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Application: For reducing interference in computers. Control systems. Transmission of analogue

Signal and other measuring devices.

Standard reference: BS5308(Part 1  Type 1)

Rated voltage: 300/500v

Maximum conductor operating temperature:70

Test voltage: .1000v 1min

Lnsulation resistance: ≥5000Mohm/km




Standard Export Drum




Shandong China

Production Capacity:


Min Order: 1000m

Trade Terms: TT or L/C

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Q:cable internet signal?
I have Optimum Online cable internet. I'm sure the service guys have talked to you about making sure the computer is either the only thing on the cable or connected to the first splitter. You could also try a cable amplifier. Any new one will have the bandwidth to support internet usage frequencies too. With cable, you're attached to all your neighbors too. Since you can't control what they're doing, there might be one bad connection that's bringing down your whole block or building.
Q:were is the cruise control mudle on 1994 astro van?
the cruise control module is not mounted on the trans it is part of the cruise control actuator assembly that is the part that connect on the throttle cable follow the black cable i have never had a cruse module failure , possible cause the wire on the cruise switch brakes if you have a tilt steering ,or the brake switch that cancells the cruise when brakes are applied,some times this switch will go out of range , there are 2 switches that are connected to the brake pedal one is to apply the brake lights the other will control cruise and tcc when testing this switch it will be closed when the brakes are not applied
Q:Using a digital cable receiver on a dead cable line?
Nothing would happen. The box just won't work. It will need activated to work. It is not likely the provider will pursue you for connecting an unactivated box. Some providers trap out all TV for internet/phone only providers, some will trap out most TV.
Q:How do you program a Time Warner Cable remote control for your TV?
You aren't using the correct codes try some of the others.
Q:is there a universal control that can connect with projector motorized electric projector screens, and cable?
What you need is a programmable remote control. To give you an idea check this out.
Q:HDMI Cable not playing sound through tv.?
If you're using a windows machine go to Control Panel Sound, in Playback tap select your tv and click set as default, hope this helps.
Q:How to install a reversing camera, car rear view system
Dogs like to have their own mark in the excretion of the place, you can artificially put the dog's excrement put a little in the place you want it to get rid of the hand, slowly guide it, eat water is the same, do not fight It ah, met the naughty on the contrary and the line, in short, slowly to guide it, it will understand.
Q:2002 ford escape stuck in reverse?
still reading as if it were in reverse So you can't get into drive or what?
Q:Charter Cable Parental Controls?
first try unplugging your cable box for 15 seconds then plug back in it will take a few minutes to reboot if that doesnt work u will have to call cust support so they can send a par hit to the box to unlock it or they can try to change the password for u but then u would have to go through all the blocked channels and unlock them 1 by 1. trust me i worked for one of their call centers so just be nice to whoever you talk to because if your not they may not help you over the phone they will make you wait for a tech to come out. and a piece of advise when i worked for them people have alot of problems with charter and if u have an outage u have to call them just to get credited for the days you are out other wise u still get billed even though u couldnt watch tv.good luck
Q:Computer with the TV is not together, how according to the network set-top box?
33 provides: substation cable sandwich should be set up hanging gas automatic fire extinguishing device The cable sandwich fire, also need to install the temperature cable One of the fire protection measures of the cable sandwich is to install the temperature sensing cable Temperature sensing cable is a relatively special fire detector, compared with other fire detectors, it is more suitable for installation in the cable sandwich to prevent the occurrence of fire So the cable sandwich fire, do not forget to install the temperature cable
"• PROFILE: Shandong Yankuang Group Changlong Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 12th 1996, has more than 220 staff, including 50 technicians. It covers an area of 50,000 square meters, the total assets is up to $13,000,000. It is currently coal system's biggest wire, cable comprehensive production enterprise, the asset is up to RMB500 million.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong,China
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value Above RMB500 Million
Main Markets
Mid East;Western Europe;North America;Asia;Africa
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Qingdao
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average