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Wholesale cheap outdoor pp plastic chairs

Wholesale cheap outdoor pp plastic chairs

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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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1. We will reply your inquiry within 12 hours.

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6.Free documents: commercial invoice, packing list

Q:What are the plastic materials suitable for making square seats?
Good chemical resistance ABS to do is to complete the square seat.
Q:The injection machine hits the plastic chair, starts to be all right, after cooling has the white mark in the middle, moreover some colors have. Yes
You see if the stripping is smooth.It may be the phenomenon of "top white" or "stress mark" that occurs when the product is not taken out smoothly and causes the product to come out with the mold.
Q:Transparent plastic, it is best to use what material to make the mold?
Rock transparent cup space Cup fresh-keeping box class supplies customers have requested that we also feel good smoothness is very good
Q:What machines are needed for making plastic stools?
And gas masks,Plastic products in the production process is very bad for the body, I have a friend is open mineral water bottle cover factory, the child probably had leukemia, children under 6 years old or far away from plastic plants.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic stools?
Secondly, the price of plastic stools is relatively cheap, for the general stool, fifteen yuan or so can buy one, and for the convenience of life, we can buy a few more to spare. In addition, plastic stools are also flawed, and their service life is shorter than wooden stools. It weighs much less than wood or iron stools, so we must be careful not to sit directly on two people. Again, this kind of stool in the appearance of relatively simple, generally round, there are square, most of them are without the back of the chair.
Q:The baby chair of wood or plastic good good
My home used solid wood, the baby sit up and slippery, and no plastic easy to clean up.
Q:Imitation rattan plastic rattan rocking chair quality is good, or anti-corrosion wood shake rocking chair quality is good, which durable?
The wooden rocking rocking chair has good quality and durability, and the rattan like plastic rattan rocking chair is easy to aging.
Q:Do you want me to tear off the plastic wrapper on the computer chair?
Tear, that layer of plastic just to protect the chair, prevent to be soiled, actually useless to you, and affect comfort, and, as upstairs said plastic harmful to kazakhstan!
Q:Plastic chair broken, how to repair, seek an expert to help?
The general plastic chair is broken, so don't fix it!
Q:Children's table chairs, solid wood or plastic good?
Of course, solid wood is good, and now plastics have chemicals, solid wood is relatively less, and the key is not easy to bad

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