WorkStation Bunk Bed

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Specification of  WorkStation Bunk Bed



Color:silver,black or as requested

Production thchnique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

high voltage static electric spraying,

carbon dioxide gas as protective medium to carry out the welding,

Application area: work office, home, school etc

Package of  WorkStation Bunk Bed

Packed in plastic bag, carton or as requested.

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Q:Would you please tell me how to put up the dormitory curtain?
You can also make four hooks. The hook can be moved 180 degrees. First, stick the hook on the roof above the bed. The hook just falls down, then the rope is wrapped around the four point, and the back is the same as the top. Method is still a lot of, they have to use their brains.
Q:What is the width of the school dormitory bed? Who knows the size of the bedroom bed? What kind of mat do you have?
The general student dormitory bed for 0.8 or 0.9 meters wide, 2 meters long to buy the best buy 0.8 small mats or will fit into the bed will be very troublesome suggest that you can look at the dormitory carefully and determine whether there is something under the bed railing.
Q:How long is the bed of a girl's dormitory?
The size of a single bed in a student dormitory usually has a specific standard. However, according to different schools, you can choose several different standards, such as the length of four standards, namely 180 cm, 186 cm, 200 cm and 210 cm.
Q:Add a board between the bed and the wall of the dormitory
To the wood decoration shop to buy a wooden bar and a few steel nails, according to the height of the bed frame nails, to other people's decoration, construction site to find a suitable size board put up, not when you can open
Q:What is the reasonable price for dormitory curtain?
If you can use shading black silk cloth clip physical price is around 30; if it is particularly sensitive to light or their bed lights, outside the dorm and checking it by senior black even the ultimate version of the price, if the five monolithic 40, one of the more than 100.
Q:Problems with dormitory beds
Bed space, when you are in bed warm quilt, want to read something, it will be very inconvenient, because there is no suitable table on the bed, there is no place to put books or small objects platform. There is no cushion on the headboard. For this problem, our group is equipped with a small flat panel which can be turned off on the head of the bed, and can be placed down as a small working platform. It can also be folded as a backrest, and the book is just resting on it before going to bed. Near the wall, we'll have a 300mm board with just the book on the bed, and a reading light.
Q:What about the transformer next to the dormitory bed?
DC shunt motor excitation winding and armature winding are connected in parallel, and as a generator, is the terminal voltage of motor itself from the excitation winding power supply; as the shunt motor, excitation winding and the armature
Q:Dormitory 90*190's bed, how much quilt should I buy?
Quilt cover as long as not the kind of special big on the line, you buy when people will tell you. Quilts unlike sheets, when I go to school, take my quilt with school hair quilt is the same big, about width is 1 meters, 5, length does not matter.
Q:In the south, how does the dorm bed damp?
I am the Yangtze River people, you said the quicklime is not easy to use, unhealthy and unrealistic. The south is humid and hot, today is the dew temperature getting cold. The solution is two bed blankets, one bed pad and one bed cover.
Q:What kind of bed is the university dormitory?
Different universities have different beds.For example, there are upper and lower berths and no upper and lower berths (bed on top, desk below).The general specification is 200*90cm.

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