Bare Speaker Wire With Transparent Pvc

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Product Description:

bare speaker wire with transparent  PVC


1,Stranded Bareor Copper,CCA or CCS Conductor

2,transparent PVC Insulation

3,For Use in Stereo and Radio as Lead Cable

4,8AWG,10AWG,  12AWG, 14AWG,16AWG, 18AWG, 20AWG , 24AWG     

   0.35mm2, 0.5mm2, 0.75mm21mm2,1.5mm2, 2mm2, 2.5mm2

5,Conductor: OFC/CCA/tinned copper wires or CCS Conductor
6,Clear pvc speaker cable
    Length: 50, 100, 250, 500 ft and so on.

7,Speaker cable Type: Loudspeaker cable
8,Speaker wire Twist type: Multi-twist, rope lay

(1) 10AWG 5.26 MM2   OD: 5.5X11.0 MM

(2) 12AWG 3.31 MM2   OD: 4.5X9.0MM

(3)  14AWG 2.08 MM2  OD: 3.5X7.0MM

(4)  16AWG 1.31 MM2  OD  3.0X6.0MM

(5) 18AWG  0.823 MM2  OD: 2.5X5.0MM

(6) 20AWG  0.519 MM2  OD: 2.2X4.4MM

(7)  22AWG 0.324 MM2  OD: 2.0X4.0MM

(8) 24AWG 0.205 MM2  OD: 1.8X3.6MM

(9)  O.5 MM2  OD: 2.4X4.8MM

(10)  0.75 MM2  OD: 2.5X5.0MM

(11)  1.0 MM2  OD: 2.8X5.6MM

(12)  1.5 MM2  OD: 3.2X6.4MM

(13) 2.0 MM2   OD: 3.8X7.6MM

(14) 2.5 MM2   OD:4.2X8.4MM

(15) 4.0 MM2  OD: 5.0X10.0MM

(16)  6.0 MM2  OD:  5.5X11.0MM



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