Manufacturers supply of YC3*4+1*2.5 rubber soft cable

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Rubber sheathed flexible cable with product supply information

1, use: General Rubber suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below household appliances, electric tools and various mobile electrical equipment insulation cable.

2, the conditions of use: rated voltage of Uo/UYC type is 450/750V, YZ is 300/500V; theallowed working temperature of cable should be not more than 65 DEG C; "W" typederived cable with weather resistance and oil resistance, suitable for outdoor ortouching of greasy dirt.

3, models, and applications.



The main purpose of


Rubber insulated flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Rubber insulated flexible flat cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Heavy duty rubber sheathed flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment, can bear bigger external mechanical force

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