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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:The baby chair is wooden or plastic good good
My family bought the plastic + stainless steel aing love sound chair with a well
Q:What kind of materials do the chairs in the market have now?
Chair selection:The chair is very practical and will appear in every room. Its main function is to facilitate people to rest, so its comfort is the main standard to measure the quality of a chair.Most people choose double chair, most choose comfort strong, use this kind of chair in the bedroom, lying and lying, can also wear clothing, can be a multi use, can also be placed in the living room, with different colors to create a leisure good mood. There are two factors to consider when choosing a double chair: function and material. In function, double chairs can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of members of the family. Common material is the cloth and leather. Cloth is easy to clean and change, and can change surfaces with seasonal changes. Leather chair can show noble, but not very suitable for summer.
Q:Baby table chair to buy good solid wood or plastic good?
Solid wood is good.There is a book can be split into desks and chairs, can be used in primary schools, wood can continue to go down, unlike plastic used, the color changed
Q:ABS, PU, PVC, these three plastic materials are used as chair surfaces. What's the difference?
If the ABS is rigid, some hard, rigid and very good; hard PVC can, but the wear resistance and weather resistance are not very good, does not recommend the use of.PU by way of casting and molding can also be better for equipment requirements is not high.In addition, no special requirements, the direct use of PP is OK
Q:The baby chair of wood or plastic good good
Later in the plastic baby chair, more convenient, the folding is very simple, the area is also small lot.
Q:Plastic seats for a long time, discoloration, how to brush into primary colors?
Plastic fading may be aging, considering safety, it is recommended to buy new!
Q:Why is the plastic chair through a circular hole with a little
Just like a railroad track, there is a little space left between each section of the track, because the rail (metal) is heated and expands because of heat expansion and cold contraction. This gap is meant to give space to this expansion. Just because the track is deformed by temperature, the plastic chair is deformed because of the forceBut if there are no holes, pile up after not easy to get open, easy to absorb.
Q:How is a car seat made?
The whole chair of the automobile is mainly the comfort degree and the H point, and the comfort degree includes physical and chemical, and the physical sense is the sensory problem
Q:What about plastic chairs?
I tried 5 times, all units of logistics said it can not be separated from the chair, all successful.
Q:Is the plastic stool with leather skin harmful to the body?
General to meet the national standards for boiling water cup is non-toxic, such as PET material, he wants to be decomposed in high temperatures to 200 degrees Celsius degrees above, so buy regular manufacturers of plastic cups, can use it safely, according to my understanding, to do this kind of glass materials such as PE, PP, PET, PVC and other PS use less

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