Blue Color Garden Plastic Chair

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Product Description:

Feature of Plastic Chiar

Material: PP Plastic seat and back


Color: blue


modern design and simple shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:What's the standard for plastic for children's seats?
Each child restraint system must have a Chinese manual. The installation method of child restraint system should take special photos or clearly indicated and should alert the user, no licensed products and their modified products is dangerous, it should also prompt the unattended children should not be placed in the constraint system etc.. When purchasing a child occupant restraint device, the consumer should choose from the above criteria.
Q:Is the seat of the new idea l wrapped in plastic or non-woven fabrics?
But the import Tiguan has shorter wheelbase, larger front bumper and fender domestic Tiguan not "OFF ROAD" function in off-road performance is superior to the domestic Tiguan, while domestic Tiguan emphasizes fashion and comfort.
Q:The chair is wood, or plastic.
It depends on the whole of your furniture. If the table is made of solid wood, of course, a chair with solid wood. If it is glass or other non solid wood, it can be a plastic chair.
Q:How do I remove stains from plastic stools?
You can use five clean powder sticky water to wipe, the effect is very good.
Q:Children is table chairs on the white plastic tray for a long time useless, there is a place to darken, how to deal with ah?
In the actual production of plastic products, usually in the front of the separation of feed inlet, excluding extruder and the head of plastic melt, turn off the temperature in all districts, and then turn off the power supply. Because the plastic melt has strong adhesion of metal, each stop can not be absolutely completely ruled out, finally there is a thin layer of plastic melt is tightly attached to the extruder barrel and die wall and screw, stranded in the condition of high temperature in long time after natural cooling and heating equipment in the course of the next time obviously, the thermal degradation, gradually turn yellow, zoom into carbide.
Q:The armrest of this computer chair is broken. What glue is better?
Hello There are many kinds of plastic materials, I think this is a bit like PP, PE, TPE, plastic, this is very difficult to stick several materials, so ordinary glue such as 502 AB glue glass glue is no way to completely stick.It can be used directly with 100 million brand YH-820. This special adhesive glue will be fineSuch as ABS, PVC, PS, PC, acrylic and so on, use YH-818 this to glue
Q:Plastic joint folding leisure chair that my bundle of iron broken how to repair?
You can find accessories, you can fix it, and the glue doesn't stand that much load.
Q:Baby table chair to buy good solid wood and plastic good?
The plastic is so light that it is dangerous for the baby to stand up. Solid wood or good?.The glamour of woodmensal, solid wood, solid Naizang genuine goods at a fair price. Of course, no matter what kind of chair, must be accompanied by an adult.
Q:Swivel plastic base is easy to break what happened
Second may be the landlord to buy chairs, the quality is not very good, the quality of plastic things are very different, some material strength is good the price is very expensive, some general strength of materials price is very general; in addition, after all, plastic plastic, plastic is not what our civil aviation god seven engineering plastics, and also not strong where to go, or be careful to use the drop...
Q:How about the size of the chair covers?
Use a ruler to measure the length, width, thickness of the chair, and then enlarge the 5%.

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