Air Bed with Adjustable Backrest Built-in Air Pump Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Item specifice

Living Room


Packing quantity: 6 / box

Packing specifications :60*46*40CM

Gross weight: 20.78 kg

Single Package:44*28.5*13CM

Single Weight: 3.25kg/piece

Product Size:79" x 28" x 4.2"

With Backrest Size: 26" x 52" x 28" x 17"


This sleeping mat our factory uses PVC materials and 6P flocking materials made by the best PVC factories in the world, durable & sturdy, under special interior pull-belt design and thermoformed sealing edges, it bears weight up to 220lb/100kg, providing you with durability at every adventurous camping night.

Can be inflated with just pedaling or hand pressure, much easier than blowing with breath or other pumps, no inflator required, multifunctional camping air mattress using two inflatable ports design, the backrest can be inflated or deflated separately.

Camping mattress folds up to a compact 17" x 11" x 5" just right to fit into a backpack or suitcase. Essential for camping, car traveling, hunting, and beach, also be used at home (courtyard swimming pool, balcony, bedroom, guest living room, etc.) can be used as a small sofa that is perfect for overnight guests, friends, or relatives.

Q:How about the IKEA sofa bed?
The storage space is under the sofa. The lid is always open. It is very convenient to take and put things away. And the most critical thing is very easy to become a bed, especially suitable for our family, this small Huxing, really good to say yo ~!
Q:Seventy percent off how can a sofa bed be folded into a sofa?
Some sofa is need to seat to the back of the sofa in the direction of move is heard the sound of no effect if a statement do not hang on the broken sofa hinge
Q:Sofa bed how to put down, sofa bed folding operation instructions
Cushion pull out typePull open sofa sofa design is relatively sophisticated, usually when not used, will be half of the bed can be hidden under the sofa cushion, so that when the sofa sitting more soft, but also more stable. When you want to put into the soft sofa sofa bed from the folding bed state can be hidden in the bottom half of the draw out, spliced into a plane (usually heard a sound that can jump "), the right angle can be adjusted to the backrest. If you want to turn it into a sofa bed state from the state, the first thing to do is to combine the switch (i.e. a "sound jump" of the local press), and then push it to the sofa cushion can be hidden underground.
Q:How about a single sofa bed for bed Feng Shui?
Long term sleep sofa is not good for the body, if a child, because the skeleton has not yet fully formed, sleep on the sofa, the sofa is deformed because of hands, and the body itself is uneven, easy to sleep long bone deformation, easy to produce the spine and neck hyperplasia disease.
Q:The study puts on what color, sofa bed, good-looking thing
Very good, usually placed at the top of a few small, drinking tea, reading, chatting are more convenient, guests will stay put to bed mattress when guests. Put an ocean bed in the study, there is a kind of study flavor more.
Q:Sofa bed, leather bed, bed is rotten, how to do?
Find local master fix, web search: leather sofa repair + (local city)Or make cloth covers.Re purchase, after the dermis, with skin simulation oil maintenance, more than twice as durable
Q:Who has used IKEA ektorp manster sofa bed and a sofa bed? Good knot, which should I buy?
There's nothing to hesitate about, and which one do you prefer?. My family bought the ektorp sofa bed, bed can be removed by washing.
Q:Excuse me, what's the key to buying a folding sofa bed?
Most of the sofa fabric is made of chemical fiber and natural fiber. It is divided into two types: printing and yarn dyeing. The colour of printing is gorgeous, but the thickness is not enough. The density of yarn dyed is very different, and it can be recognized by hand. Multifunctional folding sofa bed, good, must use steel frame structure.
Q:Which is good for folding a sofa or a folding bed?
The utility model is suitable for families with small area, so that once the family comes in, there is no place to live, and the sofa bed can be opened, so that people can sleep on it, so each has its advantages and disadvantages, and is decided by the conditions of the residents.
Q:Sunshine, natural wind, hair, bed smells?
Photocatalytic decomposition method: photocatalyst in the catalyst in the light stimulation, generates negative ions and hydroxyl radicals with oxygen in the air and water to oxidize and decompose organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants, and eventually degrade into carbon dioxide, water and corresponding acid and other harmful substances, so as to achieve the decomposition of pollutants, air purification effect.

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