PVC decorative sheet pvc sheet price,4*8 feet pvc roof sheet pvc rigid sheet

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10000 m²/month
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Product Description:

Product Description

  • Weldable/Bendable - suitable for fabrication

  • UV Resistant - Black only

  • Physiologically inert - approved for food applications (Natural only)

  • Electrical insulation - it is a good insulator

  • Weatherproof - it doesn't absorb water

  • Chemical resistance - resists corrosive chemicals (e.g. Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda)

Applications :

-Advertising Signs


-Exhibition Stands

-Point of Sale

-Interior Designs

-Bathroom Fittings

-Models & Prototypes

-Panels & Cabins

-Embossing & Engraving






1. Waterproofing of pvc foam board . 
2. Fire retardant and self-extinguishing of pvc foam board . 
3. Heat preservation of pvc foam board . 
4. Sound-insulated. 
5. Insulation of pvc foam board . 
6. Non-corrosion. 
7. Non-toxic. 
8. Tough, rigid with the high impact strength. 
9. Stable color retention. 
10. Dampproof.
11. Anti - deformed   pvc foam board .

 PVC Foam Board Feature:

1. waterproof, fire retardant, acid and alkali, moth, light, heat, noise, vibration characteristics;

2. equal and wood processing, and processing performance is far superior to wood;

3. wood, aluminum, composite board ideal alternative;

4. crust plate surface is very smooth, high hardness, not easy scratches, commonly used in the production of cabinets, furniture;



Q1: Are you a factory manufacturer or a trade company?

 What are your product ranges? Where is your market?

A: we are manufacturer specializing in stationery and plastic packing products in highly quality 

and competitive price with over years,such as file folder,file bag,gift bag,closet organizer ,

packages of cosmetic and other daily necessities, they are mainly famous ,



Q2:  If the products have some quality problem ,how will you deal with it?

A1:  If the quality problem caused by us, we will provide a replacement service,and we must keep in mind. 

Take measures to control quality strictly,we adhere to the principle: “ quality first”.


Q2:  Could you provide samples?

A2:  Yes, We provide free samples for customers, but customer shall bear the freight charges or negotiate about this.


Q3: Is free design assistance available  for clients? 

A3: If you have problems in designing or beautifying the customized product, 

we will offer you the best design assistance.


PVC decorative sheet pvc sheet price,4*8 feet pvc roof sheet  pvc rigid sheet

PVC decorative sheet pvc sheet price,4*8 feet pvc roof sheet  pvc rigid sheet

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Q:Under the temp. probe, and under the heater, obv. And these go under the liner, right? Electricity and water together = bad deal!So have I found the right answer?Bed is in chilly room in cold house, soft-sided with wooden frame. Will of course be using woolen, polyester, blankets on top, or maybe put the fake eiderdowns under bottom sheet and use the wool etc. over top sheet. Point is that bed will stay covered with warmth-keepers just about all the time.Am thinking of running the foil up along the side-walls. I intend to tape the sheets together into a complete large sheet.Had planned to use insulating rigid foam but decided was too much work to replace the home-made frame. Am hoping that the foil will reflect heat back into the water, not out into room.Furnace is forced-air, and electric bill in winter is Awful! IMO, at least.
I doubt aluminum foil has much, if any, R-value, but I'm not an HVAC guy. I do know that pink styrofoam doesn't have much R-value unless you go several inches thick. Maybe try surrounding the bed in about 6 of the styrofoam on all sides. Use HVAC foil tape to seal any seams. Then mask it all in something like tileboard.
Q:s. If it takes 1.026 x 10^-4 s for the bullet to pass throuhg the plastic, what average force impeded the bullets's motion through the plastic? please help
Force is change of momentum / time initial momentum of the bullet is Pi = 15*10^-3 kg*300 m/s final momentum is Pf = 15*10^-3 kg*90 m/s change of momentum ?P = 15*10^-3(300 - 90) = 3.15 kgm/s And F = ?P/t = 3.15 kgm/s / 1.026*10^-4 s F = 30701.75 kgm/s^2 (= N) OG
Q:Are skateboard novices, small fish boards, plastic boards and maple planks different?
If you're looking for texture, I recommend maple, but now good plastic boards are very good. They're better than maple in elasticity and toughness. If you're new, I suggest buying a cheaper plastic sheet.
Q:I am attempting to make a model of a building in construction. I need the plastic to be hard and color means nothing. I am making the beams and columns for the building.
Use a plastic coffee container. If you cut the strips vertical, you could roll them into a column. If you want a square column, cut narrower strips and glue four of them together. If a taller column is needed, you can overlay one on top of the other.
Q:hi everyone. making an outdoor sign for a school art/craft fair. have a plastic sheet with a nutcracker on it. want to adhere it to some plywood but dont want it to rip in the weather/ wind. i tried gorilla glue but it worked only so so. any good ideas are appreciatedthanks all
Liquid nails is a colored caulk and if the plastic sheeting is transparent or translucent then you would see the liquid nails through it. Get contact cement. apply to both surfaces and let dry to the touch then apply them together. Make sure you are squared up because once it touches you won't move it. not sure if it is avail. in a spray. Make sure you get the clear contact cement some has a yellow tint to it when it dries. Hope this helps!
Q:They need to be non-adhesive.
Spray it with acrylic wax
Q:What is polystyrene foam board thin plastering exterior wall insulation system?
The thin plastering system adopts polystyrene foam plastic board (hereinafter referred to as benzene board) as the outer thermal insulation material of the building. When the main structure of the building is finished, the benzene board is pasted on the wall with the special adhesive mortar as required. If special reinforcement requirements are available, use plastic expansion screws to anchor them. Then apply the polymer cement mortar in benzene plate surface, which is pressed into the alkali coated glass fiber grid cloth strengthen to form mortar protection layer, the putty and paint decorative surface layer (such as a decorative surface layer of tiles, you should use the galvanized steel wire net and special ceramic tile adhesive, pointing agent).
Q:something i had as a kidit consist of a piece of cardboard, black pad with a plastic sheet over it, that you draw on with a plastic pen and it will leave black lines from the plastic being pressed to the black pad, and when you were done you peel the plastic sheet from the black part and the drawing would be cleared.sorry i;m bad at explaining but what is it called??? how can i find it again
Oh my gosh! I used to LOVE those things! Next best thing to etch a sketch! :) unfourtunatly i dont remember the names of them... But you got me curious so im keepin an eye out for the answers to this one... Ill be back! Lol
Q:These sheets should be non-transparent, pure white, 4-6mil in thickness, and relatively stiff (not like that used for plastic bags, but rather like mylar sheet).
Most hobby shops should be able to supply you with this type of material. If they do not have it then they should be able to locate a supplier for you or at least get you a catalog that would allow you to purchase modeling materials. The link below is for a company that sells many plastic sheets and scaled plastic structural members for railroad models and that type of thing. Send for that catalog.
Q:How do you see the material of the plastic pallet from the color?
So many customers think of color is not important, only is the same size and look hard think this is good, and the price is half black new material prices, many black suppliers or the black recycled plastic pallets as new materials sold to customers, customers can pay attention to.

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