Fluorine Plastic Insulated High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

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Fluorine Plastic Insulated High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

Fluorine Plastic Insulated High Temperature Resistant Power Cable


This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV and below for fixed laying for transmission lines, power transmission or motor lead wire, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and corrosive gases, waterproof and other characteristics, high temperature environment electrical properties Stability, carrying capacity, long service life, widely used in metallurgy, power, petrochemical, large-scale construction, automobile manufacturing and other industries.



Flame retardant fire-resistant characteristic test execution GB12666-90 standard


1. AC rated voltage: U0 / U 0.6 / 1KV

2. The maximum operating temperature: FEP (F46) insulation does not exceed 200 ℃

    Soluble polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) insulation does not exceed 260 ℃

3. Minimum ambient temperature:

   Fluoroplastic insulation and jacket

   Fixed laying -40 ℃, non-fixed laying -15 ℃

4. Cable installation laying temperature should not be less than 0 ℃ (fluorine plastic, silicone rubber and nitrile jacketed cable of not less than -25 ℃).

5. Allowable bending radius of the cable:

    single-core cable minimum bending radius is 15 times of cable diameter;

    Multi-core cable minimum bending radius is 10 times the cable diameter.

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Q:Need Help Finding Alternator Power Cable?
usually only power wires run to the alternator, most arent grounded by a wire, they are grounded through their case and the mounting brakets to the engine, but all charging systems are a little different. I see your ground runs to the mounting bolt, and so that wire that goes to the mounting bolt on the alternator would be your ground wire to the battery. the large wire on the back of the alternator in your picture has BAT beside it, that is the wire that would be the power wire back out to the battery. i would suggest to get a haynes or chilton manual for this specific vehicle if your not sure of things such as this.
Q:can i use a pcie x16 to pcie extension cable to power a pcie x16 card?
I doubt it will provide full power. You care better off using a PCI-Express x 1 video card, forget about x16...
Q:Does a power supply come with the cables that allow you to connect the computer to the wall?
Yeah, it comes with a three prong power cable and a bunch of internal cables, one or two for the motherboard, one or two for graphics cards, and a bunch for drives.
Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
Sorry wrong type of cable. The overhead is type SE with a certain insulation type. A 300 foot run will have an appreciable line loss from resistance and hysteresis and when inspected will cause hysterics from the inspector. Hire a qualified professional electrical contractor to do the work properly the first time, faster and easier and possibly the same price as you having to do it and to make repairs later. Also the work of digging a trench that deep is not easy, the contractor has the skills and the equipment and the personnel to do it the first time. This allows you a 2 day time frame instead of 2 weeks. Also pulling the wrong cable that distance is not easy and should be done with the proper power puller. Also #4 Al is not rated for 200 amps.
Q:Construction of hydropower embedded pvc pipe after the solidification of the pipe after the flat tube
It is not on the TV and set-top boxes with HDMI cable connection, so you can empty out the set of input link DVD
Q:Can PS3 FAT use any standard PC power cable?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avmLV yes you can due same due its only a cable
Q:can i put power cable back in computer? is it safe?
let's hope it's not shorting out, follow the path of the cord to where it terminate it should plug into a strip outlet on the floor or against the wall once found uplug it ,plug the power cable into the monitor then plug in the other end with the monitor off
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
steering rod boot or drill a hole
Q:What are the varieties of wire and cable (detailed point)
DJ is a distributed instrument signal cable, also refers to the computer cable, V is PVC. The specific meaning can see the manufacturer's product description.
Q:if i use a 1200 watt power cable?
A bigger cable isnt going to make ur amp blow. A cable doesnt push the power, all it does is provide a way for your amp to pull the current. The bigger the better though, it creates less resistance, and less resistance = higher voltage = higher wattage.

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