• Inflatable Kids Travel Bed Toddler Air Mattress Set System 1
  • Inflatable Kids Travel Bed Toddler Air Mattress Set System 2
Inflatable Kids Travel Bed Toddler Air Mattress Set

Inflatable Kids Travel Bed Toddler Air Mattress Set

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Living Room

Air mattress camping bed let kids feel secure, cozy and right at home, thanks to the portable air bed’s unique design – Our designed security rails helps prevent your kids from falling and stay in bed.

Air mattress bed inflates the entire set in 30 seconds with included electric pump. AC adapter and cigarette lighter port convenient for indoor and outdoor use, this travel toddler bed can easily be deflated for use, when it’s time to stow, simply pull out the air lock valves, fold, roll and go. A carry bag is included to store the portable kids mattress.


Specifications: Kids Air Mattress/ Toddler Travel Air Bed

Material: Flocking and PVC

Color: Pink/Light green/Blue/Grey

Air bed size inflated: 62*40*12 (inch)/157 x 101 x 30.5CM

Package dimensions: 6.02 X 11.54 X 12.2 inches/15.2 x 29.3 x 31CM

Gross Weight:6.41lbs/2.9KG

Air Pump

Input: DC12V 75W

Output: 12VDC 2A

Pump Power: 50W

Length of the line (Wall adapter line:141 cm)

Inflating time: About 30 seconds

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