Foldable Stool Chair Plastic for Camping Fishing Beach Picnic

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Item specifice

Living Room,Dining Room,Outdoor & Garden,Office Storage

Product Specification:

Product Size (cm): L30 x W30 x H45

Carton Size (cm): L70 x W29.5 x H7

Weight: 1.2KG

Colour: Black, Grey, Turquoise

Material: Plastic


Product Features:

Designed specialty for home, office, conference, training, meeting room and multipurpose usage

Lightweight yet durable steel frame and plastic give the chair built-to-last durability and comfort

It's flexible & foldable and for easy keep & carry

Portable and foldable to saves more spaces

No assembly required, just have to unfold the chair will do

Q:Which is more suitable for buses, leather seats and plastic seats?
Plastic seats are more appropriate.
Q:How to remove the wheel chair?
Hello, with the big screwdriver and the plastic gasket with the five star feet, between the metal stick you said
Q:The plastic chairs are stacked together. How can they be separated?
You first step on the edge of the foot of the chair inside, and then pull it out:
Q:ABS, PU, PVC, these three plastic materials are used as chair surfaces. What's the difference?
If the ABS is rigid, some hard, rigid and very good; hard PVC can, but the wear resistance and weather resistance are not very good, does not recommend the use of.PU by way of casting and molding can also be better for equipment requirements is not high.In addition, no special requirements, the direct use of PP is OK
Q:Choose children's safety seats, plastic skeleton or steel alloy skeleton?
The plastic skeleton is much lighter, which is easy for adults to take. But safety is the safety of the steel skeleton.
Q:The injection machine hits the plastic chair, starts to be all right, after cooling has the white mark in the middle, moreover some colors have. Yes
You see if the stripping is smooth.It may be the phenomenon of "top white" or "stress mark" that occurs when the product is not taken out smoothly and causes the product to come out with the mold.
Q:Classic Fawkes hatchback seat screw screw plastic cover how to dismantle?
There are holes in the hole, there are screws, it is two blocks together, and two pieces are to be taken out, but also to remove the direction of the rod (plate below) on the 4 screws (13).Fawkes's classic car door locks, the trunk, the tank cover is the same, which control the lock on the above lock, unlock when lock, unlock all the above. To unlock the lock, opened directly from the position of the oil tank cover arrow.
Q:The 16 paragraph of the new imperial disassemblyseat plastic bag on the seat was found what scraping a mouth, when the 4S shop to repair it first
1. Check tyre condition / wear and adjust pressure if necessary;2. Lighting system inspection (lights, lights, emergency lights, luggage compartment lights, passenger room lights, glove boxes, lights, dashboard warning lamps, etc.);
Q:How is the plastic plate infusion chair made of?
Currently on the market are polyurethane, its composition and the other part of the transfusion chair is the same as well: transfusion suspender, seat pad, handrail foot, beams and fittings, recommended to find a good point of triumph furniture materials, stainless steel can be, plus a seat on the OK
Q:What about plastic chairs?
Tell you what you can find.Turn the chair in the opposite direction, then grab the last two corners of the diagonal of the chair, press it inwards, usually 3-5 times, and the last chair will fall off.

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