Orizeal Commercial Outdoor Folding Plastic Chair

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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic stools?
Secondly, the price of plastic stools is relatively cheap, for the general stool, fifteen yuan or so can buy one, and for the convenience of life, we can buy a few more to spare. In addition, plastic stools are also flawed, and their service life is shorter than wooden stools. It weighs much less than wood or iron stools, so we must be careful not to sit directly on two people. Again, this kind of stool in the appearance of relatively simple, generally round, there are square, most of them are without the back of the chair.
Q:What are the manufacturing processes of plastic stools, the techniques and procedures used, and some details
Pressure control in injection molding process, including two kinds of pressure and injection pressure, and directly affect the plasticization of plastics and product quality.The plasticization pressure: (backpressure) by injection machine screw, the screw at the top of the melt in the screw rotation is backward when the pressure is called plastic pressure, or pressure. The magnitude of this pressure can be adjusted by an overflow valve in the hydraulic system. After the injection, plastic pressure is with screw design, product quality requirements and different kinds of plastics and need to change, if these conditions and screw speed are constant, increase the plasticization pressure will enhance the shearing action, which will increase the melt temperature, but decrease the plasticizing efficiency, increase countercurrent and the leakage current, increase drive power.In addition, increasing the plasticizing pressure often makes the temperature of the melt even, and the pigment mixture is mixed evenly and the gas in the melt is discharged. In general operation, the determination of plasticizing pressure should be as low as possible under the condition that the quality of the product is guaranteed. The specific value varies depending on the variety of the plastic used, but usually less than 20 kg / cm2.
Q:Does a plastic chair catch a cold?
This looks at me. It's autumn. If it's hot, I can't put an ice cube on it. In autumn and winter, we can consider putting some mats and so on
Q:Highchairs above the plastic plates containing formaldehyde do
Highchairs above the general shape of the plastic plate is required by food grade detection
Q:Why should a hole be opened in the plastic chair?
This stool is usually used in public meetings or outdoor performances, and if it has water, it is easy to leak.4, can be a little bit of gas, so that the buttocks do not feel so hot.
Q:What are the materials for office chairs?
Air lever: also known as extension rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair.4: chassis: lift the seat part, the following link with the gas lever.5: chair seat: by board, sponge, fabric composition. The quality of boards is usually not felt by consumers. Sponge: regenerated cotton, new sponge. 99% manufacturers are the use of both, the thicker the harder, the higher the cost, the thickness is appropriate, the hardness is appropriate. Press chair seat with hand, fabric: linen, mesh cloth, leather. Plastic frame press cloth. This kind of chair is more breathable.
Q:Plastic joint folding leisure chair that my bundle of iron broken how to repair?
How do you use glue? Do you know how much strength this joint will bear? I suggest you go to the seller to ask, generally speaking, they are equipped with accessories.
Q:The baby chair of wood or plastic good good
My home used solid wood, the baby sit up and slippery, and no plastic easy to clean up.
Q:Children's table chairs, solid wood and plastic good
Of course, solid wood is good, and now plastics have chemicals, solid wood is relatively less, and the key is not easy to bad
Q:How do I clean crayon marks in plastic desks and chairs?
Take a small piece of cotton cloth and cover it at the stain. Use electric iron to press the cotton cloth. The mark of the crayon under the cotton cloth will be melted. At this time, you can wipe the crayon marks with a duster.

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