fiber optic cable

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-underground type
-single mode or multi mode
-excellent crush resistance and tensile strength
-water blocking structure

Detailed picture

Headway fiber optic cable factory price/fiber optic cable/optic fiber cable


. Fibers : SM 9.125um, multimode 50/125um, and multimode 62.5/125um;

2.Central support memeber: Glass fiber reinforced polymer(FRP);

3.Sub-units: Gel-filled loose tube;

4.Interstitial waterblock: Jelly-filled;

5.Inner sheath: PE;

6.Strengthen memebers: Aramide yarns;

7.Outer sheath: PE or LT;

Bending radius: 190-200mm; for static; and 255-270mm for dynamic;

Tensile load: 4500N or 5200N;

Crush resistance: 3000N/cm;

Span length:100m, 200m 300m ,400m,500m,600meters;

Technical data

No. of cable                                             24

Design(Fiber/Tube)                                      6×4

Central Strength Member(Material/Diameter) mm            Steel Wire/1.8

Loose Tube(Material/Diameter/Thickness)     mm            PBT/1.8/0.32

Filler Rope(Material/Diameter)                 mm            LDPE/1.8

Outer Sheath (Material/ Thickness)        mm        MDPE/1.8(nominal)

Armoring (Material)                                    Steel Strip

Cable Diameter                               mm             9.8(nominal)  

Cable Wetght                                   kg/km             95(nominal)

Min. installation                      N               1500

Min. bending radius(mm)     Without Tension   Under Maximum Tension

                            10.0×Cable-φ       20.0×Cable-φ

Temperature range(°C)     Installation   Transport&Storage   Operation

                         -20~+60       -40~+70         -30~+70  

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cable bridge and other pipes and other facilities shall not share a column (bracket)
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That PCI controller card does not need a power cable. It draws the power it needs from the PCI slot into which it is inserted.

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