resisting blade for bucket, and then the loader's wearing resistance is improved by 3 times. The machine is also durable.
7. The machine employs the wear-resisting welded-type bucket tooth that is made by using new materials and technology.
8. The wheel loader is also equipped with the backward opening hood, and is easy to maintain.
Main specification:
Rated bucket capacity: 2.3 cubic meter
Rated load capacity: 4 ton
Operating weight: 13200kg
Dumping height: 2895mm
Dumping distance: 1000mm
Wheelbase: 2900mm
Wheeltread: 2020mm
Rated engine power: 128kw/2200RPM

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Q:I have recently purchased a front loader I am concerned that it is causing my soft towels to become tufted hard. I have now changed wash powder to omo matic as told by the manufacturer I still use a little conditioner as before. I have not had this problem with my top loader using several other powders.
I got a front loader and put one and one half capfuls of liquid softener in the appropriate compartment( which isn't much) and then I use one half (or reuse) a fabric softener sheet in the dryer. Now my towels come out great. Otherwise I had to use more liquid than the manufacturer called for.
Q:i am really confused between the two. Any suggestions would help. I want Choices based on Level of FREEZING, not anything else like design, gameplay, etc... Which freezes and hangs less? If you know any other loader, please tell me.Thanks
i use usb loader....as above works well...recomended...havent had a game that wont run yet...all backups of my original games i own...
Q:we get alot of wii games I was just wondering if it can gamecube games as well, I really want to play MGS Twin Snakes!
I'm afraid that Wii Loader GX doesn't support Gamecube images... Other USB loaders might, but there'll likely be issues with it. HOWEVER, please be aware that it does require you to modify more Wii internal files, like mIOS (which is the IOS used SPECIFICALLY for the Gamecube games) the Wii tends to disable non-Gamecube components, so you'll likely get less than desirable results if you look at things.
Q:version4.1 model mc jailbreak greenpois0n rc5 loader is not opening
On the iPod touch 1g and 2g with iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1, there have been many times where Greenpois0n has failed to jailbreak and resulted in an iBrick (the famous expensive paperweight). And, when it actually does work, Loader refuses to open or download Cydia. When this happens, the device becomes extremely slow, so slow that you can even make it go to sleep easily. These problems are usually caused be an overload in your iPod's data. To fix this, I would recommend that you either clear up your device's memory or restore it, so you have a clean space for the jailbreak. Also, although I'm not a big fan of this, you could also try to rejailbreak it with Black ra1n. Not sure it'll work though.
Q:well, i've managed to get my hands on one but i don't quite see how it works.
It works great,you must have your hands on a plastic version,which is more suitable than the metal army version,just loaded it and tap it against your hand palm,this will align the ammo.
Q:I want to get a Smart Parts SP-1 with the intent of using it as a turret in woodsball/scenario ball. What kind of loader should I get for it? Keep in mind that I don't want to break the bank but I guess I might have to.
every one has differnt opion if u go on youtube look up techpb guy called mike started it all he like pbnation but better any ways he has a few loader vs loader which is better which is good i like the rotor holds aroun 180 feeds up to 40+ balls but some ming like the ponoico ( misspelled ) if u go look him up it mikes favorit loader holds 200 or 400 paintballs
Q:Small game truck loader 4, fifth pass how to pass?
The truck on the box marked with arrow fell explosive painting with lightning pattern on the plate will be broken up, small trucks can enter the bottom, then suck out the box into the room, waiting for the lifting plate bottom will take you up, put the box into the truck can.
Q:is this loader good for the spyder ts? im asking cuz im getting it. i am getting it for free. but i want to hear opinions
It is a decent loader, but nowadays you can get better loaders for about the same price. I used to use one, but it isn't very good at tournament level (lol). When i had it it did what it is supposed to do, and for what you will probably be using it for it should be perfect.
Q:Have a Cammenga easy loader and it will not load over one round. Do you have to used a stripper clip with this loader to make the rounds feed into the magazine? 7.62x39 AK Has some one has had the same problem out there.
I've never heard of the Cammenga Easy Loader, but it has been my experience over the years that most of Mag quick loaders suck and I can load my mags faster by hand. My advice is carry more than one mag. If you can't accomplish your objective with two or three 30 round mags, it's time to call in for backup.
Q:10 points to best answer!
Okay, perhaps I didn't explain well enough. Here's how things work: Languages such as C provide a standard library that lets you deal with files. Suppose you want to write to a file. What this standard library actually does is ask the operating system to write to that file. The operating system will ask the file system driver for that particular volume to handle the operation. The file system driver interprets a map (a data structure specific to the file system - FAT is different from NTFS for instance) at the beginning of the volume which tells it where a file starts on the hard disk and where it ends (this is very simplified, mind you - it does not even take fragmentation into account) and then modifies it. Since you do not have such a driver, you cannot open a file. What you want to do is to interpret the map in order to know where to look on the hard disk for the actual file. Again, a file is nothing physical, it's just a human convention. This is similar to an old music tape; the stereo has no idea where a song begins and where it ends. You cannot ask the computer to open a file. What you need to look into is: a file system specification (I recommend FAT because it's one of the more simple ones) and BIOS services for reading sectors off the disk. It is uncommon for boot loaders to use storage drivers so they usually use the BIOS to read. The operating system however does not do the same. The BIOS services you care about are the conventional INT 13h functions and EDD (Enhanced Disk Drive) - virtually all modern computers support the latter so you might not care about the conventional functions anymore; it depends on what your goals are. PS: I have taken the liberty to assume that this is a PC-compatible machine with a BIOS firmware.

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