Colourful Plastic Chair with aluminium leg

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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:Transparent plastic, it is best to use what material to make the mold?
Very suitable for mirror polishing requirements of the mold transparent plastic, if the mold is a little polishing is not good, is very obvious
Q:What are the manufacturing processes of plastic stools, the techniques and procedures used, and some details
The manufacture of plastic stools belongs to the injection molding process, and the selection of raw materials can be determined according to the demand! Raw materials, according to your location, I can help you choose affordable ~!
Q:Are plastic stools expensive?
A necessary living article, primarily for people to sit, rest, or climb.
Q:The armrest of this computer chair is broken. What glue is better?
Hello There are many kinds of plastic materials, I think this is a bit like PP, PE, TPE, plastic, this is very difficult to stick several materials, so ordinary glue such as 502 AB glue glass glue is no way to completely stick.It can be used directly with 100 million brand YH-820. This special adhesive glue will be fineSuch as ABS, PVC, PS, PC, acrylic and so on, use YH-818 this to glue
Q:What are the materials of plastic chairs and plastic chairs?
PU more wear-resistant, if it is rigid, ABS hard, and rigid and good, hard PVC can also, but wear and weather are not very good, not recommended. PU can be made by casting, and the formability is better. The equipment is not high enough. In addition, no special requirements, the direct use of PP is OK
Q:Small cart seats, plastic or mesh benefits?
But we actually use up to two years old, baby stroller, the most important security, and then the appearance, this price recommended online shopping, looking for a lot of good reputation, good evaluation, good. By the way, we should buy a cart with a foot cover. When the children are introduced, whether it is 28 days or autumn and winter, the wind will be great
Q:What's good for your baby wardrobe, plastic or wooden cabinet?
The furniture made of plastic is much lighter than other furniture, so it is comparatively handy when it is placed and adjusted. This is an advantage that other furniture does not have. Furniture made of plastic is generally relatively easy to carry.
Q:What about the materials for the public seat
Wood. Good sense of touch, material processing, but its poor durability (after heating, preservative treatment of wood, also has a strong durability). With the improvement of wood bonding technology and bending technology, the shape of chair has been diversified.
Q:How to repair plastic stool cracks?
Plastic parts1, if the contour sharp changes of the place of plastic parts, but also the stress concentration, the most easy to crack, in this regard, in plastic design, the shape of the exterior angle and the interior should as far as possible with a large circular arc.2, the plastic parts with embedded metal and plastic, due to thermal expansion coefficient differences, such as thermoplastic thermal expansion coefficient is 6-11 times that of steel, aluminum 3-6 times, therefore, the overall contraction in the plastic block will hinder the plastic, the resulting stress will lead to plastic parts in order to reduce or avoid cracks due to crack insert appears, from the following aspects:First of all, in the selection of materials, as far as possible the use of thermal expansion coefficient close to the resin metal, such as zinc, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals.Next, insert the piece as far as possible in the high molecular weight resin manufacture piece of plastic, this kind of resin crack resistance is stronger.Furthermore, the thickness of the plastic around the insert should be thicker, and the minimum wall thickness will vary with the variety of the plastic.Three, raw materials1, release agent and melt difficult to dissolve, such as too much dosage, easy to crack, this should be as little as possible or no release agent.2, too many recycled materials, do not add too much water intake3, do not use low viscosity raw materials, low molecular weight4, resin moisture content can not be too much, drying of the resin5, multi use crystallization resin6, if the material is more pressing, the injection machine must adhere to the raw material parts thoroughly clean, so as not to the performance of different raw materials after mixing, cause plastic parts cracks.
Q:Children's good or good wood plastic chair
And wood is also easy to be broken by children, and there is solid wood, if cracks, easy to pull the child's hand. Good plastic will not, and relatively light, more suitable for children to use.

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