Manufacturers supply of YC3*16+1*6 rubber soft cable

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Product Description:

First, the applicable scope

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 300/500V (or 450/750V) and the elevatorand lifting machinery and equipment such as power supply, power cables.

Two, the implementation of standards

GB/5023.6-1997 and supplementary requirements

Three, the use of property

1, the allowed working temperature of cable conductor can not exceed 70 DEG C,laying environment temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

2, install the free hanging length less than 80m, the movement speed of no more than4m/s.

3, cable laying installation allowed bending radius should not less than 6 times of cablesmall side

Hisin garden on the wire and cable co., LTD. ( is located in fengxian district Yang Wang occurrence of town industrial park, has obtained CCC issued by the China quality certification center CQC certification and ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, as well as industrial products production license. The company mainly produces new rainbow brand wire and cable products:

1 plastic copper wire (BV. BVR. RV. RVV. RVS. RVB. BVVB and derived type flame retardant fire-resistant environmental irradiation crosslinking type), JBF motor line. The JV

2 shielded wire - line (RVVP KVVRP and the ground split screen. Total screen),

3 high and low voltage power cables (VV. YJV. YJV22. ZR - VV. NH - YJV, etc.), line (HBVV. HRVV. Manufacuring HYA), cable (SYV. SYWV), etc., special type processing customized. Can be OEM processing.

4 rubber sets of cables (YH. YZ. YC. YCW. YZB bulkhead. JBQ. JXN. BXR. YCWP. Type electric hoist YR and waterproof JHS); Mine cable (MY. UCP contains models); High temperature wire (AGRP YGB)

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Q:How many xlr cables can be coupled together before signal loss?
In general, you would want to use a single cable for the entire run if possible. Every time you add an additional cable, you are lowering the reliability of the system (but not by too much if they are good quality cables). Lighting control signals are very forgiving and you should be able to run that signal for several hundred feet over XLR cables with no problems. Like I said though, you should eventually replace the multiple cables with one long cable for better reliability when you can afford it.
Q:Dark line into the mud how to solve the mud
You say the phenomenon I know, you do not worry, because the interface is connected with a thread, the cement in the sand is not get in, can only go into a small amount of cement slurry, and mud in the cement itself Put the gap between the interface blocked, and can not finish into the inside, rest assured, you said the phenomenon will not appear.
Q:Fire emergency lights and safety exit signs of the wall wiring with a trunking or iron pipe.
The nominal voltage of the cable should be expressed in U0 / U, U is the voltage between the conductor and the conductor in the design of the cable, and U0 is the voltage between the conductor and the metal shield (simply the conductor to ground) when the cable is designed. In China, the general use of U to indicate the voltage level of the cable, which is the new China's early founding of the former use of the former Soviet Union standard to stay in the habit of the 10kV cable actually refers to the 6 / 10kV or 8.7 / 10kV cable, 10kV cable is the first type of system 10kV cable, 8.7 / 10kV cable is the second type of system 10kV cable, 6 / 6kV cable is the second type of system 6kV cable, 8.7 / 15kV cable is the first type system 15kV cable. Not because the 6 / 6kV cable and 6 / 10kV cable the same structure that they are 10kV cable. 8.7 / 10kV cable and 6 / 10kV cable insulation thickness is indeed different, but they are indeed 10kV voltage level of the cable, and are used in the 10kV voltage level of transmission or substation lines, but the line center point grounding different. 8.7 / 10kV cable 10kV line for non-effective grounding at center point, 6 / 10kV cable 10kV line for effective grounding (or direct grounding) at center point. Most of our 10kV cable lines belong to the center point of non-effective grounding system, so the use of 8.7 / 10kV cable more, the center of the effective grounding system lines are also, such as in the railway, petrochemical system has a central point of effective grounding 10kV line. Most of the 10kV cable lines in the Western countries belong to the center point of the effective grounding (or direct grounding) system, 6 / 10kV (or 6.35 / 11kV) cable with more.
Q:Slingbox remote on my laptop, should it look like my cable remote (comcast). I can not find exact model match?
When you do the SlingSetUp it should ask you put in the model number of your cable box, and from this it should automatically get the correct remote control. It does not have to look exactly the same though, it will still work perfectly fine if the remote looks different. It is just to help you know how to use the remote easily, all basic functions should be the same though.
Q:Home improvement of the threading tube is not long how to pick up
Only 400W. Not enough words directly change the power of a large point on it.
Q:Mountain car brake line and the length of the shift line?
I use the code nails, but no matter what the nails have to adjust the tongue in front of the gun because the carpentry guns should be used to hit the gun with the tongue or the wall inside the wall we use the gun gun nails to stay in the trough
Q:How do I get my Comcast cable to work?
The cable box needs to be addressed (turned on) before you can use it. That's how they control who's box works and who's doesn't.
Q:Can building lighting lines go to a layer of leveling?
Construction of buried pipelines, lighting generally take the top of the floor, low-position socket to take the ground floor, high-level socket to take the top of the floor, which is built during the construction of the embedded program. Architectural lighting categories: 1 workplace should be set to normal illumination. 2 Workplace The following conditions should be set to emergency lighting: 1) normal lighting after the failure to extinguish, to ensure that the normal work or activities to continue the skills of the place, should be set up standby lighting; 2) normal lighting due to failure to extinguish, to ensure that the potential danger 3) normal lighting due to failure after extinguishing, to ensure the safety of evacuation of the export and channel, should be set to evacuate the lighting. 3 large area should be set on duty lighting. 4 Where there is a realm of the task, the guards should be set up according to the requirements of the guard. 5 Buildings and structures that endanger the safety of navigation shall be provided with obstruction lighting according to rigid requirements.
Q:Motherboard CPU 8-pin, power is also 8-pin, only inserted 4-pin enough
High-voltage cable laying in the top, in addition to high-voltage cable laying to provide better conditions, because the cable failure rate, the high-voltage cable failure rate is relatively high, the high-voltage cable in their own top, once the high-voltage cable failure, The arc is not easy to affect the lower part of the cable is particularly difficult to affect the bottom of the control cable, so that the control system has time to safely shut down
Q:How to set up ip friends, just bought the set-top box with wireless can see, would like to use cable but can not see how to set up?
Production enterprises, workshop machines with more than ten thousand cable, should be credited to "fixed assets" subjects. If it is installed using the machine, can be included with the machine included in the original value of fixed assets. If it is used later, you can form a separate fixed assets, included in the "fixed assets --- cable."

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