Carbon steel sticks alpenstock ; Sticks ; mountaineering sticks

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Introduction to fold edit this paragraph
Current activities generally use climbing through three adjustment type sticks, aluminum/titanium alloy strut, carbon tungsten steel tip, according to the design of the palm of your hand hand pad, and a quick disassembling snow circle;Senior sticks to suspension, also has the burden of slow arm!
Structure folding edit this paragraph
His hands folded
Usually with a rubber, cork, plastic and foam materials, such as in general the former two material of grasping feel more comfortable, but also more expensive.Some sticks his hand with the strut is 15 degrees, it is derived from the design of poles, easier to resist when downhill braking effect on the ground, but in the uphill or walking on the ground is not easy to resist the ground, must be very skilled sticks use skills to habit;Therefore not suitable for beginners or only used in the ground to walk.
Wrist strap folde
This is the ost part, to consider when buying sticks because of sticks and user body strength each other mainly by wristbands, therefore should consider wristband material durability, softness, comfort and width, can adjust the strap length should be to facilitate the activities of the wrist, had better choose no wrist strap buckle;As with buckles, must try to make sure will not affect the activity of wrist or hand.
The strut folding
The strut of the materials are usually steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy;The lightest weight of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, the lighter weight, the more expensive.
spension folding
Suspension system is in the sticks with spring inside, can according to need to cushion the impact, price is no suspension sticks expensive;There is a kind of sticks can turn off the suspension, the price is more expensive.But there is the suspension is not very good?Why turn it off
According to the correct way of using uphill use sticks push back, using sticks and on your way down the leg body downward impact strength at the same time, the suspension system is needed to mitigate impact;But uphill suspension will cut back thrust, that is to use greater thrust can achieve the same effect with general sticks, therefore become unnecessary suspension device at this time.
Ski circle fold
Ski circle can prevent sticks was stuck in the mud, but climbing through many environment of thorn bushes, ski circle can interfere with the action instead of convenience, so attention should be paid to ski circle can quickly tear open outfit, don't bother.
The rod tip folding
Materials such as rubber head, iron and carbon tungsten just, the most hard carbon tungsten steel, the price is also the most expensive, rubber head is the cheapest
, but is unable to cope with the rugged outdoor terrain, abrasion resistance and carbon tungsten steel head.

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