Mini excavators with 2 tons lifting capacity and yuchai engine

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Model Number: WY15

Condition: New

Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight: 1ton

Bucket capacity: 0.05m3

Maximum Digging Height: 3200mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 2100mm

Machine Weight: 1550kg

Max Digging Radius: 3530mm

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

We will send you a full set of weraing parts and tools with the machine freely.

We also will apply C/O(certificate of origin) freely for you, you may needn't pay for import tariff.

Optional attachments are a 300 mm, 900mm bucket and a breaker hammer.

We have 2 kind crawler, one is rubber crawler, the other one is steel crawler, but the price of them is same.

3 sets can be put into a 20' container.


Technical parameters


Total weight

1550 KG

Max. digging force


Bucket capacity

0.05 M3

Unit pressure of ground


Diesel engine


Type of pump

Gear pump

Rated power/speed


Setting pressure


Max. torque


Pump output


Traveling speed


Swing motor

Axial plunger +speed reduce

Swing speed


Traveling motor

Axial plunger +speed reduce

Grade ability


Hydraulic system


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Q:My neighbors are using my driveway to unload equipment into their backyard. The reason they are using my driveway is because their house blocks all of their backyard from the road so they are using my driveway to unload excavator and backhoe to dig up their backyard.My mom drove down the driveway this morning and they workers had their truck parked in our driveway. He moved it right away but I still think this is not very polite.I don't mind them using my driveway but no one has asked or said anything to me. I was wondering what I should do?I was thinking about making the owners sign a contract saying that they know they dont own the property that they are using but can use it as long as I say so.
Understand that your neighbor may not have told them that it was okay for your driveway to be used. I have had work done on my home in the past and you would not believe what the workers did without asking - everything from parking in my neighbor's driveway to using my neighbor's hose because it was more convenient to get to than mine. You should definitely have a talk with your neighbor. Heavy equipment like backhoes and excavators can damage your driveway. I would start the conversation by saying The men working on your house have been using my driveway to unload their heavy equipment. Would you please ask your contractor to speak with his men and tell them not to use my driveway. I am concerned about the risk of damage and don't want to take a chance that my driveway will be ruined. Thanks. I appreciate your help. That is exactly how my neighbor handled the situation and I was very appreciative that he let me know this was happening. I didn't know what the workers were doing because I was at work while the job was being done. I talked to my contractor and the problem was resolved. Good luck!
Q:hi,i would like to know if my 2 children and my wife would have a better life in france than the uk?i am a hgv driver/excavator operator and i am looking to life and work near to brittany??thanks
Unless you live in a war zone or some thing then life is how you make it.
Q:I am stuck in the beginning of the level on round 14 after using the teleporter to upgrade my gun. The excavators are blocking me from getting back to the biodome. Do I just have to wait it out? Also, if they go away with time, is it by round or an actual timer?
I believe it's time but they only leave at the end of a round.
Q:Paul found with Peter's bones:
NO okorder /
Q:it's currently -30 degrees out, brother in-laws who owns the machine is out of town and cannot find the plug to prewarm the engine,
On the 312c it has a 3064T cat engine that doesn't use a block heater. It uses a circulation heater which is usually installed either on a heater hose, or on the lower radiator hose. Check the hoses to see if there is a cylinder or a box with a plug on it. If it doesn't have one, they are available at most equipment or automotive stores. You would have to know the inside diameter of the hose when you go to purchase a lower rad hose model. If it's going in a heater hose, they are a standard 5/8. Hope this helps you. Keep warm! Rob
Q:I have some and i used it in my leopard geckos tank for over a year now. Is there any way to make it not as hard as cement so that my reptiles can actually burrow in it?
I think you should change the sand type. A fine grounded sand would probably work. You should check with a local pet store and see what they use just in case though.
Q:My house is right along a steep hill then 4 acres, the problem is I need a path to get there for my ATV's or tractor or bike, If i go straight up the hill i will probably flip my ATV and a tractor would not make it even half way straight up. Any suggestion or who to hire for the job?
Hire a local contractor with a small track dozer or one of the mini excavators.
Q:Is/are there specific formula/s?
If you wanted to calculate the volume with some accuracy, you would graph the shape of the bucket and using calculus, find the area under the curve(s). Then just multiply by the length of the bucket. Or a quick and dirty estimate would be to multiply the length by the average width times the height of product carried in the bucket. Or, using what I call the Thomas Edison method, ram the bucket into a big pile of sand, dump it out on a surface and shovel it all into buckets of known size. Add 'em all up and you've got your volume.
Q:Just looking for a good long list so I can organize an itemized bid to compare to the general contractor's base s.f. price. Be as inclusive as you can.Thanks guys.
An Architect/house plans Town Municipality for permits Excavator Septic system engineer, if need be Concrete/foundation person Mason, if need be House Framer/builder HVAC engineer Electrician Plumber Siding/Roofer Sheetrocker Floor layer (carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl) Finishing carpenter for trim work and door installation Painter Landscaper Concrete/ Paver/Stone layer for a Walkway and Driveway
Q:I live in a condo complex. Four years ago there was an irrigation problem in front of my unit because my sidewalk was uneven. When it rained water would collect and cover the sidewalk. The board members at the time decided to cut corners and rather than raise the sidewalk, they simply punched 2-3quot; diameter holes in the cement (12 of them in a span of 10-15 feet!)...and now...there is no dirt under the sidewalk and when we have a good rain, water runs out from underneath the sidewalk and there's a moderate sized 'stream' that flows toward my porch. This stream has eroded ALL the soil from in front of my porch and I've lost several bushes because of it and my porch bricks are crumbling from the water damage. What type of contractor do I call to break up the old sidewalk, fill in the missing dirt and build a new sidewalk? What type of contractor would have the knowledge to fix this? A general contractor? Concrete guys? Landscapers? Plumber/excavators? Please help...
Hello! okorder and what you are willing to pay and masonry contractors will bid to earn your business. Your contact details remain private. Good Luck!

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