Sheet Metal Folding Machine with Various Folding Patterns

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Production Process: unwind jumbo roll----print(1 to 4 colors)----emboss----fold----cut napkin paper.  


Equipment Function & Character:  

1. Embossing is conducted by electrical heating and constant temperature from steel roller to wooden pulp roller.

2. Various folding patterns can be selected by clients.

3. Sheet number can be set optionally, auto counting and stagger output in full line

4. Unwinding and tension of jumb roll can be adjustable.

* Machines with different specifications can be made as ordered, 1-4 color printing device (soft plate printing) can be added additionally by client, while color printing pattern are flexible.


Main Technical Parameter:

1. Production speed: 550-650 pieces/min a: 170-210 Type: 100-120m/min        b: 220-400 Type:100-160m/min

2. Machine power: a: 170-210 Type: 3.7KW (380V 50HZ)    b: 220-400 Type: 5.5KW (380V 50HZ)

3. Overall size of equipment (L x W x H): 3.4 x 1.0 x 1.6m (210 Type) 

4. Weight: a: 170-210 Type: 0.9T        b: 220-400 Type: 1.2T

WS series hand folding machine performance and features:
This series of WS1.5 x1300 hand folding machine is on for many years the production and use manual folding machine developed on the basis of.It combines the advantages of all kinds of manual folding machine, its biggest advantage is that it is equipped with a removable, divisible on mould, and can according to the different dimensions of machined part, appropriate adjustments, sheet metal bending into a square the bottom of box or tray.But also the upper fold the flanging on the box.When all upper die are set up, you can fold line sheet.

, hand folding machine including CAM lock series and bevel gear lock series
2, TDF manual folding machine is suitable for duct manufacturing, it can make any size of TDF flanging machine.
3, it can be made with a width of 1530 mm plate all TDF flange.
Note: A model is A series of CAM.

hand folding machine application:
hand folding machine can be used to make distribution box, electronic switch box, fuse brake and distribution cabinet, it is also widely used in conveying machinery, transport boxes, all kinds of box parts, plate pieces of processing.It to light, energy saving, high efficiency and more production, wide application range, easy handling, etc to get the majority of Google.The price is very cheap.


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