Hot Selling Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed CMAX-A01 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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30000 pc/month

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1. Material: steel tubes, main tubes with Dia 50*0.8mm,25*50*0.75mm

2. Size: 190*90*165cm

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by export brown carton,1pc/2ctn

5.Loadability: 435pcs/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:What's the material of Deweier's wardrobe? When my friend's home did it, it smells bad
I think the German and German styles will be decided on impulse. And paid the full amount. Super bad service really, the evening was at home waiting for a day, people are not installed, there is a swing plate, not convenient home, don't consider from the user position, do not give too formal invoice. Suggest careful consideration.
Q:Custom wardrobe is a particle board, multilayer board, finger board, as well as solid wood board, which is good?
Is the particleboard, various branches, small logs, wood, wood and other fast-growing material cutting into a certain size pieces, dried and mixed with glue, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a man-made board is pressed on a certain temperature and pressure, because of its profile similar to a honeycomb, so called for particleboard.In addition the particleboard internal moisture factor "or" moistureproof agent "and other raw materials, has become the people usually speak moistureproof particieboard, referred to as the moisture-proof board, a moisture barrier function is itself because particleboard moisture resistant, small coefficient of expansion after the moisture absorption, is widely used for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environment. But in reality, has become many inferior particleboard more impurities cover internal tools. Green pigment is added to the shaving board to form the green particleboard, so many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board. In fact, there is no scientific basis. Particleboard of top brands both at home and abroad is actually the base material of natural color.
Q:Is the wardrobe suitable for mirrors? Are you particular about it?
That the bedroom where Feng Shui Chong implantation, it is best not to enlarge the mirror. In fact, their interpretation is: at night, accidentally awakened, will suddenly see themselves in the mirror, will be scared. This only (there is some ghost things, such as the mirror will see bad things). If you don't have what psychological shadow, do not put a mirror without what. So don't too in the mind that, like in the wardrobe are placed on the mirror, is not very normal.
Q:How about Sophia's wardrobe?
The last three brands: Holike, Stanley Sophia. Finally decide which will not say, so as not to say I am entrusted, we all go to the building materials market to understand it
Q:What is the size of the top cabinet in the wardrobe? How big is the size of the hanging clothes
Shirt class about 900-950mm, long clothes about 1400mm, as far as the top cabinet ~! Mainly to see the total height of the wardrobe ~!
Q:Big wardrobe sliding door two open, or three open good?
Consider the wardrobe sliding door, it is certainly more beautiful and more style, of course, also want to consider the proportion of.
Q:How high does the wardrobe fit
Plate is 2.44, but after treatment of 2.2 of the more reasonable, beautiful and generous, ha ha, tailor-made, more reasonable, you can come to see us Heng
Q:General long long coat, with long hanging wardrobe design space
General long really 120cm about it, can in the design space of wardrobe design in 130cm is enough, but also can be made into the massage layer, will be more convenient!
Q:Decoration, wardrobe, wardrobe, floor tiles are also below it?
If you go on after the carpenter bricklayer, can not brick.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of the built-in sliding door wardrobe and the sliding door
Flat door is generally necessary to pay attention to hardware, flat door wardrobe is a pipe, hinge, link door panels and cabinets of a traditional way to open the wardrobe. Grade is mainly the door board materials, hardware quality of two aspects, that is, hinges, hinges directly affect the quality of life of the door. The advantages of the flat door is that the tightness is better, and it is much cheaper than the sliding door and wardrobe. The disadvantage is that the door height is limited, and the door is split because of the height, so the overall effect will be greatly reduced.

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