• PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door System 1
  • PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door System 2
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PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door

PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door

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China main port
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Min Order Qty:
1000 m²
Supply Capability:
10000 m²/month

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Brand Name:
1-25 mm
Water Absorption:
Usage Life:
more than 50 years

1. Product Introduction

 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a tough, strong thermoplastic material which has an excellent combination of physical and electrical properties. The products are usually characterized as plasticized or rigid types. Polyvinyl chloride (and co-polymers) is the second most commonly used polyvinyl resins in one of the most versatile plastics.

PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door

2.Product Feature

•Excellent clarity, transparency and gloss

•Least thickness variation


•Smooth die-cutting

•Superior sealing and welding

•Excellent impact strength

•Higher processing yields


(1) Light weight

(2) High strength

(3) Easily cleaned

(4) Easily fabricated

(5) Outstanding print-ability

(6) Uniform fine close cell structure

(7) Good resistance to light and weathering

(8) Low flammability


PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom doorPVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door


PVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom doorPVC sheets for waterproofing pvc sheet for bathroom door


(1).How do I get a quote?

Getting a quote is an easy email away. Email us.

(2).How often do you ship?

We arrange freight shipping for our customers and have daily UPS pick up.

(3).Does the price on list include freight?


Q:What are the common applications of plastic sheets?
Plastic sheets have a wide range of common applications, including packaging materials, construction materials, automotive components, signage, electrical insulation, greenhouse coverings, and various DIY projects.
Q:Can plastic sheets be used for bird feeders?
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for bird feeders. Plastic sheets are a versatile material that can be shaped and molded into different designs, including bird feeders. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and can withstand outdoor conditions. However, it is important to ensure that the plastic used is non-toxic and doesn't pose any hazards to birds.
Q:How should the plastic cutting boards be cleaned?
Laundry disinfection method: first use wire brush and water cutting board surface and gaps wash clean, then rinse again with boiling water.
Q:Recently I have been working on a beer pong table. What I really want is the cups to not topple over when they get hit by the ping pong ball. So I have seen an idea where you can cut circular cup holes into a piece of plexiglass or glass like sheet and slide the cups into them to prevent them from falling over.My question to you is where would I find plexiglass or a glass like sheet?
You can buy plastic sheets that are used for window panes lots of places. If not at Home Depot, then at a company that sells window replacements. I have purchased sheets of plastic.
Q:what is shrinkage for pp+15%epdm plastic can i have the data sheet?
You can sign in and get the data sheet at the link below.:
Q:do you put the picture under the plastic and put the plastic over it again and leave it?first time using photo sheet as an album thing, and usually i always seen the ones that are individual slots one.
Yes, the photos are supposed to be under the plastic sheet for protection, while you look at them. Make sure the plastic sheets are of archival quality.
Q:What drill is good for punching plastic sheets?
Plastic drilling tools: punching machines, laser drilling machines, electric wire cutting punching etc..
Q:Do I use 2x6? 2x4?. ????????
First we sealed the walls with a cementicious sealer to assure no moisture to seep through the walls and it helps with dampness if the basement is below grade. Then we studded the walls out with 2x4 and attached them to the concrete floor with a Tap-Con gun which are used for shooting nails into concrete. We also allowed a small gap between the concrete wall and the frame for ventilation. Then we were ready for wiring and sheet rock. Good Luck.
Q:the unit is built in the wall. window covers dont fit.air leask from the main vent.the maintenacne guy told me to cut cardboard strips and stick it outside (exterior ) of the building its on a high flooralso cold air leaking from the filter above the kitchen cooking range..please help asap
Not much to do with the AC except cover it tightly on the inside with a plastic sheet secured tightly. Covering the outside could be dangerous due to height and what if someone turns it on while that outside cover is on, you could damage the unit. Thats just the nature of those things, they are a big hole in your wall. The vent hood should have a damper that is forced open by the flow of air when the blower is on. Take off that filter and see if you can see such a thing and see if it is working properly. If you block this device off, use a non flamable material such as foil etc.
Q:Is PVC plastic board afraid of sunlight?
PVC ceiling boards are afraid of the UV part of the sunlight, which makes the plastic aging and brittle.If you need to be exposed to the sun, use the sun board... It has an anti UV coating to prevent plastic aging.

1. Manufacturer Overview

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3. Manufacturer Capability

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b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
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