Limiting the Temperature of The Heating Cable Automatically

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Product Description:

Limiting the temperature of the heating cable automatically


Product Description


Widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power and other industries process pipeline and storage tank heat insulation and ant freezing insulation, the medium temperature range of 0-135 DEG C to maintain.

Basic type electric tropical generally used for no explosion, no corrosion requirements, and environmental humidity have little place;

Protective type electrical tropical generally used for no explosion, no corrosion requirements, but the environmental humidity place;

Explosion-proof electric tropical generally used for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion requirements, environmental humidity have little place;

Explosion proof protective type electrical tropical generally used for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion requirements, places a high humidity environment;

Explosion proof type electric tropical generally used for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion requirements, places a high humidity environment

If you need the product is flame retardant, can choose the corresponding flame retardant series.

The series product model:TY-GBR, XF-GBR, GS-GBR, HG-GBR, YB-GBR, TL-GHR etc.


Classification: basic type (J), enhanced (B), corrosion resistant (F), explosion proof type (P)

Rated working voltage (V):

Nominal power (W/m):

Bandwidth; wide type (K), narrow type (Z)





(W/m 10℃)

Working Voltage(V)

Maximum Length (m)

(Flame retardant) Basic Type





(Flame retardant) High temperature Protection Type





(Flame retardant) High temperature Explosion-proof Type





(Flame retardant)

High temperature Explosion-proof Protection type






For example

GBR-45-220-J basic types: high temperature, 10 degrees per metre output power of 45W, the working voltage is 220V.

ZR-ZBR-65-380-FP: flame retardant high temperature shielding type, 10 C per meter output power of 65W, the working voltage is 380V, with protection performance, explosion-proof, smoldering.

Technical Data

Temperature range

Maximum operating temperature

130 ±5 ℃

Maximum surface temperature


Withstand temperature

Modified polyolefin 105℃

Flame retardant polyolefin135℃


Fluorine containing material 205℃

Construction temperature

Minimum  construction temperature


Best construction temperature

Over 0℃

Thermal stability

on-off 1000 times each, for 30 consecutive days, cable heat maintained above 90%

Bending radius

at room temperature20℃


At low temperature -30℃


insulation resistance

When the length of the cable is 100M, room temperature is 20℃,  shake test for 1 minutes with 1000VDC between the shielding layer and the conductive wire core, the minimum value of insulation resistance should be20MΩ.

working voltage

220, 380, 600 volts, AC and DC, low voltage products shall not be used in high voltage condition.

Installation method


1. The selection and installation of the power cable, Use copper wire, cross-sectional area≥1.5cm2. It’s better to choose low smoke and non halogen wire. The connection wire of power cable should be divided into the following color :

1, Phase - the same as the power color

2, N line - Blue insulated wire

3, PE line - Interphase as green and yellow insulated wire

Joint method of power cable and heating cable


Firstly deal with heating cable conductor leader insulation. Then deal with the power and heating cable conductor joint according to the electrical wiring rules.

The end blocking method of the heating cable


1, Firstly, cut the end, separate the end and the conductor, attention: The end of two conductors is strictly prohibit articulated.

2, Using high-pressure self-adhesive tape wrapped end to 2cm, then wrapping one more layer with PVC waterproof tape, prevent high-pressure self-adhesive tape shedding and aging.

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