Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable



This  product is applicable to high temperature or the requirements of acid  and alkali corrosion resistance of power cable of AC rated voltage  0.6/1kV and below





 Voltage  class

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV



 Specification  range(mm2)

1 core:0.75~300、2 cores:0.75~300、3cores:0.75~300

4 cores:1.0~240、3+1、4+1、3+2 cores:2.5~240、5 cores:1~240

 Carried Standard

Q/XLJ 0317-2013



①    Rated voltage:450/750 V, 0.6/1 kV;

②      Working temperature: conductor allowable working temperature should not  exceed 180℃, in short circuit (max 5s) maximum conductor temperature is  350℃;

③    The  minimum bending radius of no armor or shield structure cable , should  be no less than 15 times of the cable diameter; armor or shield  structure cable, shall be not less than 12 times of the cable diameter.





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Q:What type of plastic is a power cable made of? Thanks.?
Power cable isn't made of plastic, it is copper or aluminum covered with PE, PVC, or PTFE plastic.
Q:Does this power supply have enough cables?
The latest AM3 motherboards I've seen all have a *4* pin CPU connector. It's somewhat common for power supplies to have a 4+4 CPU power connector. The specifications for your listed power supply list an 8-pin (EPS12V) motherboard connector. Unless that is a 4+4 configuration, you won't be able to power your motherboard with it. Other than that, the power supply would probably work OK. If you need a different power supply, check out a Corsair 650TX. That has the specifications and connectors that it will work OK with your video card and CPU, regardless of what motherboard you choose.
Q:Question about threading a coaxial cable through brick?
you are going to have to drill a hole thru the brick, a 1/4 masonary bit should do the job. Make sure by drilling a hole in a scrap piece of wood first to make sure the cable fits. Before drilling, go inside the house and cut out the drywall smaller than the outlet plate, which will cover the hole later and check for any electrical wiring or plumbing and move your drilling location if needed. Go back outside and drill thru the brick or block at this point and feed your cable thru. Stuff a little extra cable down in the wall space after you've pulled enough for your interior run. When you are sure you have all you need, put a little silicone caulking outside around the cable at the brick to weatherproof and keep out the bugs.(silicone caulking can be found in almost any color). You can pretty much push the cable thru most any type of insulation you find in the wall. Hope this helps.
Q:ive jst found that my laptop has stopped working if i take out the power cable from the back,it jst turns off?
over charging a battery will weaken the holding power, meaning the battery will not last as long so that could be a main problem, but your battery also could be disfunctional. You may want to replace the battery. If that still does not work then it is simply that your laptop cannot work unplugged.
Q:Where can I find a power cable for an HP Photosmart C3180 printer?
Q:Electronic power supply?
Yanking a power cable out of a PC that's running, could lead to a voltage spike. This can fry your power supply, and possibly go further. (Motherboard, ram, graphics card) Same thing, with having a computer power cable plugged into a surge protector, and then plugging it into the power supply. YOU, can replace the components of a Personal Computer. It's too technical and dangerous to try it with a TV, unless you're a qualified tech, and have the required tools.
Q:Can I attach an 8-pin power cable to a video card with a 6-pin port?
Actually, Yes you can. There are many cards that have the ability to use the Additional 2 Pins...but if you look at many power supplies...there are 6+2 pin connectors for such cards. The first six pins are the same as the PCIe 6pin Connnector. Just make sure your Square Pins are lined up to make sure that your voltages are correct going into your card. You have Difficulty Physically placing the Connector into the board because the last 2 pins are getting in the way....remove them...simple as that...that is how you put a square peg into a round hole...
Q:can i cut my computer Power Supply cables/USB and HDD cable to add an extension myself? They're all short.
No chance in hell. besides the fact you would have to extend the wires in the data cables with the EXACTLY same lenght, the chances to break the shielding is 100%. Not mentioning the fact that the power cables do not support the extra load given by makeshift connectors.
Q:can i put power cable back in computer? is it safe?
souds scary but its not - plug her back in your good to go!!!!
Q:Where in the US can I get power cables for the smaller electrical appliances?
try the internet

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