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  • PVC SPC Flooring Rigid Core Eco-friendly Vinyl Flooring System 2
  • PVC SPC Flooring Rigid Core Eco-friendly Vinyl Flooring System 3
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PVC SPC Flooring Rigid Core Eco-friendly Vinyl Flooring

PVC SPC Flooring Rigid Core Eco-friendly Vinyl Flooring

Ref Price:
$4.00 - 12.00 / m² get latest price
Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
500 m²
Supply Capability:
3000000 m²/month

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PVC SPC interlocking flooring spc vinyl tiles with thickness 4mm 5mm 6mm

SPC vinyl is a luxury vinyl flooring option with a structurally rigid, 100% waterproof core. SPC is also known as rigid core vinyl, and we use these terms interchangeably. Rigid core engineered vinyl flooring is designed to look like wood or stone, but requires less upkeep. It's ideal for both home and commercial areas.

This flooring is: Durable, Waterproof, Perfect for DIY installation.


Q:Another laminate flooring question.I am laying this floor in a family room which has a total of 7 doorways. What is the best method of installing this kind of floor along(not through) doorways?
just keep in mind that laminate floats, so it needs to be able to move underneath the door jamb. when you say doorways, are there doors or just openings? if its an opening, then you can cover it with a baseboard. if its a door, then use a dremel cut off wheel to notch out a little of the jamb, and tuck the laminate just barely under the jamb, so there is a little hollow there but you cant see it. cover the ends with a transition or a reducing moulding (sold at hardware stores, depends on if the laminate is taller, shorter or the same as whats on the other side of the door)
Q:Please refer to the ceiling for the floor, or the floor, how does its ownership confirm?
Separate the adjacent part of the owner of the partition, beams, columns and floors, are adjacent to the owners of the total. Legal basis: "People's Republic of China Property Law" Experts recommend the development of property law supporting the law to avoid decoration disputes Separate walls, beams, columns and slabs of the exclusive part of the adjacent owners are part of the adjacent owners; ? 2 roof floors, floor flooring and The outer wall belongs to the inside side of the owner and other owners, the roof floor and the outer side of the external walls shared by all the owners, while other owners to use the pipeline, lines and other ancillary facilities, are related to the owners.
Q:Choose the solid wood floor to pay attention to what, after the completion of the pavement to pay attention to how to maintain the problem added: I looked at the answer, I choose from the fine factions, North, pavement for what I stare, after the general I pay attention to what, after all, is more solid wood
If the keel, then the wood keel to leveling, in the corner seams leaving 6 ~ 8mm of the seam, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction.
Q:Can jacking up a floor be used to create more living space or a whole new level between two existing floors? Is this possible when trying to add an extra floor to your house? Thanks.
Yes,..If they can't add on to the side of a house(cheaper strategy)..a house with floor joists and sills can be jacked-up,..or the roof can be removed,..and another floor built on top.. They can also Jack-up 8- 10 ft. A 4 bedroom brick house and slab,..along with the 2 car garage .. They dig tunnels under the house, and install hydraulic jacks system on Cribbing.. They form cinder block columns filled with cement and re-bar,..and wherever needed steel beams to reinforce the slab..Gulf Coast,..Hurricane Flood Zone.. edit...You can also jack up a house leaving the slab, and dismantling the bricks(replaced with siding)...The bolts holding the floor plates are cut..When the house is at the Desired height, floor joist and sills are slide in..The jacks are strategically placed not to interfere.
Q:I have a 9x12 room in my basement, with a concrete floor. The rest of the basement has carpet on 1 1/2 inch sub floor. I would like to bring up the floor in the 9x12 room up 1 1/2 inches and tile. What is the best way to go about this? Vapor Barrier? Solid concrete floor clean and level. In basement. New England weather. Basement is always heated as most of it is finished. Plan on using 3/8" slate or granite tiles
In the UK we would use a screed made up of sharp sand (gritty sand) and cement. As 1 1/2 inches is a little thin it would be best to add reinforcing fibers or a product called SBR to give added strength. Depending on how good you are at screeding you may need a self leveling compound over the top before tiling.
Q:We are redoing a house and all the flooring had to be ripped up because of animal smells& stains(this is a fore closer we bought hopefully to retire in)anyway dining rm has beautiful med dk hardwood on it, and it is open floor plan,thinking of cork for kitchen, any body used cork? how does it wear? difficulty in putting down? And how about linoleum, I have heard it has come along way since the 60s. Thanks for your time.
Cork is hypoallergenic as has a natural substance in it that makes it resistant to mold and insects. Cork is a sustainable environmentally friendly product and has a great appearance.I would phone a reputable flooring store and make sure you have someone that has experience install it. It is a personal preference of to what you choose, my friend loves her linoleum as she finds it so easy to care for. It looks like tile and I have seen people sitting at her table reach down and touch it. They have very realistic patterns. Hope this helps.
Q:Spent a lot of time to wipe the floor, but also wipe a lot of times, the result is still not so clean, how to get clean and not time-consuming it? Have sisters know? Support it! More
You can use the following two methods: 1, the use of vacuum cleaner regular cleaning we need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the wood floor. As the solid wood flooring easily damp the bacteria, so try to choose a filter vacuum cleaner, in addition to visible garbage, but also through the filter to filter out some harmful micro-parasites and so on. In order to avoid damage to the wood floor, we can also put a vacuum cleaner like a special wooden floor dust nozzle. Soft bristles and soft contact with the floor, plus rubber roller soft effect, the maximum degree of solid wood flooring to protect up! 2, wipes / mop wring dry wipe the solid wood flooring particularly afraid of the tide, in the second cleaning to remove the floor stains, when the wipes or mop as usual wring dry, like this gentle wipe. If you encounter grease, drinks and other floor stains, you can also use a cloth to dip the usual Taomi Shui, wring dry and then wipe, and soon let the floor clean and shiny up. At the same time, usually to develop good habits, pay attention to some small details of life: (1), usually at home on the floor when walking, to try to wear slippers, preferably barefoot; (2), to maintain the dryness of the room, To the hot and humid weather, you can open air conditioning or electric fan; (3), moving the furniture do not drag the floor surface, to avoid scratching the floor. Supplementary information: Of course, in order to extend the life of the floor paint, the annual wax on the floor is also absolutely no less steps! Before waxing, we first wipe the floor clean; then, evenly coated on the floor surface of a layer of floor wax, until the floor wax after a little dry, wipe with a dry cloth on it.
Q:I bought a house n the garage floor was painted blue but its has alot of chip spot like its peeling off. How do. I take it off if I want to re painted?/?/?/?
Honey all you have to do is get a few gallons of floor paint. It is oil based enamel and you can get colors like Battleship Gray, Light Gray, etc. and it doesn't cost alot. Any hardware store carries it and the cheapest prices on it I have ever seen has been Big Lots and Walmart. Paint right over it with a paint roller and paint tray. What you could do to prep the floor is get a good, strong bristle floor broom and sweep it really good to help get those chipped spots loose and away from that area.
Q:I want to install a floating cork flooring but I have read the floating floor is not advise for the bathroom. Any advice.
Cork flooring is very cool looking. I'm not sure about the FLOATING cork floor but I know that the self stick cork tiles(12x12x3/16) are very durable and work well in a bathroom. This would need luan underlayment and would obviously not last as long as ceramic tile. I think it would be a viable alternative to a cheap ugly vinly flooring. My friend is an architect and he has had it in his bathroom and kitchen for 7 years now. Still looks great!
Q:If so have you made it on every floor?and whats on every floor?Is it freaky?
Ive been to the 13th floor haunted house. most people dnt think its real but dats a rumor 2. it is located in dallas by spur 408 gioin to frwy 20 the exit is grady niblo. this is an old building said to be haunted for over 40 years and you go in in a group of five but in order to get ur money back you have to get to the 13th floor. the reason its scary is bcuz u get seperated from your group in order to get ur prize. the cost is 50 dollars but not everybody makes it because it is really haunted you hear people crying and things be fallin and its real fuking dark

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