• Air Bed with Adjustable Backrest Built-in Air Pump Inflatable Sleeping Pad System 1
  • Air Bed with Adjustable Backrest Built-in Air Pump Inflatable Sleeping Pad System 2
Air Bed with Adjustable Backrest Built-in Air Pump Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Air Bed with Adjustable Backrest Built-in Air Pump Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Living Room


Packing quantity: 6 / box

Packing specifications :60*46*40CM

Gross weight: 20.78 kg

Single Package:44*28.5*13CM

Single Weight: 3.25kg/piece

Product Size:79" x 28" x 4.2"

With Backrest Size: 26" x 52" x 28" x 17"


This sleeping mat our factory uses PVC materials and 6P flocking materials made by the best PVC factories in the world, durable & sturdy, under special interior pull-belt design and thermoformed sealing edges, it bears weight up to 220lb/100kg, providing you with durability at every adventurous camping night.

Can be inflated with just pedaling or hand pressure, much easier than blowing with breath or other pumps, no inflator required, multifunctional camping air mattress using two inflatable ports design, the backrest can be inflated or deflated separately.

Camping mattress folds up to a compact 17" x 11" x 5" just right to fit into a backpack or suitcase. Essential for camping, car traveling, hunting, and beach, also be used at home (courtyard swimming pool, balcony, bedroom, guest living room, etc.) can be used as a small sofa that is perfect for overnight guests, friends, or relatives.

Q:How to choose the favorite foot bath sofa bed?
Secondly, take a look at the foot bath sofa, the interior of the fine workmanship. Foot sofa bed now, either leather or cloth at the bottom, basically have the zipper can open, you can open a bottom cloth in a corner of the look, if found to have eaten, scars or messy hair or wood wooden, wooden cohesion is nail into the leisure sofa bed this is not very good quality, on the other hand, the smooth connection with hardwood, and a notch or export occlusal connection, and then glue, the quality is relatively good.
Q:Living room soft partition, separated from a bedroom, how to get?
The living room is a soft partition from which a bedroom can be made into a screen partition with a folding bed or a bed standing on the wall.
Q:What about a double room, an adult bed and a sofa bed?
Hello, now the baby is small, can let him sleep together and adults, is mainly to take care of him, to cover the quilt, bed or treasure house to go slowly, can not be impatient, generally after two or three years old baby can understand adults, adults usually consciously and talk to him and my parents left the bed, let him have a psychological preparation;
Q:How do you open the sofa bed of IKEA?
A strong man with folding sofa bed feet go out; hands gap from two big pillow below suitable to move, usually like this are able to open the IKEA sofa generally is to assemble their own, there will be a manual, with a picture of a good study, suggestions. If not, I recommend calling the business advisory, or landing IKEA official website to see relevant information, or to find a similar forum IKEA predecessors under such consultation.
Q:The folding sofa bed has sunk in the middle. How can you recover?
Restore the original folded appearance, and then open back and forth a few times, if not, you look at the hinge below, there is no problem
Q:What brand of sofa and bed?
Around the sofa is about the star brand furniture, including sofa sofa around about the living room scene "and" around the sofa "(and" Nafis Wani "," Pollock "is about the four brands of furniture sofa series). Sofa is the ten major sofa brand, sofa leading brand, China famous brand, is currently the highest domestic sofa market share of well-known brands.
Q:Living room sofa size appropriate, the most practical living room sofa purchase suggestions
25 Ping living room: if you prefer a combination of sofa, you can also choose a relatively small combination sofa. Usually a single person, a double person and a three person. But the living room requires a little bigger. Usually around 25 square meters. The general size is in 1100*1100*1100mm, 1850*1080*830mm, 2360*1080*830mm.
Q:15 square meters of living room with what kind of sofa?
Such as 15 square metres of such small Huxing, furniture furnishings should be simple and elegant, you can choose a cloth sofa
Q:IKEA sofa bed parts broken, how need to match?
IKEA sales have accessories, IKEA parts are sold alone, they can be replaced.
Q:What chair is good to watch at home?
The sofa bed is a woman's exclusive furniture, it has a beautiful and exquisite curve, sofa backrest bending, the backrest and the armrests can sit with all blend into one harmonious whole, cushion, also can put your foot on the reclining, a sofa and a woman's body lines with so called "a seamless heavenly Robe, beauty".

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